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Samsung SV5000 VCR - Pal/NTSC Video Converter

This VCR is Discontinued, See our Full Selection of Pal/NTSC Video Converters

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Samsung World Wide SV-5000 VCR


Multi System VCR 

These VCR's have been discontinued, however this rare model will never be produced again.
We have few pieces left please order or call us today to place your order.


Samsung VCRs have been one of world's top sellers for well over a decade. Beyond the obvious quality of construction and performance lies an abundance of convenient features designed to make your life a whole lot simpler. Life is complicated enough without having to do battle with a poorly thought out machine. Many countries have different TV broadcasting systems with no compatibility between them. This means a videotape recorded in one country may not be able to be viewed or duplicated in another country. Samsung's worldwide VCR SV-5000 overcomes this problem by digitally converting the signal format of any tape into the format you desire. Featuring Digital system conversion, Playback conversion, TV signal conversion, Conversion Timer recording, a World TV signal receiver and much more. Watching your favorite video, whether foreign or domestic, will be simple.

With this VCR you can play any cassette, on any TV, anywhere in the World
You can convert cassettes from pal to ntsc and vice versa for friends and family. If you get a lot of foreign cassettes, it is a must have!!!


  • Hi-Fi Stereo
  • Multi System Compatible NTSC/PAL/SECAM (MESECAM)/PAL-M/PAL-N)
  • Multi Digital Converter System PAL - NTSC
  • MTS/SAP Hi-Fi Stereo Tuner
  • 4-Speed Recording (NTSC/PAL-M, SP/EP,
  • 181-Channel Synthesizer Tuner Coverage CATV Channels
  • Jog Shuttle Control
  • Front Audio/Video Input Terminals
  • Auto Head Cleaning
  • Digital Auto Tracking
  • Headphone Jack with Volume Control
  • Automatic 4-Head Cleaning System
  • Stable Regulated Auto-Voltage Power Supply (100-240V Usable)
  • Quick Timer Recording 6-Event/1-Month Timer
  • Full Auto Function
  • On-Screen Display (English/Spanish/ French/German/Italian)
  • Remote Control
  • Power Source: 120-240V
  • Weight: 11.7 lbs.
  • Channel Coverage: M/M-VHF: 2-13 Ch; UHF: 14-69 Ch CATV: 5A,
  • A-1-A-5, A-W, WW Ch
  • TV Broadcast Reception Capability: NTSC-M/M , PAL/SECAM BG/DK/I


Worldwide VCR: This VCR can be used in any country (except France), and can playback and record in NTSC, NTSC-4.43, PAL, PAL-N, PAL-M, SECAM and MESECAM formats.

Auto Voltage Switching: Accepts between 100 and 240 volts AC and will automatically adjust to operate on the received voltage.

Power Outlet: An AC plug adapter (not included) will be needed to use this unit in countries that do not use standard polarized outlets.


System Conversion: This unit's digital system converter allows you to convert an input signal of one format into another format (for recording) and convert a recorded signal into different format (for playback). This means that you can make recordings in a different format than the one used for the original broadcast/recording. Also, a tape that was recorded with one format may be played back (output) in another format (i.e. a tape recorded with PAL may be played back in NTSC).

On-Screen Display: You can set the on-screen display to one of 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

Recording Speeds: When recording a tape in NTSC or PAL-M, you can choose SP (Standard Play) or SLP (Super Long Play). When recording a tape in PAL, SECAM, or MESECAM, the speeds are SP (Standard Play) or LP (Long Play).

Super VHS Quasi Playback (SQPB): You can playback a Super VHS tape by activating the SQPB in the VCR setup menu. Playing a Super VHS recording without activating SQPB will result in distorted video output.

VCR Plus+ Recording: VCR Plus+ selects programs to be recorded with a Plus Code number, usually found in most program listings. Once the VCR Plus+ guide numbers have been set up in the menu, you can program the VCR to record a program by simply entering the Plus Code number (up to 8 digits). Note: VCR Plus+ is not available in all regions.

12/24 Hour Clock: You can set the VCR to display a 12 or 24 hour clock.

Return to Zero: During playback or recording, this feature allows you to reset the tape counter at a point on the tape that you want to locate later. To use this feature, you simply reset the tape counter at the desired point, then, after playback or recording, press the Rewind or Fast Forward button on the unit or remote. The unit will stop when the counter at 0:00:00.

Shuttle Function: When viewing a tape recorded in SP you can vary the playback speed by using the Shuttle ring on the remote. From normal forward speed, you can vary the playback speed forward to 1/5x, 1/10x, 2x, 7x or 9x normal speed. You can also change to reverse 9x, 7x, 2x, 1/5x or 1/10x normal speed or still frame. The variable speeds are slightly different when viewing a tape recorded in SLP or LP.

Strobe: The Strobe feature allows you to view still images in succession. During playback, pressing the Strobe button on the remote will cause the VCR to display one still frame at a time. You can vary the rate of the display by pressing the + or -- buttons.

Art Mode: During normal playback or Strobe playback, you can apply a special effect to the picture with the "Art" button on the remote. The picture contrast is changed to resemble artwork, and the contrast can be varied by pressing the + or -- buttons.

Monitor: During system conversion, you can switch between the original input signal and the converted output signal by pressing the Monitor button on the remote.


Horizontal Resolution:

  • NTSC: 220 lines (nominal)
  • PAL/SECAM: 240 lines (nominal)

Video S/N: 43dB (nominal)

Video Signal Systems:

  • NTSC/PAL-M Color Systems: 525 lines, 60 fields
  • PAL/PAL-N/SECAM/MESECAM Color Systems: 625 lines, 50 fields

Inputs and Outputs

Rear Panel:

  • Line 2 Input: RCA stereo audio and composite video inputs
  • Euro AV Input/Output: 21-pin female "SCART" connector (connection to TV)
  • Output 1: RCA stereo audio and composite video outputs
  • Output 2: RCA stereo audio and composite video outputs
  • In From Antenna: RF input with female PAL connector*
  • Out To TV: RF output with male PAL connector*

* Note: PAL to "F" connector adapters are supplied.

Front Panel:

  • Line 1 Input: RCA stereo audio and composite video inputs


Color system used in each region:

Region Color System
USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America (except Brazil and Argentina), Japan, Korea, and the Philippines NTSC
Brazil PAL-M
Argentina PAL-N
Western Europe, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China and South East Asia PAL
The Middle and Near East PAL or SECAM
Eastern Europe SECAM

PAL and SECAM tuner systems used in each area:

Area Tuner System
United Kingdom, Hong Kong and South Africa I
China, Russia and Eastern Europe D/K
Western Europe, the East South Asia, the Middle East and the Near East B/G