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  • Voltage Converters for All Occasions

    voltage convertersVoltage converters are devices that do exactly what the name says - convert voltage. They are a simple product that either increases or decreases electrical voltage to a desired level. Generally, they're used for appliances or electronic devices that require a voltage which differs from the standard. Voltage converters are very easy to use because they simply plug into a regular electrical outlet. The device itself has its own self-contained outlets that are then used to deliver the proper voltage to your equipment, appliance or electronic device. The image at the right is of a typical average sized voltage converter.
    Typically, voltage converters are utilized by those who are traveling or moving to other countries. Since all regions of the world don't use the same standard voltage, it's important to have a converter if you're bringing a foreign device or other foreign equipment that requires electricity. This ensures that the items can be used effectively in a safe and efficient manner.
    If an item was manufactured to be sold in North America, it was made for a 110/120 volt electrical system. If an item was manufactured to be sold in Southeastern Asia, it was made for a 220/240 volt system. Traveling between those areas requires the use of a converter because the voltage at your destination will either be too low, or too high - and attempting to use a product that was intended for a different voltage can result in damage to the product, electrocution, fire, or worse.
    Regardless of where you're traveling to or what equipment you'll bring along, there's always a voltage converter that's perfect for the situation. There are simple converters that are available for traveling with small items and personal effects, and there are larger converters which are more appropriate for larger appliances or industrial equipment applications. The size of your converter will be determined by the wattage that your devices require to operate and there are smaller models for just 500 watts and larger models for up to 15,000 watts or more. But the wattage isn't the only thing to take into consideration - you're also going to need to know which style of converter you need.
    If you're traveling to somewhere with a lower voltage, than you're going to need a step-up converter because it steps the electricity up to the proper voltage. If you're traveling to somewhere with a higher voltage, you're going to need a step-down converter because it steps the electricity down to the proper voltage. Voltage and wattage usage information and requirements can easily be found on the manufacturer tag or the owners manual of any electrical product. You'll need to find this information first and foremost. Once you know which voltage your device(s) operate at, you'll be able to choose the proper style of converter. Once you know the wattage it requires, you'll be able to choose the proper size of converter.
    Some of the more common examples of the need for a voltage converter would be going on vacation and needing to use a computer, hair dryer or electric razor that you've brought along. Another example is individuals or companies who are traveling overseas for work or to perform foreign contracting, as they'll likely be bringing all sorts of power tools, machines and equipment along with them.
    Still, there are other examples for the need of a converter, such as domestic applications. Converters are sometimes used in domestic situations for equipment or machinery that requires the use of a higher voltage because they consume a significantly higher amount of electricity to operate. This would be true for certain welding machines, heavy industrial equipment and custom applications. While most converters are portable, some larger and more permanent converters can be wired directly into an electrical system if needed.
    Voltage converters are a powerful tool that are utilized all over the world by individuals, companies and even the military.
    Visit our Voltage Converters page to shop from a complete line of voltage converters of all styles and sizes, most of which include a 5 year warranty, free! While on our site, you can also find our Voltage Converter buying Guide which contains all the detailed information you'll need find the exact converter you need to use before making a purchase.

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