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Panasonic DVD-LS84 Region Free Portable DVD Player

This item is Discontinued, Please see our full Selection of Region Free Portable DVD Players

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Panasonic DVD-LS84 Region and Code Free Portable DVD

Panasonic DVD-LS84 Region and Code Free
Multi System

Panasonic DVD-LS84 Region Free Portable dvd player
Code Free, Multi Zone, Region Free, Zone Free, PAL/NTSC Portable dvd player with 8" Screen

REGION FREE MODEL, Can be used anywhere in the world!!

Call us Toll Free 877-578-0587 or 847-640-9000 For questions or to order over phone.


Please also consider our Larger 8.5" Screen model that is also availble with Car Headrest Mount.

This model has a larger Hi-resolution Screen for slightly more money.

The screen design is engineered very nicely and it allows you to position it pretty much anyway you want at any angle relieving strain from your eyes or neck.
Package 1:

Panasonic DVD-LS84 region free portable DVD
6 hour long Life battery pack

110-240 volts home adaptor and charger for world wide use

Audio/Video cables to connect to TV
  Free upgrade to 2-4 day shipping.
Free toll free tech support
Lifetime All region Guarantee

Package 2

Everything in package 1 plus:
  Package includes Carrying Case
  Package includes headphones

Extra Batter:
10-16 hour extra battery available

IF you buy this battery you will get this in addition to the 6 hour battery that comes with the player.
This battery fits in the same place as the 6 hour battery that comes with the player. All you have to do is remove one and put in the other.

Keep the kids busy on a long flight or car drive with this excellent long life battery. One charge can last up to 16 hours!

Region and Code free so it will allow you to play any dvd movie from any where in the world.
Code Free, Region Free, Multi Zone, Multi region
Play any region dvd, Pal or NTSC anywhere in the world!!

110-240 volts so you can use it anywhere in the world. The 110-240 volts power cord can be used to run the player and charge the battery.
  • Model: Panasonic DVD-LS84 Region Free Version
  • 7 hour rechargeable battery built-in
  • Adjustable 8" diagonal screen LCD monitor
  • Playback of any region DVD movie from regions 1-6
  • Also plays RCE/REA DVD movies
  • Plays any region PAL and NTSC movies on its own screen plus you can output the signal to a compatible TV.
  • Connection to TV
     Plays NTSC DVDs on Any tv!
    Plays Pal DVDs on a Pal tv; To play Pal DVDs on a NTSC tv a video converter is required.
  • 4:3 / 16:9 / Zoom Screen Selector
  • 54MHz/10-bit Video D/A Converter performs video signal processing at a fast rate for enhanced DVD picture quality.
  • 192KHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter
  • Still Picture Display
  • MP3 Playback capability
  • Auto Switching Field/Frame still
  • Frame Advance (Forward and Reverse)
  • Advanced Surround (V.S.S)
  • Dialogue Enhancer
  • Twin Laser pickup
  • Chapter preview
  • Hi-speed smooth Motion scan: 5 speed up to x100
  • On-Screen Menu Icons
  • Included Rechargeable Battery pack
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • Built-in recharge function
  • More than 500 lines horizontal resolution
  • 60dB Video S/N
  • 4Hz-44KHz frequency response
  • 97dB Dynamic range CD
  • AC/DC Power Operation
  • Video Output
  • Audio Output
  • Ultra small and light weight at 1.8" High X 9.6" Wide X 7.2" Deep
  • Weight: 37 oz
  • 110-240 volt 50/60 Hz auto switching for use in any country!

Comes complete with:

  • Stereo AV Cables
  • 6 hour battery
  • Car adapter
  • Dual voltage World Wide battery charger and power supply