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  • Multisystem LG Home Stereos

    multisystem lg home stereosThe word "multisystem" (also used as multi-system and MultiSystem) is used to describe electronics capable of functioning on multiple systems, such as those equipped for use with any voltage. Our selection of Multisystem Home Stereos and Boom-Boxes from LG work exactly like that - at any voltage - and can therefore be used anywhere in the world. With a multisystem stereo there's no need for a voltage converter or transformer - simply plug and play, anywhere in the world. Whether you're on a boat/RV using 220-volt electricity or living in a country with a 240-volt standard, you'll never have to worry. We think that's pretty cool, so we wanted to share some of our Multisystem LG Home Stereos with you. Just remember, these units are specially modified for global use and are not available with this feature from retail stores.
    LG XA16 Hi-Fi Audio System
    This is a compact package that's perfectly portable. It doesn't feature bluetooth, and we're okay with that. Why? Because it uses an iPod platform and has a portable device input to plug in your phone or tablet. It's not the most powerful stereo on earth by any means - but it sounds good and allows you to and listen to radio, cd, USB audio files, and your mp3 playlists. It also features a headphone jack. The LG XA16 works with any voltage, so you can take it anywhere. At $129, it's a steal! Get yours here.
    LG CM2760 160-Watt Micro Hi-Fi System
    If this thing isn't attractive to you, we're not sure what is. It features worldwide voltage (works with 110 to 240 volts), boasts 160-watts of audio power, is bluetooth-ready (it comes equipped with LG's Bluetooth App), has a AM/FM tuner, plays CDs, syncs with capable LG TVs, has USB 2.0 and Auxiliary inputs, and uses FLAC audio. You can even connect up to 3 devices simultaneously using the bluetooth connection. If you want a stereo that offers ease of use and flexibility, this is a must-have item. Learn more about the CM2760 today and get yours for only $179.
    LG CM4360 230-Watt Bluetooth Stereo
    With a 2-channel configuration and 2-way speaker design, this stereo packs a punch and sounds like it's delivering much more than 230 watts. With bluetooth streaming audio and the ability to control the unit via your smartphone, it delivers optimal convenience at any given moment. It will even sync wirelessly with your compatible LG TV. This model has a USB port for listening as well as recording, and a Stereo RCA input. Tired of gaps between songs? The DJ feature will automatically mix your music for you. What more can you ask for? Works with any voltage, from 110 to 240 volts. Get yours now for just $149 from 220 Electronics.
    220 Electronics is a leader in international electronics and appliances. With nearly 40 years of experience, we have the expertise you need and the low prices that you deserve. Visit our website to see all of our multisystem electronics and 220-volt appliances today. Our low-price guarantee will ensure you're getting the best deal anywhere, every time you buy.

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