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Panasonic NV-VS-7 PAL Camcorder

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  • 20X Optical Zoom & 480X Digital Zoom
  • 3-inch Smart-Turn Colour LCD
  • Super-VHS recording & Super-VHS ET recording
  • VHS-C Compatibility plus option of S-VHS-ET/S-VHS ET is Expansion Technology which enhances the colour definition & resolution quality. This means that the NV-VS5 can give consumers three choices in their recording: 1. With VHS/Standard tape you get 240 lines (approx) for everyday use. 2. With S-VHS-ET/High Grade tape you get 290 lines (approx) for better recordings with high grade tape.* 3. With S-VHS/S-VHS tape you get 330 lines (approx). for Optimum reproduction *
  • Easy Menu Operation
  • Digital Interface Terminal allows any still picture you choose to be uploaded to a PC
  • 0-Lux Night View records under conditions too dark for the human eye, infrared rays emitted from the camera
  • Motion Sensor function automatically starts recording when movement is detected and can be used in conjunction with the Night View function
  • Super Image Stabiliser prevents image distortion due to camera shaking
  • Digital Superimposer creates titles and illustrations and superimposes them onto your recordings during REC and PLAY modes. This does not impair the original image and requires no extra equipment
  • 16-Digital Effects can be added during REC mode and 12- in PLAY mode for creative flexibility
  • Negative / Sepia / Solarization / Black & White / 3 x Fade Options / Mosaic / Stretch / Multi-Screen / Picture-in-Picture / Mirror / Mix / Wipe / Strobe / Gain-Up
  • 8-Colour Titles for frequently used titles stored in a choice of eight different colours and either large or small in both REC and PLAY modes
  • Digital TBC (Time Base Corrector) helps assure stability by preventing vertical distortion caused by timing irregularities (called 'jitter')
  • Voice Zoom function allows you to make far away sounds easy to hear by bringing them closer
  • Multi-Screen allows you to either call up a chronological sequence of nine still frames on the screen one after another or divide the screen into nine sections and view them all at once
  • Picture-in-Picture allows you to display an inset image within the main screen
  • Digital Noise Reduction controls noise reduction level in line with signal input strength during REC mode and removes image signal interference during PLAY mode for natural, stable images with straight vertical contours
  • Long-run Lithium-ion Battery
  • Infra-red Remote Control
  • Included Accessories:
  • VHS Cassette Adaptor
  • AC Adaptor
  • AV Cable
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Infra-red Remote Control


  • Video Format Super-VHS-C
  • CCD Image Sensor 1/5"
  • CCD Capacity (pixels) 450k
  • Lens F1.6
  • Long Run Lithium-ion Battery
  • Smart-Turn Colour LCD 3"
  • Infra-red Remote Control
  • SP/LP recording & playback
  • Easy Menu Operation

Shooting Functions:

  • Optical Zoom 20X
  • Digital Zoom 480X
  • Programme A.E. (Auto Exposure) 7-mode
  • 0-Lux Night View
  • Motion Sensor
  • Super Image Stabiliser
  • Digital Superimposer REC and PLAY Modes
  • Digital TBC
  • Voice Zoom
  • Multi-Screen / Picture-in-Picture
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Digital Effects 16-mode: 12-REC and PLAY Effects Negative / Solarization / Sepia / Black & White / 3 x Fade / Mosaic / Stretch / Picture-in-Picture / Mirror / Strobe
  • 4-REC Only Effects Multi Screen / Mix / Wipe / Gain-up Manual Functions: Focus/ White Balance/ Fade

Extra Fuctions:

  • P.C. Interface
  • Focus/ White Balance/ Fade
  • Colour Titles 8-Large & Small in REC and PLAY modes
  • Weight (without battery pack) 850g
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 88 x 118 x 231 mm (approx)