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Braun TS-505 TexStyle 5 Steam Iron for 220 Volts and 50Hz

  • Designed for use with 220-240 Volts, 50Hz

  • Patented Anodized Eloxal Sole Plate

  • Lightweight

  • Ergonomic Handle Design for Comfort

  • 300 ml Water Tank Capacity

  • 2000 Watt Power Output

This product is 220 volts / 240 volts for use overseas outside North America. These items will not work in North America with 110 volts.


Braun TS-505 TexStyle 5 Steam Iron for 220 Volts and 50Hz

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  • Braun TS-505 TexStyle 5 Steam Iron for 220 Volts and 50Hz


The Braun TexStyle 5 Iron offers comfort, simplicity and functionality that can't be compared to. With 2000 watts of power output, it can handle even the heaviet fabrics with ease, giving excellent results every time you use it. This lightwiegt steam iron features an ergonomically designed handle to make ironing easier and faster while giving an improved range of movement.

The Braun TS-505 TexStyle Iron utilizes special patented technology with an anodized eloxal sole plate, making it twice as durable as stainless steel with a highly improved scratch resistance. This also gives it a longer lifespan and better ability to glide across fabrics. Equipped with a 300ml water tank. Designed for use with 220-240 volts and 50hz.

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