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Air Conditioners for 220 Volts

220 volt air conditionersIt's already May and summer is around the corner, which means it's time get ready for hot and humid temperatures. If you don't currently have an air conditioning unit or are looking to upgrade the one you have, we have some excellent options available. You're going to want to enjoy the comfort that an air conditioner offers on those hot nights and even hotter days. This is especially true in countries or regions with the hottest climates. If you're planning to move to (or already living) in a country where 220-volt electricity is standard, don't forget that you'll need to purchase a 220-volt air conditioner to keep cool. Keep in mind that the selection isn't always the best in foreign countries. In many parts of the world, electronics cost much more than in North America due to the small number of sales and the increased costs of importing small quantities of these products for a small market.
Additionally, in many foreign countries you will quickly discover that houses equipped with air conditioners are usually outdated and consume so much power that they're not nearly economical for everyday cooling. So what do you do when you want a better selection, better performance and a better price? Shop online. At 220 Electronics, we stock a large inventory of 220-volt electronics and appliances. Our specialty is helping clients who are relocating internationally by offering a one-stop-shop for purchasing everything they'll need in a foreign country and then shipping it all to their destination. Naturally, this includes 220-volt air conditioners.
Our selection of 220-volt air conditioners includes split systems, mini-splits, and multi-splits from the top brand names such as Frigidaire, Westinghouse, Sharp, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and GE. With units ranging from 9,000 to 27,000 BTU, there's something to meet the needs of every application. With the latest technology from the most sought-after brands, you can be sure you're getting the latest features in performance and energy conservation. So what are you waiting for? The warmest months of the year are just around the corner! Browse our selection of 220-volt air conditioners and get yours today.