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Region-Free and Multi-System Electronics Blog

  • Blu-ray new Releases for January 2014

    blu-ray new releases january 2014To kick off the new year, there are some hot titles coming out this month for January. From musical to documentary, horror to action, we doubt you'll be let down by these new releases. Check out the list below and get your Blu-Ray Player ready for some serious home theater action!
    Throne of Blood - 1957
    The Killing Fields - 1984
    The Wicker Man - 1973
    Tequilla Sunrise - 1988
    The Hurricane - 1999
    Gorillas in the Mist - 1988
    We Are What We Are - 2013
    The Act of Killing - 2012
    Closed Circuit - 2013
    The Beach Girls - 1982
    Many Wars Ago - 1970
    Notting Hill - 1999
    Monty Python's The Meaning of Life - 1983
    Cape Fear - 1962
    Duck Dynasty: Season 4 - 2013
    Hail Mary - 1985
    Fiddler on the Roof - 1971
    For Ever Mozart - 1996
    The Mummy - 1999
    The Underneath - 2013
    John Lenon: Imagine - 1971
    Thief - 1981
    Riddick - 2013
    Carrie - 2013
    In the Heat of the Night - 1967
    Buffalo '66 - 1988
    Enough Said - 2013
    I Cannibali - 1970
    Jaws - 1975
    Terraferma - 2011
    Robocop - 1987
    Cat people - 1982
    Machete Kills - 2013
    La Vie de Boheme - 1992
    Raise the Titanic - 1980
    Captain Phillips - 2013
    The Doors: R-evolution
    The Prey - 2011
    Casino Royale - 2006
    Freezer - 2013
    Chitty Chitty Bang bang - 1968
    Titus - 1999
    Zulu - 1964
    Man in the Dark 3D - 1953

  • Traveling with Electronics - Voltage Converters for The Philippines

    voltage converters for the philippinesIf you're planning to visit the beautiful Philippine islands for a short vacation or an extended stay, your going to have plenty of things to do and new places to see. Embarking on a foreign adventure among a different culture is always enjoyable and exciting, but it's best to make sure that you research your destination and arrive prepared to avoid any unnecessary complications. Before packing your bags and catching your flight to the Philippines, please be sure to consider what you're going to do about using your electronics.
    Many countries have varying standards when it comes to electricity. Certain regions, and even individual countries utilize a standard voltage at which electricity is delivered at. In North America, the standard voltage is 120 Volts. Devices that are made and sold in North America are designed and manufactured to operate specifically at 120 volts. However, in the Philippines the standard electrical voltage is 220 Volts. This means that the electronics sold there are designed to be used specifically with the 220 volt system. If you were to try and use electronics from North America in the Philippines, the voltage would be too high for the device to handle and will likely result in your electronics being damaged or ruined. The higher voltage also poses a serious risk of electrocution or fire when using electronics that are meant to be used at a lower voltage. On the other hand, electronics from the Philippines cannot be used in North America because the lower voltage means that there isn't enough electricity to properly power the device. While this can also result in damage to the device from improper voltage, the risk of electrocution or fire is significantly lower.
    Now that you're aware of the varying voltage, the next step is deciding what to do about it. This depends on a few things, from the length of your stay to the particular electronics you plan to bring along for your travels. If you plan on moving to the Philippines, living abroad or staying for an extended period of time, it's likely that you'll be bringing more things along for your trip than you would if you were taking a short vacation. In this case, you'll most likely be in search of a simple, all-encompassing solution that allows you to use the electronics that you already have. Thankfully, there are devices that do exactly that - allow you to use your electronics in a foreign country without having to worry about the difference in voltage. They're called voltage converters, or voltage transformers.
    A voltage converter or transformer is a device that transforms (or converts) the electricity from one voltage to another, either up or down. While your electronics are plugged in directly to the converter itself, the converter plugs into a standard wall outlet and then transforms the voltage and delivers the electricity to your devices at the safe and proper voltage that they were designed for. This eliminates the hassle of purchasing new electronics and ensures your devices can be used both safely and effectively.
    There are different types of converters available, depending on your destination and the functionality required. The simplest, most common type of voltage converter is the Step Down Converter. This type does exactly what it says - it steps the electricity down. A step-down converter is ideal for using 120 volt electronics in a 220 volt country because it converts the 220 volts down to 120 volts. There is also the Step Up/Step Down Converter. This type is capable of transforming voltage down (just like a step down converter) but it can also step the voltage up - from 120 up to 220 volts. A Step Up/Step Down Converter is typically ideal for someone who is living abroad or traveling frequently because it can be used anywhere in the world to properly power devices designed for any voltage.
    For more information on purchasing a voltage converter, including how to choose a model with the correct wattage for your electronics - check out this helpful voltage converter buying guide. Traveling is supposed to be fun, not a hassle. Being prepared with a voltage converter for the Philippines will give you more time to enjoy your trip without worrying about the little things such as charging your phone or laptop, or drying your hair.

  • Make Life Easier with a Multi-System Home Theater

    multisystem home theatersWhen it comes to multi-system and region-free Electronics, nobody knows them better than us. For over 30 years we've been serving the public with international relocation and electronics advice. It's no surprise that we know what our customers want and do our very best to deliver exactly that.
    When you need a home theater system, there seems to be a world of options. From generic to name brand, economical to high-end and everything in between. For those of you who want quality, performance, ease of use and a one-size-fits-all type of package, look no further than our multi-system home theaters. We've taken the guesswork out of the equation by offering home theater DVD packages to suit your exact needs.
    If you want a region-free DVD player and a surround sound system that was built to match, check out our Multi-System Home Theaters. Each package features everything you need to turn that lonely TV into your very own in-home theater. This reduces the need to shop around and spend hours trying to find components that are compatible. It also eliminates the need for converters and a trip to the store to purchase extra wiring or cables to accommodate your setup, saving you both time and money.
    With a multisystem home theater package, you're getting a region-free DVD player and a surround sound system that was designed specifically to operate with that player and its individual features. Moreover, you can use it anywhere in the world thanks to the worldwide voltage capability which means there's never any need for a voltage transformer. It's as simple as 'purchase, plug and play'.
    At 220 Electronics we have over 50 multi-system theater packages to choose from, starting at only $156.99. Click Here to view all of our home theater systems or call us at 877-578-0587 and we'll be glad to assist you with your purchase.

  • Unleash Your Blu-ray Player with the Sony Entertainment Network

    sony entertainment networkIf you own a Sony Blu-ray Player or are in the market for a region-free Blu-ray system, there's no better value right now than Sony. Not only do they deliver top of the line audio/video performance, they've also put together the Sony Entertainment Network - an amazing lineup of free apps and streaming media that are available to enhance your home theater experience.
    From games and news to humor and cult movie channels, there's a wide variety to choose from and best of all, many apps are free! Packed with both video and music applications, The Sony Entertainment Network allows you to log in with one account to access your favorite apps both at home and on the go. Once you've signed up for a free account, you can also access Sony's Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services.
    Video Unlimited operates similar to an On-Demand cable service, allowing you to purchase or rent downloadable content from a huge list of movies, tv shows and specialty programs. If you have a Sony Blu-ray Player, the Video Unlimited Service is a streaming product
    The Music Unlimited provides access to millions of songs in their global catalog and dozens of add-free channels to stream your favorite tunes with no annoying ads. There are two levels of Music Unlimited Service - Basic ($3.99) and Premium ($9.99). Both offer a feature similar to many of the most popular streaming audio platforms that delivers music catered to your specific tastes. Additionally, the service has the ability to scan existing audio files from your devices to determine similar music that suites your tastes. Premium users have the ability to create and manage playlists, plus access even more premium audio channels.
    If you're curious about flexibility, have no worries - the Music Unlimited Service is available on the SOny Tablet, Android tablets and Android mobile phones, Sony PS3, Bravia Televisions, Sony internet TV, and PCs. No matter where you are or what device your using, you can quickly and easily access, modify and listen to your favorite music with ease.
    Want to get our feet wet? Then you should check out the 30 Day Free Trial, today. Additionally, 220 Electronics huge inventory for plenty of Sony Blu-ray Players and Interactive TVs that will bring the power of The Sony Entertainment Network right to your fingertips.

  • Relocating Internationally? Don't Get the Overseas Blues! Make it Simple; Know Before You Go!

    free international relocation consultationWhether you're temporarily working abroad for an extended period or permanently relocating overseas, there's a lot you need to know before taking the leap.
    While moving overseas can be highly rewarding, it can also be highly stressful from the perspective of preparation and initial adjustment. There is a lot to take care of before departing and it can often be quite overwhelming. From bank accounts and financial responsibilities to living arrangements and transportation, there's many things that need to be arranged in order for you to transition smoothly into a foreign country.
    One of the most overlooked factors with international relocation is the difference in electrical voltage. If you're unaware that different countries operate using different voltage standards, you might be in for a rude awakening upon your arrival.
    In North America, we really never have to consider voltage. You simply buy something and you plug it in. But since the electricity that's delivered in foreign countries often varies in voltage, you'll need to arrive prepared.
    As international relocation specialists, 220 Electronics specializes in ensuring that you're 100% prepared for your international move. Whether you plan to bring your electronics and appliances overseas or purchase new items when arriving, we can simplify the process and eliminate the unnecessary headaches.
    Not only do we have over 30 years of expertise with international relocation for electronics, we also have a complete line of 220 volt electronics and appliances that are specifically designed for use overseas. Often, we can provide a huge savings over making these purchases overseas by offering 220 volt versions of the top brand name appliances that you're used to. Additionally, we can make sure you're properly prepared to utilize and electronics that you're going to bring with you by providing advice on voltage converters and electrical plug adapters.
    Know before you go! Don't waste your money and cause yourself frustration by arriving unprepared. Chances are, there's a lot more to consider with electronics and appliances than you're assuming.
    We're happy to provide you with a no obligation, 100% FREE international relocation consultation that will enable you to understand the differences in voltage, the pros/cons of foreign bought appliances and much, much more. To receive your no hassle, no pressure consultation, simply fill out our FREE RELOCATION CONSULTATION FORM today and one of our specialists will give you a call at your convenience. Learn how to simplify your move today so you can relax and enjoy peace of mind upon your arrival.

  • High-End Region Free Blu-ray Players - Maximum Quality, Maximum Performance

    high quality region free blu-ray playersAs a leader in international electronics, we stock a variety of electronics inventory from some of the top name brands. This includes high-end performance brands such as Oppo, Denon, Harmon-Kardon and Marantz. While these brands' models are much more costly than some of the more common brands, they're worth each and every penny. It's kind of like the old saying - "You get what you pay for".
    When you're seeking out the ultimate in home theater performance, you can expect to pay for it. While some may assume you're only paying for the brand, well that's just not true. If anything, 'paying for the name' is going to be a more valid statement when speaking of purchasing $100 - $200 Blu-ray units than when purchasing a player that's upwards of $500.
    If all you're looking for is something to play a Blu-ray disc and you're not worried about additional features and functionality, than your best bet would be to purchase the absolute cheapest player you could get your hands on - there's really no reason to spend an extra $200 to get a player with more options if they'll go unused, right? And the same is said for the high-end players.
    For the average joe who's looking to watch movies in the stunning quality of Blu-ray, a typical brand name such as LG, Sharp or Sony will do just fine. In fact, many of these brands have some amazing features and deliver excellent picture and sound quality. However, the most serious of movie fans or even connoisseurs might choose to opt for the ultimate in audio/video performance. These people are going to seek out the finest electronics equipment available as they appreciate and see value in the enhanced performance capabilities.
    What will they get? Well, to summarize they're going to get a player that performs more efficiently, delivers video and audio more clearly, operates faster and cooler, equipped with a more sturdy chassis and made with the best part available.
    From the frame rate of the picture to the clarity, you're not going to find a cheaper player that produces a better picture. The Oppo brand of Blu-ray players for example, has been designed to put a picture on your television screen that's not only flawless, but exactly as the director intended for it to look. The perfect hue, the exact brightness, etc.. You're getting an image that's literally been tuned to perfection and the same is true when it comes to audio performance. You're going to have more channels, more power, a cleaner and more robust sound than you can imagine and plenty of options to connect it to your home theater system. Send it through an amp or direct to your speakers - either way you're going to end up with a quality that's unmatched.
    The more expensive yet higher performance brands like Marantz and Harmon-Kardon also feature a better construction. They're made with heavy duty frames and rugged cases, are better balanced for optimal performance and tend to weigh much more than a cheaper player - all things that lend physical evidence of quality. Better parts equal a better product, that's the way it works.
    At 220-Electronics, our higher-end brands not only deliver professional quality performance, they offer even more than that. All of our players are region-free models which means that they can play any disc from anywhere in the world. They also feature worldwide voltage, allowing them to be used in any country, regardless of the electrical voltage. Additionally, most models feature PAL/NTSC conversion that allows them to be 100% compatible with foreign televisions so there's no need for an external video converter.
    What these region-free players are providing is like the Holy Grail of home cinema. You're literally achieving the best audio and video quality available from a player, but one that can also play any disc from any region in the world, works anywhere in the world, and can do so on any TV. It's actually pretty remarkable.
    If you're looking for nothing less than flawless performance and capability from your next Blu-ray/DVD Player, check out our complete inventory. You can filter by price and brand to find the model that's perfect for you. With over 30 years of experience, we're your trusted source.

  • Portable Region-Free DVD and Blu-ray Players: The Inside Scoop

    portable region free playersWhile most of you are probably aware that there are portable Blu-ray and DVD players, you might not be familiar with the flexibility and benefits they offer. This is especially true for those of you who travel frequently or are living and/or working abroad.
    First and foremost, people generally assume that a portable player is only useful for entertainment while flying, riding the train, etc. Due to their convenient size they come in handy in those situations, sure - but that's not the extent of it, especially for region-free portable models. For such a small package, these players deliver a powerful punch that can save time, money and wasted space, no matter how close or far you plan to travel.
    So what do portable region-free players have to offer that makes them so special? Glad you asked!
    Region-free players are equipped with HDMI (or RCA if non-hdmi) outputs. This is one of the most important factors, because it gives you the ability to take a Blu-ray player along with you anywhere in the world to watch movies on a regular sized TV screen. All you'll need to do is connect the HDMI cable to a TV and you're good to go.
    Since the portable player is region-free, there's no worry about needing a voltage converter because the player is equipped with dual voltage compatibility. This makes it compatible for use in any country, regardless of the electrical voltage. Most models also have built in PAL/NTSC converters so there's no need to worry about the player being compatible with a foreign TV either.
    And it gets even better - these players will play discs from anywhere in the world, regardless of which region the disc is from. If you're living in a foreign country or traveling abroad and trying to travel lightly, this is just another huge convenience. In a lot of foreign countries, movies are dirt cheap because the bootlegging laws are often non-existent or not strictly enforced. You can probably buy any movie you want for just a couple bucks from a street vendor and regardless of the region coding, it will play, guaranteed!
    The benefits of having a region-free portable player lend huge advantages over a regular portable player, which is obvious. While regular portable players are only seem useful to kill time by watching a movie while you're in the midst of traveling, the region-free models offer new possibilities.
    Watch any movie, on any TV, from anywhere in the world, guaranteed. And best of all, you can do it with a unit that takes up less space than a small laptop!
    For over 30 years, we've been the trusted source for international relocation and global electronics. Check out our complete inventory of Portable Region-Free DVD & Blu-ray Players right now. We stock a huge inventory of the most popular brands and best of all, we offer them at the guaranteed lowest prices!

  • Traveling with Electronics: Voltage Converters for Africa

    voltage converters for africaAre you planning to travel abroad, relocate or vacation to Africa in the near future? If you're from North America, you should be aware that the electrical system there operates at a different voltage and you'll need to be properly prepared before embarking on your trip.
    In Africa, the standard electrical voltage is 220 Volts, which applies to the whole continent. However, in North America, the standard voltage is 110 Volts. On both continents, consumer electronics are specifically designed and manufactured to work with the native electrical voltage. This means that North American electronics are designed to operate with a 110 (or 120) Volt electrical system, while electronics in Africa are designed to operate with a 220 (or 240) Volt electrical system.
    What this means is that North American electronics cannot be used in Africa and African electronics cannot be used in North America. The difference in voltage will either be too low to efficiently power the electronics, or too high for the device to handle. Attempting to plug-in or operate electronics devices in a foreign environment where the voltage differs can result in damage to your electronics, fire, and even electrocution.
    What you'll need to do in order to properly and safely use your electronics in Africa is purchase a voltage converter. A voltage converter is a device that plugs into the wall and converts the voltage from 220 volts down to 110 volts and has its own electrical outlets built into it, where you can plug-in and use your electronics devices safely, without worry.
    There are many different types and models of voltage converters, depending on where you're traveling. They also come in different sizes which are rated by the wattage they can handle. The size of the converter you'll need to purchase depends on the wattage that your electronics require to operate. Higher wattage electronics will naturally require a higher wattage voltage converter to be used safely without the risk of damage or injury.
    For more information on how to choose the proper voltage converters for Africa, please visit our voltage converter buying guide. It contains all the necessary information needed to identify the proper type of converter you'll need, as well as the size. You'll also learn about the different plugs and sockets which vary from country to country and how you can be prepared with foreign plug adapters.
    At 220 Electronics, we sell a complete line of high quality voltage converters that can be utilized wherever you're traveling. From step-up converter and step-down converters to travel voltage converters, we carry everything you need to efficiently and effectively power your electronics in a foreign country. Check out our inventory today! We've been the trusted source for international electronics for over 30 years.

  • Region-Free Oppo BDP-103 Giveaway

    oppo bdp-103As a leader in International Electronics for over 30 years, we're happy to announce that 220 Electronics is going to be holding a giveaway for a Region Free Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray Player! That's correct, on December 31st, 2013 we will choose one lucky winner who will receive this $635 value at absolutely no charge.
    Oppo manufactures high quality players that deliver top of the line video and audio performance that's unparalleled by any other brand in the industry. Featuring top of the line components and options, Oppo has long been a favorite choice for the home theaters of serious movie fans.
    The Region Free Oppo BDP-103 provides the quality and performance that Oppo is known for, plus the additional benefit of region-free playback, PAL/NTSC conversion and worldwide voltage. This means that not only does this model offer flawless sound and a perfect picture, it also has the ability to play Blu-ray Discs and DVDs from literally anywhere in the world, on any TV in the world, regardless of the electrical voltage. There's no need for a voltage converter or external video converter, you can just plug it in and play! And best of all, it's a professionally modified unit that's guaranteed to provide region-free playback.
    The Oppo BDP-103 is absolutely loaded with factory features for optimal performance in your home theater. To enhance functionality, it has dual HDMI inputs and dual HDMI outputs, built in Wi-Fi, three USB 2.0 ports, and supports streaming media like NextFlix, Hulu, Pandora and more. It also features 3D playback, 4k Up-Scaling and 2D to 3D conversion thanks to the powerful and innovative Kyoto-G2H video processor by Marvell, which features the latest Qdeao technology.
    The BDP-103 supports nearly every popular video format as well, so whether you have movies that are burnt to disc or stored on a USB stick, you can be confident that they're going to play without hassle. This includes HDCD, Kodak Picture CD, AVCHD, MP4, AVI, MKV and many more. Additionally, audio performance is no issue with the BDP-103, as the high fidelity audio supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and more. It accomplishes all this with a 7.1 channel analog output, or, digital optical and coaxial outputs, depending on your theater setup and preferences.
    The Region Free Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray Player is a cutting-edge piece of equipment that utilizes the best technology available to provide outstanding durability and performance that is second to none. It is an excellent addition to even the finest home theater, which is exactly why we've chosen it for this giveaway. To learn more about the player, check it out on our website.
    To enter to win the Oppo BDP-103, visit the contest page on Facebook and follow the directions. Good luck, and don't forget to stay tuned for announcements on how you can earn additional entries to increase your odds of winning! Thank you for reading and thanks for your business!

  • Watch Any DVD from Anywhere in the World for $44.99

    international region free dvd playerIf you're really into movies, chances are that you've already heard about region-free DVD and Blu-ray players. They are players that have been modified to play discs from other regions, read PAL and NTSC format and work with any electrical voltage from 110 to 240 volts.
    Usually a region-free player costs more than the manufacturers model because it's been modified and improved which means time, labor and additional components have been required. Depending on the brand and model, you could end up paying from $20 up to $200 more for a region-free version of a player. While the extra cost is a worthwhile investment, sometimes all you're looking for is the region-free capabilities; and this is exactly why we have the International HDMI 1080p DVD Player.
    The International HMDI 1080p is a region-free DVD player that offers the same great luxuries as the high-end models at a mere fraction of the cost. Being in the electronics industry, we understand that a lot of people want a way to watch movies from other regions without being forced to spend a small fortune on a region-free player. That simple fact is what motivated us to make a player that's reliable, affordable, and most importantly does the same thing as the players that costs hundreds more. And we did.
    The International HDMI 1080p DVD Player is a region-free model that will play DVD's from any region of the world, guaranteed. It features a built-in PAL to NTSC converter allowing it to be compatible with TV's overseas, as well as worldwide voltage which means it will work in any country, no matter what voltage is used. It also comes with a wonderful 1 year parts, 90 days labor warranty and a 100% money back guarantee. Best of all, it's only $44.99!
    On top of the immediately apparent value of this player having all of the best region-free modifications at such a low cost, it has a few important common features also. These include:
    1080p Up-conversion
    HMDI output
    Component/Coaxial Output
    USB input for video, audio or photo playback
    DivX/AVI Format from DVD, CD or USB
    5.1 Channel RCA Audio for Surround Sound
    Dolby Digital/DTS
    Analog 2-channel stereo
    Media card slot for MS/MMC/SD Cards
    …and more!
    We're the only ones in the industry offering a quality Region-Free DVD Player with HDMI & 1080p for just $44.99, and that's a fact. We also have a $40 silver model, the International Model 102 which is only $35.00 but doesn't support HDMI and 1080p Up-scaling.
    Either way, if you're after a region-free player that offers maximum functionality at the absolute lowest price available, look no further. Visit our website to check out our International Brand Region-Free DVD Players right now!

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