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Sanyo Emergency Light Lantern with Solar Power charger K-ENL-LIEX-N-S-3W

  •  220-240 Volt/ 50/60 Hz, Rechargeable Emergency Light

  •  3 Watt Solar Charger Included 

  • Approximate Usage Time on Low: 20 hours

  • Approximate Usage Time on High: 5 hours

  • Mono-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

  • Can be hung easily on a rope or string

  • REQUIRES OVERSEAS 220 VOLTAGE TO OPERATE (Not suitable for use in North America)

  • European Asian style Power cord

This product is 220 volts / 240 volts for use overseas outside North America. These items will not work in North America with 110 volts.

Regular Price: $33.00

Now only: $29.00


Sanyo Emgergency Light Lantern with Solar Power charger K-ENL-LIEX-N-S-3W

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  • Sanyo Emgergency Light Lantern with Solar Power charger K-ENL-LIEX-N-S-3W


A global-perspective solution to “Light” up the earth and life. This is a rechargeable LED lantern which can be used over and over by using energy generated from the blessing of the sun. It uses the world’s highest efficiency HIT solar panel and saves the generated energy in a built-in nickel-metal hydride battery. In a village where there is no electricity infrastructure, this lantern can provide “Light” for a family’s dining room or a children’s study room. It can be easily carried and hung or fixed in various places. Further, its construction is such that multiple units can be stacked or connected side-by-side to offer even more light. This Rechargeable Solar Powered Lantern helps you work efficiently in night-time car repairs, near-at-hand tasks, or any nighttime activity. DON'T BE LEFT IN THE DARK. Let this lantern guide you where you want to go. Plus, since it can use the power of the Sun to give you light, you can save money on batteries! Makes a great gift for your family and friends overseas!

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