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Region-Free and Multi-System Electronics Blog

  • Voltage Converters for Asia: What You Need To Know

    voltage converters for asiaSo you're traveling, moving or relocating to an Asia and you're pretty sure you have everything figured out. But what about electronics and appliances? If you're traveling, this question is usually not as important as if you're moving there - but nonetheless it can still be very important.
    Asian countries all run on 220/240 volt electricity. This means that if you're coming from the Americas or another 110/120 volt country, your appliances and electronics are not compatible with the voltage used in Asia. The electronics and appliances you own are designed to function only at the local voltage where they are sold, and therefore are basically useless to you overseas. While laptop computers generally use power adapters suited for any voltage, other electronics and appliances purchased in the Americas such as TVs, stereos & radios, and even blowdryers and electric razors are made to work with 120 volts. Attempting to use these items with the higher voltage of 220 or 240 volts is enough to ruin or melt your electronics, start a fire, or even cause electrocution - none of which you really want to deal with.
    Many times, people think that all they need is an adapter that allows their power cord to be compatible with the foreign electrical outlet, but that isn't always the case. Unless you're using a device that's specifically designed for worldwide use, you're going to need a voltage converter. The voltage converter will plug into the outlet and safely reduce the voltage for you so that your electronics can be used without hazard or worry. There are different types and sizes of converters available depending on your needs. These range from simple travel converters for small personal electronics to converters capable of working with large appliances that draw much more electricity, such as washers & dryers.
    Now, if you're just going to be taking a vacation, chances are that you're probably not traveling with your microwave or a refrigerator and a simple travel converter will be sufficient. On the other hand, if you're moving overseas with appliances from the US or another 110/120 volts country, you're definitely going to need voltage converters. The size or number of them will depend on what you're bringing along, and you can learn more about how to determine your needs with this voltage converter buying guide. It explains all the things you'll need to understand to purchase the correct voltage converter for Asia.
    There are also a couple other options available to you. You can always purchase new appliances overseas, and avoid the hassle of moving your things. Additionally, you can purchase appliances specifically made to work in Asia before you even leave - which can allow you a larger selection and better pricing. Then those items can be shipped to your destination. It all depends on your situation and your personal needs.
    If you'd like to learn more about relocating internationally with electronics and what your options are, as well as getting free personal advice to help better inform you to make the best decision, contact 220 Electronics. Not only do we sell voltage converters and a wide range of personal and home appliances for use in Asia, we also offer free international relocation assistance with no pressure to buy. We can help you choose what might be best for you and help you save time, money, and reduce the stress of your move. With over 35 years in the industry, you can't go wrong with a free consultation from our experts. Get in touch with us today or visit our website for more information.

  • Your Blu-ray Player Is Limited, Here's What You Can Do About It

    region free blu-ray playersThe human race has made some truly remarkable steps forward from a technological perspective over a relatively short period of time. We can look back at what life was like 100 years ago and it's almost unimaginable. We can even take a look at we have today from just a mere 30 years ago and it seems like it'd be impossible to survive on a daily basis without the convenient (and often necessary) technology we have today.
    Thanks to computers and communication, especially the internet, the world is connected in a much different fashion than it was just 20 years ago. Information is available at our fingertips, we can purchase products from practically anywhere on earth at any given time thanks to mobile technology, and we can communicate with others with ease, on seemingly endless platforms. It doesn't seem that impressive when you're living it unless you take a minute to remember what life was like before the internet boom. It'll often leave you wondering how we were able to complete simple tasks without specific technologies that we have today, and it might leave you feeling a bit nostalgic. However, there seems to be some things that will never change.
    For example, the ability to watch a blu-ray disc. We have this fascinating technology which allows us to enjoy cinema in high-definition from the comfort of our own homes, yet we can only watch Blu-ray discs from our home country - foreign discs won't work. Additionally, we can't take our Blu-ray player overseas when we travel and expect it to work with either the foreign discs or with the foreign TVs. Of course, the reasons behind this are complicated; they are the cause of both political and financial interests and we won't get too deep into that right now. What we will say, is that although our technology is something to be revered, it can also be very limiting. For example, certain capabilities or features that should come naturally with a certain product or device don't, and for no other reason than because there is more money to be made by excluding the capabilities altogether. It's kind of a bummer that what is so great can equally be so limited when it doesn't really have to be.
    Why aren't Blu-ray Players and Blu-ray discs utilizing a global format, along with TVs, so that any player can read a disc from anywhere else and be played on a TV from anywhere else? Why should we have to pay for technology that is self-limiting?! We don't like that idea, and we feel like it's not fair.
    There is, however, another side to the story. Thanks to technology - yes, the same technology that limits our technology - we have the ability to circumvent the issues we see as being problematic with the technology in the first place. Sound confusing? It doesn't have to be. Back to the Blu-ray players. We've utilized technology that fixes the problem with Blu-ray technology, and our technology DOES allow you to play discs from anywhere in the world, on any TV in the world; and, the player will work at any voltage! Problem solved, no? Of course it is. But you might ask "how?". It's quite simple actually.
    We have developed a professional modification procedure for Blu-ray players that allows them to play discs from anywhere, to work with any TV regardless of its color format and to work safely and properly at any voltage. It's a universal player, and there are names for it such as region-free, code-free, and zone-free. Best of all, it remains under warranty and still retains all the options and functionality that it would if you purchased it directly from your local electronics store. We're not talking about some special unknown brand of Blu-ray player here, either. We're talking about practically any player you'd like, from the top brand names. We have them, region-free and ready to ship.
    The moral of the story is that technology isn't so bad after all, because wherever it's been limited, there's an alternate technology to make it limitless. For more information about purchasing your own region-free Blu-ray player, visit our website at today where you can browse all of our products and shop at the guaranteed lowest prices in the world.

  • Voltage Converters: Do You Really Need One?

    voltage converters for travelWhile there's plenty of information on voltage converters across the web, the opinions are always varying.. Some say you need them, others say you don't, and even more common are the misconceptions about which type you need and what the proper voltage is. It can be a bit confusing at times and it might get to the point where it's overwhelming. We'd like to make it simple and try to give you an idea of when you do and do not need a voltage converter for traveling.

    When you DON'T need a Voltage Converter or Transformer

    - When you're headed to a country with the same voltage as your home country, you will NOT need to purchase, use or bring a voltage converter along. The important factor here is doing a simple check on what the standard voltage is for your destination country. It really is that easy.
    - When you're bringing nothing more than your laptop, you will also NOT need a voltage converter. Laptop manufacturers understand that people travel and laptops are designed for mobility and the power supplies are designed to work with any voltage.
    - When you have Multi-system electronics, you do not need a converter. Multi-system electronics are usually TVs, stereo systems or components, Blu-ray players and the like. They've been specifically designed to use at any voltage and therefore do NOT require a voltage converter. You can purchase multi-system electronics to avoid the hassle of lugging a voltage converter around and also for ease of use.

    When you DO need a Voltage Converter or Transformer

    - When you're traveling to a destination that has a different standard voltage than your home country and you plan to bring personal electronics or appliances. If the appliances or electronics are not designed for global use, you will ruin them by attempting to use them with the wrong voltage. You also might electrocute yourself, and that's never fun!
    - When you're moving or relocating to another country and want to take your local appliances with you instead of buying new multi-system appliances, or instead of purchasing new appliances at your destination. You'll need to have the proper type of voltage converter to manage the wattage of your appliances and electronics, and you'll need to purchase the converter before you move to ensure your electronics are able to use immediately upon arrival.
    - When you're traveling to an overseas trade-show or business event and will be bringing items for electronic displays such as TVs, large computer monitors, lighting equipment, etc. you WILL need to have a voltage converter. There's nothing more frustrating than showing up and realizing none of your electronics are suitable for the standard voltage in that country.

    What To Do?

    If you're going to need a voltage converter, you can check out our complete selection of voltage converters and voltage transformers here. But before making your purchase, you might want to take a look at our voltage converter buying guide to ensure you're purchasing a suitable unit(s). Alternatively, if you can purchase multi-system electronics that will allow you to avoid the need for a converter. However, this depends on the type of electronics you're using and if it's available with worldwide voltage.
    If your situation is international relocation and it will be long-term or permanent, you'll want to consider saving a lot of money and stress by making the purchase of small & large home appliances BEFORE you move. We stock a complete inventory of 220 volt appliances specifically for this situation and are versed with over 35 years experience in international relocation so don't hesitate to check us out before making any decisions, we offer free relocation consultations with absolutely no obligation.
    Whatever the situation is, we're here to help and have a wide array of products to make your life safer, simpler, and stress free when it comes to traveling with electronics.

  • Sony's 2015 Blu-ray Players and the Region-Free BDP-S5500

    region-free sony bdp-s5500After 2 years of manufacturing their players with a unprecedented stealth-like design, sony has taken it back to square one with their 2015 Blu-ray model lineup. While the new models are definitely more "stackable" than the awkward yet cool-looking models of 2013 & '14, they're also more functional.
    This year Sony has replaced their BDP-S5200 with the BDP-S5500 which boasts improved streaming capabilities with access to over 300 streaming apps available at your fingertips, and more importantly, connectivity with Playstation Now, allowing you to direct access to hundreds of PS3 games which can be played on your TV without - that's correct, we said without - a game console (made possible with use of the DualShock 4 controller). The access to Playstation Now is groundbreaking in itself, and, what can we say other than it's a genius idea for Sony to utilize it's ownership of Playstation and expand it into their Blu-ray lineup.
    All the old bells and whistles remain snugly in place with the 2015 lineup, including 2D to 3D Conversion, 3D Playback, built in Wi-Fi, and the must-have Miracast technology to let you mirror your smartphone onto your TV screen.
    There are plenty of other great features that come wrapped up inside this new 2015 model that make your home theater experience one of sheer enjoyment and flexibility but one of them that's not available from the factory is Region-Free capability. At 220 Electronics, we have the Region-Free Sony BDP-S5500 Blu-ray Player in stock right now - and it's guaranteed to play any DVD or Blu-ray disc in the world - better yet, from anywhere in the world. With worldwide voltage and built-in PAL to NTSC conversion, there's no reason not to take a look at these; especially if you're a fan of foreign movies.
    Aside from the BDP-S5500, there are also two other great models with a lower pricetag which are the Region Free Sony BDP-S3500 which lacks 3D Playback and the Region Free Sony BDP-S1500 which lacks 3D playback and built in Wi-Fi. If you can deal without having 3D and don't mind a hardwired ethernet connection, these are still excellent choices and both still compatible with the Playstation Now feature.
    We have to say that the hands-down most impressive aspect of the 2015 model is the awesome ability to connect with Playstation Now, but we'll let you decide for yourself. There's a lot to be had from Sony Blu-ray this year and you just might find yourself placing an order very soon.
    Stay tuned to learn more about this cutting-edge unit and it's complete features, specifications and capabilities.

  • Finding The 220/240 Volt Major Home Appliances You Need, Made Easy!

    220 volt major home appliancesWhether you're relocating overseas or are already overseas, it can be a real pain to shop for 220 volt or 240 volt major appliances. This is especially true in countries where the selection may be limited, available models feature a high price tag, or, both of the above.
    If you're moving or relocating overseas, it's possible that this may be your first time in the foreign country. Even if it's not, you may have spent very little time there and be unfamiliar with where to shop for the best deals. Additionally, there may be a language barrier that poses another risk, especially when trying to buy rather expensive appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers or ranges. Chances are that if you do find a reputable place to buy, they might not have the selection you were expecting which means you're either going to pay too much for something that's not ideal or you're going to spend more time and effort than it's worth looking for what you actually want at a fair price. In the end, it's possible that you might not even find what you're actually after.
    Of course, this can all be very frustrating. Even in a country where things such as rent, food and other common items may be much cheaper than you're used to at home, it's likely that appliances and electronics will cost more due to the fact that the demand is lower than a country such as the United States. Lower demand means a smaller supply and therefore, higher prices. There's no need to put yourself through the stress of trying to purchase simple necessities, especially when you'd rather just try and adjust to your surroundings. The last thing you really want to be doing is running around in unfamiliar areas trying to haggle with sales people or find recommendations on where to find certain products when you might not even be familiar with the language.
    There is an easier way, however, so there's no need to worry. At 220 Electronics, we carry a huge selection of electronics, major appliances, personal appliances and more that are designed to work at 220-240 volts. We carry the top brand names at the guaranteed lowest prices in the world - if you find the same product from a competitor at a lower price, we'll beat it. But that's not all - you can order online before you leave and we can arrange for shipping to your destination country so everything will either be waiting when you get there or arrive shortly thereafter.
    As specialists in international relocation, we have over 35 years experience and understand the complications involved with relocating overseas. Our specialists can assist you by providing recommendations and making sure that your purchases are compatible with your needs and your future location so there's no stress involved. We ship worldwide and even offer a free relocation consultation as well, there are no fees to pay aside from the cost of your purchase and of course, shipping.
    Instead of struggling and ending up with less than desirable home appliances, visit us online at and browse our selection of major home appliances. We have a wide variety from the top brand names, including many popular models that may not be available to purchase locally overseas. Whirlpool, Kenmore, Frigidaire, Maytag and GE are just a few of the popular brands you can purchase from us, hassle free.
    Before you end up causing yourself unnecessary stress and wasted money, give us a call at 847-640-9000 and ask us how we can help with your relocation. If you're not relocating but are already living overseas and looking for a better selection of brands and models, you'll be pleased to see that all of our inventory is designed for use in 220-240 volt countries and can easily be purchased online from the convenience of your own home, often at a much lower price than you are able to purchase the same models locally. Visit us online and check out our complete selection of 220/240 volt home appliances today. You'll be glad you did!

  • Travelers & Ex-Pats: How to Avoid Problems with Electronics and Appliances

    traveling overseas with electronicsWith an ever-increasing number of people leaving North America to live abroad, the business of international electronics is constantly expanding. Some of these people are ex-pats seeking a better life in a more enjoyable climate, others are relocating to foreign countries for promising career opportunities, and others are simply traveling the globe while working remotely from home thanks to the age of the internet. Whatever the case may be, the growing number of globetrotters has created an increased demand for convenience, compatibility and simplicity in the personal and home electronics industries.
    As any seasoned traveler would likely know, there are many differences in electronics around the world. From compatibility to pricing, you might find yourself in a world of disbelief if you haven't educated yourself on the subject before engaging in international travel or relocation.
    First is the issue of compatibility. To put it simply, most continents (and their respective countries) utilize 220 or 240 volt electricity. This is standard, and is literally double that of the 110 or 120 volt standard in North America. Since the voltage is higher, electronics and appliances designed for use in North America are not compatible. Plugging a 110/120 volt electronic device into a 220/240 volt outlet is truly a recipe for disaster. The internal components cannot handle double the volts that they were designed for and instantaneous failure is quite common, rendering the device useless; it's been "fried".
    A damaged device is, in many ways, the best case scenario. Why? Because it's very possible that an attempt to use a 110/120 device with the incorrect voltage can result in a fire or even electrocution. Let's face it, nobody wants to phone home to touch base with friends or family and have to explain that their house burned to the ground or that they're calling from the hospital because they suffered electrocution. To avoid an undesirable situation like this, it's critical to have one of the following: Electronics intended for use with 220/240 volts, or, a voltage converter that can safely regulate the electricity and allow for the use of your 110/120 volt devices in a 220 volt environment.
    The second issue with foreign countries is one of pricing and availability. If you've been living in the US, surely there is no shortage of personal and home electronics to choose from. Visit any electronics store and you'll probably be overwhelmed with the choices in products due to the multiple models available from a wide-array of competing brands. Additionally, in the US we purchase electronics like it's nobody's business. We have a huge demand and therefor a huge inventory. With China as one of our largest trade partners, we literally have access to practically every brand and model in the world - at very competitive prices. However, even just south of the border in Mexico the prices for electronics are as much as 50% higher. Why? Because Mexico doesn't have the same trade agreements and access as the US and 95% of the electronics in Mexico are shipped in after arriving in the united states. The cost of shipping these products down to distributors in Mexico means the prices increase, and since there are less consumers of expensive electronics, the decreased demand means the prices are higher. This rings true anywhere in many places in the world. Generally speaking, you're going to have a smaller selection and you're going to pay a higher price.
    So what can be done to avoid the stress and confusion of purchasing and using electronics in foreign countries? Well, a little research always helps. However, it's not necessary because there exist specialists in the electronics industry who are devoted to making your life easier when traveling or moving abroad. And guess what - we're one of them!
    220 Electronics has over 35 years of experience in assisting our customers with information and providing the right products for their needs. From the sales of 220 volt electronics and appliances to voltage converters and plug adapters, we have the experience required to make the transition a simple one. We offer free relocation consultations to aid you in making the proper choices for the purchase of electronics and appliances, and better yet, we will even bulk ship your purchases directly to your future location overseas. It doesn't get much easier than that!
    Save yourself time, money and stress by giving us a call today or by visiting our website to see how we can make your transition to a foreign country as smooth as possible.

  • Buy Your Electronics and Appliances BEFORE You Move Overseas - Here's Why!

    international relocation electronicsMany of you might be familiar with this, but then many of you may not. So here's the situation; you're moving overseas for some reason (work, retirement, personal, etc.) and you're trying to get a place setup to live. You might be building a home, buying a home or renting a home and you're going to need to furnish it with electronics and appliances.
    Unlike in the US, many places that are for rent or for sale do not come with major appliances. Sometimes they come without any appliances at all for that matter. You're likely going to have to purchase your own, and in a foreign environment it can be a real hassle. Below we will cover a few situations that can prove to be a real headache when trying to find appliances and electronics overseas and how you can avoid those headaches altogether.

    Global Differences in Pricing

    One thing that many people may not expect upon first thought is that electronics and appliances are not as inexpensive and readily available as they are in the United States. We have a massive system of trade with the world's major electronics manufacturing countries, and with that, we enjoy some of the world's lowest prices on a wide variety of quality personal and home electronics, as well as small and major appliances.
    You might be quite surprised to visit an a major appliance store in a foreign country, and upon doing the math, discover that a low-end appliance costs the same as a high-end appliance in the United States, or that the cost is up to 60% more than it cost in the US. That's never a nice surprise. Consider things like a refrigerator, oven/range, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer, television, etc. Instantly you feel overwhelmed by a vision of dollar-signs. And that doesn't even include a blender, coffee maker, stereo system, Blu-ray or DVD Player, and other misc. electronics.
    But it doesn't have to happen that way. Believe it or not, it's much cheaper to purchase everything you need in the US and pay to have it shipped overseas. It's the truth. If you do it right (and with our help, advice, expertise and knowledge) you can save big time.

    Wait, You Don't Carry That Brand?

    So even if you're made of money and decide to purchase your appliances and electronics overseas, you're going to quickly find out that the selection is not as complete or vibrant as it is here in the United States.
    When we trade to an appliance store in the US, we see dozens and dozens of brands and models of each appliance available to choose from. Various sizes and designs, multiple colors, economical and high quality models and everything in between. You have options - and sometimes so many options it's hard to make a choice. Overseas, you might not have that. Actually, you won't have that. And in most countries it's not as simple as going on a website and ordering your new appliances for delivery in 3 days. It just doesn't work that way, for many reasons, none of which are important to get into right now.
    Just know that the selection will be small, and you might not be happy with it. You might have to settle for less than you expected, and under certain circumstance, that could mean more hassle in the long run. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can actually purchase your appliances before you leave and have them shipped to your new home country. Best of all, we know EVERYTHING there is to know about voltage in foreign countries, which means we sell 220-240 volt appliances so they're actually compatible overseas.

    Inaccurate Resources, Foreign Language and the Tourist Aspect

    Again, while moving to a foreign land can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you ever do with your life, there are certain things to understand. For example, you can't always just go online and find out who is a reputable retailer of washing/machines and dryers in Thailand or Japan. You might not know where to look, or in all actuality, the businesses that sell those items will likely not have a website as much business in smaller foreign countries operate by word of mouth. This means that simply locating the place to find what you need can be a huge hassle all by itself.
    With that said, you still might experience language issues once you do find a retailer. Even if you're fluent in the local language, you might suffer the "tourist tax", which is basically the full price or sometimes even an inflated price. There's not always a chance to make deals, and you won't realize it until it's too late. Many, many, many people have found out at a later date that they've been charged 50 or even 100% more for big dollar items while overseas, sometimes for products of inferior quality! And worst of all, unlike big-box stores in the US, the retune policy is not always for or even existent for that matter

    So, What Should You Do?

    It's a simple answer really. You call 220 Electronics. We have over 35 years worth of experience in international relocation - it is our specialty. We're able to access your situation and individual needs and present options that will make your move go very smooth and far simpler than trying to acquire multiple appliances and electronics in a foreign country.
    We have knowledge of foreign countries and their elsctrical standards, as well as a vast knowledge of our own huge selection of top brand name appliances. We can save you a ton of money, a ton of hassle and a ton of regrets. We believe you should arrive in your new home relaxed, confident and ready to enjoy life - not stressing about how you're going to cook food or wash your laundry.
    Give us a call today at 877-578-0587 or visit us online at and get started. We have a massive history of happy, loyal and satisfied customers and we welcome you to join them! Let's make your international move a breeze.

  • 220 Volt Region-Free and MultiSystem Electronics Holiday Sales

    220 electronics holiday saleThe holiday season is in full-swing once again, and there's no shortage of craziness going on. From time off work and school, to vacations & travel, family gatherings and more, it always seems like the busiest time of year. At 220-Electronics, this is definitely our busiest time of year and one of those reasons is holiday shopping, but that's not all - it's also because of our holiday sales, where you can save even more cash over our already guaranteed lowest prices in the world!
    From our Region-Free Blu-ray and DVD Players that are ALL on sale and come with Free Shipping to our MultiSystem TVs, there's surely no shortage of savings! We have specials on voltage converters, personal electronics, home appliances and more. It's definitely an event you won't want to miss, and regardless of your schedule, you can shop from the comfort of your own home and still guarantee shipping in time for the holidays. It really doesn't get any better (or easier) than that.
    What kind of items are we talking about? Well, literally everything. If you're looking to buy a Region-Free Blu-ray Player, you can pickup the Samsung BD-H5900 for just $199 right now (that's $100 in savings) and it comes with free shipping!
    How about TVs? Looking to upgrade your home theater or purchase an extra TV for the bedroom? Do it with style! Get this 40" MultiSystem Samsung TV for just $495, or this impressive and stylish 60" 3D Smart TV with Wi-Fi by Sharp for just $1,770 right now!
    If you already have a TV you like, be sure to check out our huge inventory of 220 volt home theater products and audio/video receivers - many are being offered at insanely low prices but only for the holiday season!
    And if you're looking for something to help utilize foreign electronics overseas, we even have some huge savings on voltage converters and transformers, with 15% of our diamond series models! You can't afford to miss out on these deals.
    We even have saving on kitchen and home appliances, like this Sharp Stainless Steel Microwave with Grill for just $135 (a $95 savings).
    Whatever you're looking for, it's probably on sale and ready to ship before the holidays, but only of you order soon! Visit 220-Electronics today and browse our huge inventory while the prices are hot!

  • Region-Free Playback, Worldwide Voltage and PAL to NTSC Conversion

    region free, worldwide voltage and PAL to NTSCEven in the world of cutting edge electronic technology, sometimes it seems impossible to find two devices that are compatible. We have laptops and smartphones, wireless speakers, surround sound systems, cameras, audio devices, USB ports, HDMI ports, ethernet, charging devices, converters, wireless remotes and the list goes on and on. We have drawers full of chargers and cables, batteries, adapters and manuals. Often times we find ourselves having to purchase a device that allows us to properly use the device we just bought; it can seem like complete madness. Then, other times we find ourselves jumping with joy at the fact that our new purchase was so simple to use - just like it says on the box.
    While we'd like to think that all this technology would make things easier, sometimes it seems like more of a hassle than it's worth. There are hundreds if not thousands of major electronics manufacturers - and let's face it - they're not all working together to make sure your devices are compatible. Surely you can mirror movies from your iPhone to your TV but it only works with certain TVs, and of course there's bugs and if you DO manage to figure it out, the phone usually disconnects from the TV once the screen locks. We've all been there where we just can't seem to achieve what we want.
    Let's jump forward to Blu-ray and DVD technology. Aside from surround sound or hard to reach wires, Blu-ray and DVD Players are relatively easy to hookup and use. They come assembled, have a power cable connected and then require audio/video to be connected to your TV - not a huge chore. But what comes into play, and what we're going to focus on is the ability to travel internationally, relocate or utilize your Blu-ray or DVD player with foreign TVs and even play discs from other countries. This can cause some major headaches if your unversed in how it works. In fact, many people are unaware that this is nearly impossible without the proper technology.


    Firstly, let's quickly discuss the fact that for reasons beyond our control, Blu-ray and DVD discs are embedded with a digital code called a region code. What this does is ensures that a Blu-ray Disc or DVD purchased in Europe will only work with a player that was also purchased in Europe. The same goes for other regions of the world - a North American player will only play discs purchased (and encoded by default) within North America. If you purchased movies overseas, either in person or online, the chances are they will not be recognized and will not play on your player at home.
    For Blu-ray, there are 3 different regions - A, B, and C. For DVD, there are 9 different regions, 0 - 8. Discs from other regions are simply not compatible unless played with a player that was manufactured to be used in that region.
    Luckily, there is a workaround. A Region-Free Blu-ray or DVD Player is a player that has been professionally modified (by a third-party, they cannot be purchased in retail stores) to play any disc from any region of the world. This allows you to travel with your player, relocate with your player or purchase movies from other areas of the world and actually watch them ON... your player! That's right. These units are basically guaranteed to play a disc from anywhere in the world - and that is a wonderful thing. But, there's more potential issues.

    Worldwide Voltage

    The next issue with traveling or utilizing foreign electronics is the fact that different areas of the world use different standard voltages. In North America, the voltage at your normal electrical outlet is 120 volts. This means that all players sold in the US (as well as all other electronics) are designed to operate at the standard 120 volts. Likewise, Europe and much of Asia operate at a standard voltage of 240 volts. Any attempt to simply plug in a 120 volt Blu-ray or DVD Player into a 240 volt outlet would be catastrophic, at least for your player. The voltage is far too high and would literally fry your device within seconds, if not instantly.
    Again, we're going to deep the advantages of the technology behind a Region-Free Player - since they are made to play discs from any region, most are also modified to work at either voltage, from 110 volts to 240 volts. All you need to do is flick a switch on the back to set the proper voltage input and it can be used anywhere in the world. There is no need for an external voltage converter, although you might need a plug adapter since foreign electrical outlets vary.
    Needless to say, you've already got a player that can play discs from anywhere in the whorl and can also be powered by any voltage in any country. That is cool! But still, there lies one more problem, and this one is with the TV.

    PAL to NTSC Conversion

    The last problem with trying to utilize a foreign Blu-ray or DVD player is that foreign TVs use different color and video formats and sometimes a different frame rate. This is determined by the electronic signal that is encoded digitally. The two most common standards are NTSC and PAL, and you probably wouldn't even know about them unless you're reading this.
    NTSC is the North American standard format and it transmits 30 frames per second. Each of those 30 frames is composed of 525 individual lines. PAL is used mostly overseas, and with this format there are only 25 frames per second and each is made up of 625 lines.
    A NTSC TV (basically any TV in North America) will not work with a player that is from another country where the format is PAL. The same goes for using a NTSC player in a country that utilizes PAL, since the TVs will all feature PAL formatting.
    Generally, you'd need an external video converter that changes the signal from PAL to NTSC or from NTSC to pal so your player can operate with a local TV. Wow, this is really seeming to be quite a hassle. But again, we have good news as the vast majority of (but not all) Region-Free Players are equipped with internal PAL to NTSC converters which do all the dirty work for us. See? Technology isn't so bad after all. Just make sure you find a player that has the internal conversion before making your purchase.

    In Conclusion

    What we're seeing here is that Region-Free Blu-ray and DVD Players are a savior. They can save time, money, tons of headaches and offer a huge amount of flexibility by allowing us to watch a movie from anywhere in the world, on almost any TV in the world, at any voltage! Now that is what we call an accomplishment. We've also eliminated the need for a voltage transformer and external video converter completely. It's basically plug and play!
    Naturally, as specialists in international relocation since 1979, 220 Electronics carries a wide selection of Region-Free Blu-ray and DVD Players. Best of all, we are able to guarantee the lowest prices in the world and we ship worldwide. You can shop from the comfort of your own home today at or just stop by to browse our large inventory. If you're concerned about using electronics overseas, we have all of the products and resources you could ever need.

  • Oppo Blu-ray Players.... Haven't you Heard?

    region free oppo blu-ray playersWhen it comes to Blu-ray Players, you literally have hundreds of options to chose from. Amongst the different brands - some well-known and others not - you'll find a whirlwind of various models, each boasting their own features and cutting edge technologies as a lure to make a purchase. Of course, pricing is a huge factor and the competition lately is fierce among the top brands such as Sony, LG, Toshiba, and Samsung and more. Just as rapidly as the technology appears, it seems to be outdated within a matter of months as new models with new options appear on the market. If you're after the best of the best, sometimes it's better to just take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

    Quality or Quantity?

    At an average of about $200 a pop, Blu-ray players aren't cheap. Usually, they'll last a year or two without fail depending on how heavily used they are. Some will last much longer. Others will be moved into the bedroom or a guest room as you upgrade your home theater with the newest of the new in an attempt to capture the best quality and the latest features. But it all that really necessary? Do you need to purchase a new unit every couple years? Are you really upgrading to technology that's worth the new purchase? Are the cutting-edge features even something you're going to use? How can you get the best bang-for-the-buck and ensure you're getting a high quality unit that won't disappoint? Enter Oppo.

    When Only the Best Will Do

    Oppo has been around for a long time. You may or may not have heard of the brand. If you're serious about your home theater and have done any type of research about top-of-the-line units then you've probably came across the name before. You might have also looked at the price tag and had a mild stroke, wondering how in the heck the prices are so high on something that just plays movies. You might have even laughed at the price while wondering who's actually foolish enough to spend that kind of money. Or, you might have looked a bit deeper - you might even know someone who owns an Oppo.... Chances are, if you asked them about their Oppo Blu-ray Player they responded with overwhelming praise because... Well, Oppo rules!
    Unlike certain products where you end up paying more for a brand name, a label or even solely for bragging rights, Oppo is different. Known for being one of the best performing Blu-ray manufacturers in the world, Oppo has set a precedent for delivering the highest quality available. From design and styling to functionality, reliability and lifespan there's not many who can confidently say they build machines that perform as good as an Oppo. So what is it - what's the big deal about Oppo Blu-ray Players and what makes them so special? How could they perform so well that they're worth 10 times more than a no-name player from Walgreens that you can pickup for $40?

    Design. Dedication. Dignity

    Well, to be honest, Oppo is known as one of the best simply because they are - and there's no arguing it. From concept to completion, these Blu-ray players have one intention - to deliver the absolute highest quality in all aspects.
    From the rigid metal-chassis design that provides durability, protection, strength and balance to the high-end internal components, these things are built to work hard and do it flawlessly. Oppos uses Qdeo processor technology to visually outperform the competition time after time and has perfected the art of home theater. ESS Sabre digital-to-analog converters (DAC) as well as balanced and unbalanced dedicated stereo outputs, a toroidal linear power supply, and asynchronous USB DAC input boost the Oppo to an unparalleled level of audio quality.
    It may all sound like techno-babble to you but here it goes, in laymen's terms: When you take the highest quality components available and use quality craftsmanship to combine them, you get a products that not only performs like no other but lasts longer than the others. With an Oppo, what you're going to get IS what you paid for - the clearest audio you can imagine, a picture so vibrant, crisp and vivid that you'll never want to own an inferior player again, and a build quality that has you wondering if this thing would survive a nuclear war. Seriously.

    Check Them Out For Yourself

    Are you sick of dropping $250 to unpack age a new player that has the weight of a loaf of bread? Sick of needing to wait seemingly forever for a disc to load? Tired of useless updates that seem to do nothing other than crash your machine or render certain features unusable? Sick of freezing screens, players that skip when the bass from your surround sound hits too hard? Sick of all these extra options that leave you feeling like you've been had since you don't really need them? So was everyone else who bought an Oppo. And now they'll probably never need to buy another Blu-ray Player in their lifetime.
    But don't take our word for it. There are different models of Oppo players available to purchase from 220 Electronics and they're all region-free as well. This means they can play any Blu-ray or DVD from anywhere in the world, and they never require a video or voltage converter regardless of where in the world you're using it and no matter what kind of TV you couple it with. We don't want to keep you here too long. Check out our Region Free Oppo Blu-ray Players for yourself. Look at the options and check the specifications. Then do some research on your own. Check out the ratings and see what other Oppo owners are saying about the brand. If you're prepared, take the plunge. It'll be the last time you'll ever have to purchase a Blu-ray Player.

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