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  • How and Where to Buy Appliances and Electronics Overseas

    power x changer voltage and frequency convertersMany people move, relocate, or travel and work abroad each year and those numbers are growing rapidly. From retirees and expats to people who've accepted job offers and are moving to a foreign land, there's no shortage of people moving about internationally. But what happens when you arrive at your destination? If your new home isn't furnished and you didn't send your electronics and appliances overseas, you'll be forced to buy these items locally - and that can be a real hassle.
    Due to higher prices caused by lower product demand, it can be very costly to furnish a home in some countries. Also, there is usually a much smaller selection of brands and models to chose from when compared to the US or Europe. You may end up paying nearly double for your appliances without finding what you're really looking for - and at that point, you'll have no choice. However, if you plan accordingly you can eliminate the stress, hassle and high prices altogether.
    At, we specialize in international relocation. We sell all types of home electronics and appliances including:
    • Mutlisystem TVs
    • Region Free Blu-ray & DVD Players
    • Voltage Converters
    • Kitchen Appliances for 220 Volts
    • Home Appliances for 220 Volts
    • Personal Appliances & Electronics
    • .... and much more!
    All of our products are designed for global use, or for specific use with 220 volt electricity. We have home theater systems, washers & dryers, refrigerators, deep freezers, gas and electric ranges, blenders, 4k TVs, and more. All of our products are sold at the guaranteed lowest price, and we will always beat our competitor's prices. We ship anywhere in the world and can arrange for all of your items to ship together and arrive either before or after you arrive. You'll save money, time, and a lot of headaches. Plus you'll get to chose from the top brand names and the latest models.
    Check us out today at and browse our huge inventory. Our specialists will be glad to assist you and even provide you with a free, no-hassle relocation consultation to help you decide what's best for your needs. Don't wait, get started today! It's the easiest way to buy appliances and electronics overseas.

  • PAL, NTSC and SECAM: What's the Difference?

    pal ntsc and secam differenceWhen TV was first designed, there was a set of standards used to control how the information was sent from the broadcasting station to the TV, and how the TV interpreted this information into a picture on the TV screen. In North America, this standard is known as NTSC which stands for National Television Systems Committee. There are also two other types of standards used around the world; PAL (Phase Altering Line) and SECAM (Sequential Color with Memory).
    The systems used vary by country and/or region, but they all use one of the three standards: PAL, NTSC, or Secam. Digital cable, VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray also adhere to these color information standards. PAL TVs are only compatible with a PAL signal or other Pal components. The same is true for NTSC and SECAM. It's not possible to use a PAL TV with a NTSC Blu-ray Player or vice-versa. If you wanted to use your NTSC player to watch movies on a PAL or SECAM TV, you'd need to use an external video converter. Let's take a look at the differences betwen these three systems.


    This American Standard was the first ever used. It was developed in 1941 and re-engineered to include color in 1953. It utilizes 525 scan lines at 30 frames per second. Only 486 of the actual lines are visible on the screen while the remaining are used for synchronizing and balancing the image. NTSC's refresh rate is 60hz. NTSC is also the only system that requires a tint control on the TV


    This color system uses 576 scan lines and 25 frames per second to produce the finished picture. Introduced in Europe in the 1960's, PAL was an attempt to improve on the NTSC standard and it has remained the European standard (in most cases) up until this very day. PAL has varying versions including PAL B/G and PAL I. This system has a 50hz refresh rate.


    The newest of the three color systems, SECAM was developed and released in the 60's. Mostly used in Russia, eastern Europe and Africa, SECAM utilizes the same resolution as PAL at 576 lines and 25 frames per second. This color system is the only one to use FM frequency modulation which allows it to transmit over a longer range. Like PAL, SECAM also has a 50hz refresh rate.
    Clearly there are differences (and similarities) between the three standard systems. Thanks to a higher frame rate, NTSC enjoys a smoother image. PAL and SECAM both use an extra scan lines and therefor have better resolution.

    Does it Really Matter?

    Overall, it does matter. The three systems are not compatible, which means you need to be sure your audio/video components use the same standard to be compatible with your TV and with the satellite and/or digital cable signal. There is, of course, a couple exceptions. Multisystem TVs are able of decoding all three color systems and feature tuners for each. In addition, Region Free Blu-ray & DVD Players usually come equipped with internal PAL/NTSC conversion, which allows them to be used with any TV.
    If you're living in the same region and using locally purchased audio/video components and accessories, there's really no need to even think about PAL, NTSC and SECAM. However, it's always nice to have a slight knowledge of how the three differ and why.

  • Universal Foreign Plug Adapters

    universal foreign plug adaptersNot all electronics are created equal. Around the world there are many differences in electronics and home appliances that you might not be aware of, with the operating voltage of these devices being a major factor. If you're traveling to a country that uses a different voltage you'll probably need a converter to safely use your electronics. However, what can you do when you're traveling to a country with the same voltage but different electrical outlets that aren't compatible with the plugs on your devices? Get a universal foreign plug adapter.

    What is a Universal Foreign Plug Adapter?

    Universal foreign plug adapters do exactly what the name implies - they make it possible for you to use your device in a country where the voltage is the same but the electrical outlet is designed for a different plug type. For example, if you're from Germany but planning on spending 6 months in India and would like to bring your Blu-ray Player along, the plug on your German-bought Blu-ray Player won't be compatible with an outlet in India. A universal plug adapter for India will easily solve this problem and allow you to safely and efficiently power your device.

    How Does a Universal Foreign Plug Adapter Work?

    Universal Foreign Plug Adapters are extremely simple to use. First, you'll plug your adapter into the outlet, and then plug your device directly into the adapter. The female end of the adapter will accept the plug from your device just as if you were at home. The sole function of the adapter to act as an outlet capable of receiving any type of plug.

    Where Can I Purchase a Universal Foreign Plug Adapter?

    Usually you can purchase a plug adapter at your destination but they're not always easy to find. At times, you might not be able to find the proper adapter or it won't be universal and able to accept a variety of plug types. Your best bet is to purchase your universal plug adapter before you travel so you can arrive without worries. Check out our complete selection of universal foreign plug adapters here and choose the type that best suits your needs. They're affordable and extremely helpful for using all types of electronics while traveling.

  • International Relocation Services with 220 Volt Electronics and Appliances

    international relocation services with electronics and appliancesIf you're like many people around the world who have relocated to different countries or continents, you're probably aware of the challenges. You may be moving to retire and live less expensively in a tropical paradise, or maybe you're relocating for work. You also might be moving just because you found the perfect place where you've decided you want to settle. It can be a very exciting and highly rewarding experience, but it's surely not without its setbacks. From legal documents regarding visas and citizenship, to banking, investments, and finding & securing property, there's no shortage of hoops to jump through. Moving overseas requires some definite patience. On the other hand, if you know what you're doing, you can streamline your international relocation and reduce the headaches.
    As specialists in international relocation, 220 Electronics offers services that cater to a rather important part of your move. As a global retailer of electronics and home appliances, we are constantly helping people who are planning to relocate or have already done so.
    You might be asking what electronics and appliances has to do with relocation, so let's answer that question for you in the simplest way possible.

    220 Volt Electronics and Appliances

    Around the world, different countries and continents use varying voltages of electricity for both residential and commercial services. In the US and North America, the standard is 120 volt electricity. In turn, all major electronics and appliances are designed to operate with 120 volt electricity. However, in Europe, for example, the standard voltage is 220 volts, where all electronics and appliances are designed for 220 volt use.
    What does it all mean? Well; you can't simply pack up your existing electronics and appliances and take them overseas with you. Furthermore, certain electronics such as TVs operate with specific color formats to display the picture and these formats vary from country to country. Others items such as Blu-ray Players are only compatible with discs purchased in the same region as the player, which means that you cannot play European or Asian discs on your North American Blu-ray Player. It actually gets quite complicated, but that's exactly what we're here for - to simplify things for you.
    We specialize in the sales and shipment of 220 and 240 volt appliances, multisystem tvs, region-free blue-ray players and more. From kitchen appliances to 220 volt major appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washers & dryers and more. We stock the most popular models from the top brand names - both economy and designer models. Due to our large sales volume, we can also guarantee the lowest prices anywhere.

    International Relocation Services

    What we can do for you depends on your specifics needs. Our specialists are readily available to speak with you about your international relocation plans and cater our services around your needs and moving schedule. We can even arrange to have your purchases waiting for you when you arrive to your new home in practically any country in the world.
    How do our international relocation services help you?
    • We know which products are best for your needs and your budget, and can aid you in making the proper purchases.
    • Our electronics and appliances are specifically designed to work in foreign countries.
    • We save you the time of shopping for major appliances & electronics in unfamiliar territory.
    • We save you the hassle of trying to bargain for a good buy in a foreign language.
    • You can buy EVERYTHING from us, and pay us, in one simple transaction. No need to shop around!
    • We eliminate all of the stresses associated with shopping for multiple products at various locations.
    • We have more models and brands than most foreign department stores. Our selection is huge!
    • We GUARANTEE the lowest prices.
    • We ship worldwide!
    • Our professional and experienced staff are highly knowledgeable not only about our products, but in arranging global shipping. We know what to expect in regards to customs, import taxes and other important issues and can make sure there are no surprises.
    • We provide a smooth, simple, affordable transaction to help you get the product you want to the place that you need them.

    Get Started With Your International Relocation Today

    If you're relocating overseas, you owe it to yourself to contact us. At 220 Electronics, we have over 35 years of experience in helping people move around the world. We have satisfied customers in over 150 countries and counting. We can provide you with a totally free, no-obligation consultation for your international relocation. Home only feels like home when you're comfortable, and our products and services are here to help you achieve that comfort. Peace of mind, less stress and less headaches. Contact us today for your free international relocation consultation. We'll have you setup with the 220 volt electronics and appliances you need in no time; at the best prices in the world.

  • Moving Overseas: 220 Volt Electronics and Appliances

    220 volt electronics and appliances for overseasIf you're relocating overseas, you're probably no stranger to the fact that it involves a lot of planning and preparation. Aside from dealing with passports, visas, banking and securing a home in a foreign country, you'll still have to furnish your new living space and prepare to make the transition into your new home. One of the most tiresome things about a foreign relocation is the initial adjustments and creating a space that genuinely feels like home. You can expect to spend a good amount of time and money shopping for necessities such as beds, appliances, electronics and more - all of which can be a bit overwhelming in an unfamiliar place. On the other hand, there are options to simplify this process and streamline your transition.
    What many people aren't familiar with is the fact that in different regions the world, a different standard is utilized when it comes to electricity. By now - if you're planning an international relocation - you might be familiar with the voltage issue; if not, read on.
    In the United States and North America, we use a 120-volt electrical standard. This means that the electricity in our homes & businesses is fed to us at 120 volts, and subsequently, all of the electronics sold in North America are designed to operate at 120 volts. In other regions such as Europe or Asia, the standard voltage is 220 volts and all electronics are manufactured to operate at that voltage. To keep the explanation as simple as possible, electronics can only operate at the voltage they were designed for. Any attempt to use an electronic device with a electrical voltage higher or lower than it was designed for will not only damage the device, but pose an immediate risk of electrical shock or fire. In other words, you cannot simply take your electronics with you and use them in any foreign country.
    In order to minimalize the stress and hassle of shopping for appliances and electronics in a foreign country where the prices may be higher and the selection is likely quite limited, it's possible (and much more convenient) to purchase these items in the US with a reputable relocation service that specializes in 220-volt electronics and appliances. When compared to foreign countries, the North American prices will be lower, the selection larger, and they can deliver your purchase directly to your new home overseas at a time that's convenient with your arrival. The end result is that you're able to consult with professionals in your native language, purchase everything you need from a single place, pay a single bill, and arrange for everything you've purchased to arrive at the same time.
    Again, not only will this step help you save a lot of time and stress, but if offers a certain level of relief to know that everything's already been taken care of. Furthermore, you're able to shop for the exact brands and models you like instead of being limited to a rather bland selection. You really can't beat that idea.
    The knowledge and experience of a respected relocation expert will also help to ensure that you have everything you needed to "plug & play" in your destination country. If any plug adapters ro special cables are needed to use your new appliances & electronics, they'll be the first to tell you - and in most cases they will provide those to you for free with any significant purchase.
    Okay, so you've got the idea. You're going to need new electronics and appliances, and you have two options - purchasing them overseas or purchasing them beforehand. Which option should you choose? Let's take a look... Do you speak the native language of your new country? Do you know the area you're moving to well? Are you familiar with the best places to shop for electronics and appliances? Are you okay with taking whatever is available for purchase instead of shopping a broad selection? Do you want to take the risk of being overcharged for inferior products? Are you prepared to be told that the more affordable models are not available and the inventory only consists of the top-dollar products, forcing you to spend more than you intended to? If you answered no to any of these, than your best bet is to make your purchases beforehand.
    So how do you do it? First and foremost you're going to need a reputable company who specializes in 220-volt electronics and appliances and have a proven record in assisting people with overseas relocation. They'll need to be experienced with their products, have a good selection, competitive pricing, and be experienced with global shipping (not to mention well versed in any issues or pitfalls or potential issues with shipping and/or customs that need to be considered for your specific destination). The customer service should also be exceptional if you're going to spend a large sum and entrust them to a timely and proper delivery of your products overseas.
    Where do you find a company like that? Luckily for you, we are a company like that. 220-electronics has over 35 years of experience in assisting people with their international location by providing appliances and electronics that are suitable for any destination in the world. From the initial consultation (which is 100% free and without obligation) to the finalization of your purchase and delivery, we work diligently with our customers to provide the highest level of customer service. Not only are we highly knowledgeable about our vast product inventory but we have experience with helping people relocate in over 150 countries. It's experience like ours that gives you peace of mind and confidence to worry about the more important factors of your move such as transferring your savings to your new overseas bank, selling your home, or completing the paperwork involved for miscellaneous odds & ends; there's a lot of things to take care of, we know.
    Curious about where to start? Give us a call! We offer no-hassle consultations and we carry an enormous inventory of products, all designed to work at 220 volts. From the simple things like TVs and Blu-ray Players to the more serious purchases such as refrigerators or hot water heaters, we stock it all. We carry the top name brands and the newest models so you can ensure the latest technology, regardless of where you're moving. And yes, we will ship everything directly to your doorstep in practically any country around the world. We work with you and we work for you in an effort to provide a smooth, stress-free international move. We have helped thousands to do the same thing over the decades and our experience & reputation speaks for itself.
    Contact us today by calling 877-578-0587, or learn more and view our inventory at from the comfort of your home. We're here to help and we're glad to answer any questions you may have about our products or services. We look forward to hearing from you and we congratulate you on your new adventure!

  • Buy Your Electronics and Appliances BEFORE You Move Overseas - Here's Why!

    international relocation electronicsMany of you might be familiar with this, but then many of you may not. So here's the situation; you're moving overseas for some reason (work, retirement, personal, etc.) and you're trying to get a place setup to live. You might be building a home, buying a home or renting a home and you're going to need to furnish it with electronics and appliances.
    Unlike in the US, many places that are for rent or for sale do not come with major appliances. Sometimes they come without any appliances at all for that matter. You're likely going to have to purchase your own, and in a foreign environment it can be a real hassle. Below we will cover a few situations that can prove to be a real headache when trying to find appliances and electronics overseas and how you can avoid those headaches altogether.

    Global Differences in Pricing

    One thing that many people may not expect upon first thought is that electronics and appliances are not as inexpensive and readily available as they are in the United States. We have a massive system of trade with the world's major electronics manufacturing countries, and with that, we enjoy some of the world's lowest prices on a wide variety of quality personal and home electronics, as well as small and major appliances.
    You might be quite surprised to visit an a major appliance store in a foreign country, and upon doing the math, discover that a low-end appliance costs the same as a high-end appliance in the United States, or that the cost is up to 60% more than it cost in the US. That's never a nice surprise. Consider things like a refrigerator, oven/range, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer, television, etc. Instantly you feel overwhelmed by a vision of dollar-signs. And that doesn't even include a blender, coffee maker, stereo system, Blu-ray or DVD Player, and other misc. electronics.
    But it doesn't have to happen that way. Believe it or not, it's much cheaper to purchase everything you need in the US and pay to have it shipped overseas. It's the truth. If you do it right (and with our help, advice, expertise and knowledge) you can save big time.

    Wait, You Don't Carry That Brand?

    So even if you're made of money and decide to purchase your appliances and electronics overseas, you're going to quickly find out that the selection is not as complete or vibrant as it is here in the United States.
    When we trade to an appliance store in the US, we see dozens and dozens of brands and models of each appliance available to choose from. Various sizes and designs, multiple colors, economical and high quality models and everything in between. You have options - and sometimes so many options it's hard to make a choice. Overseas, you might not have that. Actually, you won't have that. And in most countries it's not as simple as going on a website and ordering your new appliances for delivery in 3 days. It just doesn't work that way, for many reasons, none of which are important to get into right now.
    Just know that the selection will be small, and you might not be happy with it. You might have to settle for less than you expected, and under certain circumstance, that could mean more hassle in the long run. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can actually purchase your appliances before you leave and have them shipped to your new home country. Best of all, we know EVERYTHING there is to know about voltage in foreign countries, which means we sell 220-240 volt appliances so they're actually compatible overseas.

    Inaccurate Resources, Foreign Language and the Tourist Aspect

    Again, while moving to a foreign land can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you ever do with your life, there are certain things to understand. For example, you can't always just go online and find out who is a reputable retailer of washing/machines and dryers in Thailand or Japan. You might not know where to look, or in all actuality, the businesses that sell those items will likely not have a website as much business in smaller foreign countries operate by word of mouth. This means that simply locating the place to find what you need can be a huge hassle all by itself.
    With that said, you still might experience language issues once you do find a retailer. Even if you're fluent in the local language, you might suffer the "tourist tax", which is basically the full price or sometimes even an inflated price. There's not always a chance to make deals, and you won't realize it until it's too late. Many, many, many people have found out at a later date that they've been charged 50 or even 100% more for big dollar items while overseas, sometimes for products of inferior quality! And worst of all, unlike big-box stores in the US, the retune policy is not always for or even existent for that matter

    So, What Should You Do?

    It's a simple answer really. You call 220 Electronics. We have over 35 years worth of experience in international relocation - it is our specialty. We're able to access your situation and individual needs and present options that will make your move go very smooth and far simpler than trying to acquire multiple appliances and electronics in a foreign country.
    We have knowledge of foreign countries and their elsctrical standards, as well as a vast knowledge of our own huge selection of top brand name appliances. We can save you a ton of money, a ton of hassle and a ton of regrets. We believe you should arrive in your new home relaxed, confident and ready to enjoy life - not stressing about how you're going to cook food or wash your laundry.
    Give us a call today at 877-578-0587 or visit us online at and get started. We have a massive history of happy, loyal and satisfied customers and we welcome you to join them! Let's make your international move a breeze.

  • Region-Free Playback, Worldwide Voltage and PAL to NTSC Conversion

    region free, worldwide voltage and PAL to NTSCEven in the world of cutting edge electronic technology, sometimes it seems impossible to find two devices that are compatible. We have laptops and smartphones, wireless speakers, surround sound systems, cameras, audio devices, USB ports, HDMI ports, ethernet, charging devices, converters, wireless remotes and the list goes on and on. We have drawers full of chargers and cables, batteries, adapters and manuals. Often times we find ourselves having to purchase a device that allows us to properly use the device we just bought; it can seem like complete madness. Then, other times we find ourselves jumping with joy at the fact that our new purchase was so simple to use - just like it says on the box.
    While we'd like to think that all this technology would make things easier, sometimes it seems like more of a hassle than it's worth. There are hundreds if not thousands of major electronics manufacturers - and let's face it - they're not all working together to make sure your devices are compatible. Surely you can mirror movies from your iPhone to your TV but it only works with certain TVs, and of course there's bugs and if you DO manage to figure it out, the phone usually disconnects from the TV once the screen locks. We've all been there where we just can't seem to achieve what we want.
    Let's jump forward to Blu-ray and DVD technology. Aside from surround sound or hard to reach wires, Blu-ray and DVD Players are relatively easy to hookup and use. They come assembled, have a power cable connected and then require audio/video to be connected to your TV - not a huge chore. But what comes into play, and what we're going to focus on is the ability to travel internationally, relocate or utilize your Blu-ray or DVD player with foreign TVs and even play discs from other countries. This can cause some major headaches if your unversed in how it works. In fact, many people are unaware that this is nearly impossible without the proper technology.


    Firstly, let's quickly discuss the fact that for reasons beyond our control, Blu-ray and DVD discs are embedded with a digital code called a region code. What this does is ensures that a Blu-ray Disc or DVD purchased in Europe will only work with a player that was also purchased in Europe. The same goes for other regions of the world - a North American player will only play discs purchased (and encoded by default) within North America. If you purchased movies overseas, either in person or online, the chances are they will not be recognized and will not play on your player at home.
    For Blu-ray, there are 3 different regions - A, B, and C. For DVD, there are 9 different regions, 0 - 8. Discs from other regions are simply not compatible unless played with a player that was manufactured to be used in that region.
    Luckily, there is a workaround. A Region-Free Blu-ray or DVD Player is a player that has been professionally modified (by a third-party, they cannot be purchased in retail stores) to play any disc from any region of the world. This allows you to travel with your player, relocate with your player or purchase movies from other areas of the world and actually watch them ON... your player! That's right. These units are basically guaranteed to play a disc from anywhere in the world - and that is a wonderful thing. But, there's more potential issues.

    Worldwide Voltage

    The next issue with traveling or utilizing foreign electronics is the fact that different areas of the world use different standard voltages. In North America, the voltage at your normal electrical outlet is 120 volts. This means that all players sold in the US (as well as all other electronics) are designed to operate at the standard 120 volts. Likewise, Europe and much of Asia operate at a standard voltage of 240 volts. Any attempt to simply plug in a 120 volt Blu-ray or DVD Player into a 240 volt outlet would be catastrophic, at least for your player. The voltage is far too high and would literally fry your device within seconds, if not instantly.
    Again, we're going to deep the advantages of the technology behind a Region-Free Player - since they are made to play discs from any region, most are also modified to work at either voltage, from 110 volts to 240 volts. All you need to do is flick a switch on the back to set the proper voltage input and it can be used anywhere in the world. There is no need for an external voltage converter, although you might need a plug adapter since foreign electrical outlets vary.
    Needless to say, you've already got a player that can play discs from anywhere in the whorl and can also be powered by any voltage in any country. That is cool! But still, there lies one more problem, and this one is with the TV.

    PAL to NTSC Conversion

    The last problem with trying to utilize a foreign Blu-ray or DVD player is that foreign TVs use different color and video formats and sometimes a different frame rate. This is determined by the electronic signal that is encoded digitally. The two most common standards are NTSC and PAL, and you probably wouldn't even know about them unless you're reading this.
    NTSC is the North American standard format and it transmits 30 frames per second. Each of those 30 frames is composed of 525 individual lines. PAL is used mostly overseas, and with this format there are only 25 frames per second and each is made up of 625 lines.
    A NTSC TV (basically any TV in North America) will not work with a player that is from another country where the format is PAL. The same goes for using a NTSC player in a country that utilizes PAL, since the TVs will all feature PAL formatting.
    Generally, you'd need an external video converter that changes the signal from PAL to NTSC or from NTSC to pal so your player can operate with a local TV. Wow, this is really seeming to be quite a hassle. But again, we have good news as the vast majority of (but not all) Region-Free Players are equipped with internal PAL to NTSC converters which do all the dirty work for us. See? Technology isn't so bad after all. Just make sure you find a player that has the internal conversion before making your purchase.

    In Conclusion

    What we're seeing here is that Region-Free Blu-ray and DVD Players are a savior. They can save time, money, tons of headaches and offer a huge amount of flexibility by allowing us to watch a movie from anywhere in the world, on almost any TV in the world, at any voltage! Now that is what we call an accomplishment. We've also eliminated the need for a voltage transformer and external video converter completely. It's basically plug and play!
    Naturally, as specialists in international relocation since 1979, 220 Electronics carries a wide selection of Region-Free Blu-ray and DVD Players. Best of all, we are able to guarantee the lowest prices in the world and we ship worldwide. You can shop from the comfort of your own home today at or just stop by to browse our large inventory. If you're concerned about using electronics overseas, we have all of the products and resources you could ever need.

  • Multisystem 4k Ultra-HD. What, when, why and how?

    multisystem 4k ultra hd tvSo you've been hearing all about it - 4k Ultra-HD, also known as UHD. What is it? Can the resolution really be 4 times better than 1080p HD? What type of technology is involved in a 4k TV? I haven't seen any 4k Blu-ray Discs for sale - why not? Is 4k UHD technology compatible with older movies?

    What is 4k Ultra-HD?

    4k Ultra HD is the newest high-resolution format for TV. Taking a major step up from the traditional 1080p, 4k improves the screen resolution by using more pixels, which means you're getting a picture that has more information or more pieces. This results in smoother transitions of color, more precise details and an overall better picture. A great example would be to think of old video games and how they were very choppy and pixelated compared to video games today which seem quite realistic - this is because the video games of today have a much higher resolution.
    While 1080p HD may seem as perfect as a picture could possibly get, 4K Ultra-HD takes it a step further by using 3,840 pixels horizontally and 2,160 pixels vertically (3,840 x 2,160). 1080p Full HD only uses 1,920 pixels horizontally and 1,080 vertically (1,920 x 1,080), which means that 4k Ultra-HD is twice the resolution.

    Is 4k Ultra-HD Readily Available?

    As of right now, 4k is widely available. While there is still a ton of room for growth and while the majority of media is not currently broadcast in 4k, we're seeing more and more use of 4k each and every day. Cable providers offer 4k sports & movie channels, most blu-ray titles are now available in 4k resolution and Apple just released their latest iPhone with 4k video camera. While you might not see the nightly news in 4k Ultra-HD, you can most likely find the latest movie titles in 4k. It's also becoming more common with TV and Blu-ray manufacturers. At first, 4k playback was a major feature to have but today it's easy to find this feature on most 4k Ultra-HD TVs and 4k Blu-ray Players. If you're a movie fan, you're definitely going to want to invest in a 4k TV and Blu-ray player, as it's sure to be the new standard for many years to come.

    Why do I Need a 4k TV?

    The simple answer is that you don't - just like you don't need 1080p HD to watch a movie. But if you want the best experience available, 4k is a must have. As movies continue to evolve, we're seeing faster action scenes, more special effects, more intense scenes with vivid colors and complex lighting and improved filming methods that make for an overall better and more realistic cinema experience. If you're watching the newest movies on a HD TV, you're missing out on the full experience. In 4k, you're going to see each and every detail just as the film-makers intended it to be. The rich colors, deep tones, lightning fast action scenes and broad spectrums of light that really make the viewing experience as enjoyable as possible. Simply put, 4k Ultra-HD offers the best viewing experience available.

    Where Do I get a 4K TV and Blu-ray Player

    If you're interested in the finest cinema experience technology has to offer, you're going to love the newest 4k Ultra-HD TVs and Blu-ray Players, including Multi-System models that can be used anywhere in the world. Check out our inventory at 220 Electronics. We carry the latest models from the world's top manufacturers and offer the guaranteed lowest prices in the industry. We will beat any competitor's price by 10%!

  • Relocating Internationally? Don't Get the Overseas Blues! Make it Simple; Know Before You Go!

    free international relocation consultationWhether you're temporarily working abroad for an extended period or permanently relocating overseas, there's a lot you need to know before taking the leap.
    While moving overseas can be highly rewarding, it can also be highly stressful from the perspective of preparation and initial adjustment. There is a lot to take care of before departing and it can often be quite overwhelming. From bank accounts and financial responsibilities to living arrangements and transportation, there's many things that need to be arranged in order for you to transition smoothly into a foreign country.
    One of the most overlooked factors with international relocation is the difference in electrical voltage. If you're unaware that different countries operate using different voltage standards, you might be in for a rude awakening upon your arrival.
    In North America, we really never have to consider voltage. You simply buy something and you plug it in. But since the electricity that's delivered in foreign countries often varies in voltage, you'll need to arrive prepared.
    As international relocation specialists, 220 Electronics specializes in ensuring that you're 100% prepared for your international move. Whether you plan to bring your electronics and appliances overseas or purchase new items when arriving, we can simplify the process and eliminate the unnecessary headaches.
    Not only do we have over 30 years of expertise with international relocation for electronics, we also have a complete line of 220 volt electronics and appliances that are specifically designed for use overseas. Often, we can provide a huge savings over making these purchases overseas by offering 220 volt versions of the top brand name appliances that you're used to. Additionally, we can make sure you're properly prepared to utilize and electronics that you're going to bring with you by providing advice on voltage converters and electrical plug adapters.
    Know before you go! Don't waste your money and cause yourself frustration by arriving unprepared. Chances are, there's a lot more to consider with electronics and appliances than you're assuming.
    We're happy to provide you with a no obligation, 100% FREE international relocation consultation that will enable you to understand the differences in voltage, the pros/cons of foreign bought appliances and much, much more. To receive your no hassle, no pressure consultation, simply fill out our FREE RELOCATION CONSULTATION FORM today and one of our specialists will give you a call at your convenience. Learn how to simplify your move today so you can relax and enjoy peace of mind upon your arrival.

  • High-End Region Free Blu-ray Players - Maximum Quality, Maximum Performance

    high quality region free blu-ray playersAs a leader in international electronics, we stock a variety of electronics inventory from some of the top name brands. This includes high-end performance brands such as Oppo, Denon, Harmon-Kardon and Marantz. While these brands' models are much more costly than some of the more common brands, they're worth each and every penny. It's kind of like the old saying - "You get what you pay for".
    When you're seeking out the ultimate in home theater performance, you can expect to pay for it. While some may assume you're only paying for the brand, well that's just not true. If anything, 'paying for the name' is going to be a more valid statement when speaking of purchasing $100 - $200 Blu-ray units than when purchasing a player that's upwards of $500.
    If all you're looking for is something to play a Blu-ray disc and you're not worried about additional features and functionality, than your best bet would be to purchase the absolute cheapest player you could get your hands on - there's really no reason to spend an extra $200 to get a player with more options if they'll go unused, right? And the same is said for the high-end players.
    For the average joe who's looking to watch movies in the stunning quality of Blu-ray, a typical brand name such as LG, Sharp or Sony will do just fine. In fact, many of these brands have some amazing features and deliver excellent picture and sound quality. However, the most serious of movie fans or even connoisseurs might choose to opt for the ultimate in audio/video performance. These people are going to seek out the finest electronics equipment available as they appreciate and see value in the enhanced performance capabilities.
    What will they get? Well, to summarize they're going to get a player that performs more efficiently, delivers video and audio more clearly, operates faster and cooler, equipped with a more sturdy chassis and made with the best part available.
    From the frame rate of the picture to the clarity, you're not going to find a cheaper player that produces a better picture. The Oppo brand of Blu-ray players for example, has been designed to put a picture on your television screen that's not only flawless, but exactly as the director intended for it to look. The perfect hue, the exact brightness, etc.. You're getting an image that's literally been tuned to perfection and the same is true when it comes to audio performance. You're going to have more channels, more power, a cleaner and more robust sound than you can imagine and plenty of options to connect it to your home theater system. Send it through an amp or direct to your speakers - either way you're going to end up with a quality that's unmatched.
    The more expensive yet higher performance brands like Marantz and Harmon-Kardon also feature a better construction. They're made with heavy duty frames and rugged cases, are better balanced for optimal performance and tend to weigh much more than a cheaper player - all things that lend physical evidence of quality. Better parts equal a better product, that's the way it works.
    At 220-Electronics, our higher-end brands not only deliver professional quality performance, they offer even more than that. All of our players are region-free models which means that they can play any disc from anywhere in the world. They also feature worldwide voltage, allowing them to be used in any country, regardless of the electrical voltage. Additionally, most models feature PAL/NTSC conversion that allows them to be 100% compatible with foreign televisions so there's no need for an external video converter.
    What these region-free players are providing is like the Holy Grail of home cinema. You're literally achieving the best audio and video quality available from a player, but one that can also play any disc from any region in the world, works anywhere in the world, and can do so on any TV. It's actually pretty remarkable.
    If you're looking for nothing less than flawless performance and capability from your next Blu-ray/DVD Player, check out our complete inventory. You can filter by price and brand to find the model that's perfect for you. With over 30 years of experience, we're your trusted source.

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