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Prepaid SIM Cards - International Relocation Experts

Shop our selection of Prepaid SIM cards and see why 220 Electronics has been the leader in helping people relocate since 1979!

Prepaid SIM cards provide a hassle-free way to use your cell phone while you are abroad. Prepaid SIM cards can typically be purchased from the US for between $17 to $79 and include free incoming calls originating from anywhere in the world. With international roaming rates, from Nextel and other domestic carriers, that start at $0.99 and quickly approach $3, a prepaid SIM card is a very attractive alternative. A cell phone rental offers similar service as international roaming but with higher airtime rates and the addition of a $99/week handset rental charge. When you compare the airtime rates at US $60+/hour, a prepaid SIM card is clearly a bargain that often pays for itself after only 30 minutes of use.

Keep checking back for updates to this section as we add more products for your convenience.

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