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Region-Free and Multi-System Electronics Blog

  • What is HDR, Exactly?

    What is HDR, Exactly?

    High Dynamic Range, or "HDR", is a technology which has become extremely popular recently. You have almost certainly heard of it if you have been shopping for televisions in the last five or so years, but you might not have known what it means- or, how it works. I am here to disambiguate the term and explain why it is a significant technology in terms of consumer displays.

    What Does it Do?

    HDR processes images on a screen as they are output, rendering improved shadows and highlights. It also provides a much better range of colors in the images it produces, providing an extremely detailed picture with deep blacks and bright whites. HDR began as a technology utilized in photography during the 1990s, sought after as a means through which to enhance the quality of images in a way that did not necessarily rely upon technique. It also provides improved contrast, which has traditionally been a major problem in photography. In televisions, this improved contrast simply serves as a way to provide a better image than normally possible for viewers.


    HDR Content

    It is important to note that, while an HDR-compatible TV will likely have an excellent image in general, not all content is made with this technology in mind. In particular, older content will likely lack HDR compatibility and thus will not have the beautiful colors and contrast found in actual HDR content. Despite this, it is extremely easy to find HDR-compatible content today. Netflix and Amazon Prime both support HDR, and most Blu-rays will as well. The F 4 and Xbox One S (and Xbox One X) both support HDR for videos and video games. Despite it not working with 100% of video content in the world, it should be supported by nearly anything made in the last decade.


    Image Courtesy of

    HDR vs. 4K

    This is an important distinction: HDR and 4K are not synonymous. They often do go hand-in-hand, though, as many 4K televisions have HDR support. If one were to have to choose, 4K is always going to be a more significant upgrade than HDR, as HDR works best when seen in conjunction with 4K content. In non-UHD settings it still provides an improved image quality, but it will not be as mind-blowingly gorgeous without high quality, Ultra HD content.

    Are you interested in televisions which feature UHD and/or HDR technologies? Are you looking for Televisions which support worldwide content and will work anywhere? has an incredible selection of Multi-System TVs with prices that cannot be beaten.

  • The Samsung UA-40KU6000 - A 4K/UHD Multi-System TV Under $500!


    As much as I adore 4K, I have to admit that there often is a noticeable barrier to entry: price. It is due to this that I find it worthwhile to hunt down amazing deals on 4K televisions; I require that they be well-made, of reputable brands, readily available, and at reasonable prices. With those requirements in mind, the Samsung UA-40KU6000 fits the bill.


    The Samsung UA-40KU6000 is a 40 inch multi-system television which, as noted, features a stunning 4K/UHD/Ultra HD display. On top of that, it also features HDR Premium technology, providing an incredible, vibrant image which dazzles with the depth of its colors. If you have not experienced HDR, it will likely surprise you. We will soon be posting an article explaining the technology in-depth, but in short it amplifies the detail of highlights and shadows in any scene. Its ultimate goal is to mimic the human eye, and thus provide a much greater level of detail, a higher range of colors, and more interesting shadows than what can be seen on normal (SDR) televisions.



    While we have discussed 4K technology thoroughly in the past, it is worth noting its significance in this case. For less than $500, this TV has 4x the PPI (Pixels per Inch) of a normal 40" HD TV. The image quality is amazing, with absurd levels of detail and a fluid motion that almost has to be seen to be believed. It is honestly quite shocking at first. Another crucial feature is that the UA-40KU6000 will upscale non-4K videos to 4K resolutions. If your favorite movie is not available in 4K, that is perfectly fine because the TV itself will scale it the video to fit!

    The Samsung UA-40KU6000, of course, a smart TV. Using Samsung's in-house Smart TV technology, one can stream digital content through services such as Netflix or Hulu without having to purchase an additional device. Samsung's Smart Hub technology also allows the TV to sync up with other Samsung devices in your home, specifically a Samsung Galaxy phone. While not an essential part of using the UA-40KU6000, it is a nice bonus for those who are already Samsung fans.



    We love the UA-40KU6000, and we hope that you will too. A crucial feature of the Samsung UA-40KU6000, if purchased from, is its ability to perform worldwide. That's right: Pal, NTSC, and Secam are all compatible. This is not a feature that is guaranteed from other distributors, which is what makes the 220-Electronics version so special. Our prices are also unbeatable, so if you are looking for an amazing, low-cost 4K TV that will work worldwide, purchase one now!

    -The 220-Electronics Team

  • The 4K/Ultra HD Difference and Benefits


    You have no doubt heard all about 4K, Ultra HD, or UHD televisions over the course of the last few years. The first 4K Television, the Sharp LC-70UD1U, was released in June of 2013; the market has grown and evolved heavily since, and this resolution has undoubtedly become the dominant trait sought in TVs. Despite this, you might be wondering: why would I want a 4K TV? Is the difference really noticeable? Why should I upgrade? I'm here to break down exactly what 4K TVs are, what makes them special, and why the upgrade could make a difference for you.


    4K: Explained

    Aptly-named, 4K TVs are referred to as such due to their image width. This is similar to 1080p, although 1080p is actually named for the image's height. Specifically, 1080p televisions have a pixel height of 1,080 and a width of 1,920; 4K televisions are named for their pixel width of 3,840 (their height is 2,160 pixels). While not exactly 4,000, it is close, and "4K" is undoubtedly a more attractive name than "thirty-eight forty". It's not really a mystery as to why they chose to swap from height to width as their naming metric, as 4K sure does sound more impressive than 2K. It also better illustrates the real change in pixel density that can be seen in 4K displays.

    While the length and width of 4K displays do sound as though they are twice that of 1080p, that's actually not exactly true- they have four times the number of pixels. An example of this might be that of a 40 inch 1080p display versus a 160 inch 4K display. In theory, you would have a picture of approximately the same quality as the 1080p display's. If you go past that size, it is slightly worse, if you go smaller it is slightly better- you get the idea. Basically, 4K displays are objectively better if you are buying a large television.


    The Real Difference

    You might have noticed that some larger 1080p displays have a lovely picture from afar, but when viewed more closely are far from clear. The increased pixel density (PPI, or pixels-per-inch) of a 4K display reduces this problem, cramming four times the number of pixels into the same space. This might sound odd to you, but I will explain why it is not twice as dense but instead four times:

    If there are 1920x1080 pixels in an HD TV, and 2160x3840 in a 4K one, [1920 x 2 = 3840], and [1080 x 2 = 2160]. In this case, the display is 2160 pixels high (twice the height of HD) and the width is 3840 pixels wide (twice the width), and [2 x 2] (length x width) is four times the pixel density.

    Image courtesy of


    This allows for larger televisions and better viewing angles/distances than what could be achieved with 1080p displays. Fear not if you can only afford a cheaper, smaller television. Even on smaller displays, the image quality is much higher as there are four times as many pixels outputting the same image.

    Now, you might also be wondering what the difference between 4K and "UHD", or "Ultra High Definition" are. The answer is that, for consumer products, there is no difference. 4K traditionally referred to the standard pixel resolution found in cinemas (4096x2160) due to the resolution of cameras used to shoot movies. Due to this, some companies choose to avoid referring to their own products as "4K", instead labeling them as "UHD". In reality, among consumer products these are going to be the same resolution every time, so worry not about purchasing a UHD TV versus a 4K one; the difference is entirely semantic.


    Why Make the Move to Ultra HD?

    While all of this might be interesting, it probably does not explain why you should purchase a 4K or UHD television. While perhaps a less shocking difference than when you first moved from an old SD television to a shiny new 1080p HD one, the 4K/UHD difference is extremely noticeable. With four times the pixel density of HD televisions, images become substantially clearer. Colors are more vibrant, "black" is no longer a single shade but, instead, is a spectrum, and images become wildly engrossing as a result. Then there is of course the aforementioned viewing angles and distances, which make images seem much more consistent than what can be found on standard HD TVs.

    Of course, there is also the fact that the entertainment industry has embraced 4K and UHD content, indicating that it is here to stay unlike some other technologies of the past. A 4K television is an investment, one which will pay off the very first time you sit down and experience your favorite film in Ultra HD glory. There is a certain beauty which becomes clear when one first views a 4K television in person for the first time, a realization of what the future of visual media could be. Does 4K make a difference? It absolutely does, and is arguably the most significant change in television technology in the last decade.

    Interested in purchasing a 4K/UHD/Ultra HD television? Want a multisystem one, so that you can use it anywhere in the world? 220-Electronics has an incredible selection of them, ready to go for you at prices that other companies cannot hope to beat. Not sure what you're looking for? Moving to another country? Contact our support and we will walk you through the details, step-by-step.

    -The 220-Electronics Team

  • Why Physical Media Will Never Die


    While Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other video-streaming services have grown exponentially in popularity throughout the last decade, they have failed to kill the DVD and Blu-ray markets. Despite their ease of access, they fail in ways which physical media have not, and never will. I would like to take a moment and discuss the reasons why physical media will never die, even in the face of digital content streaming.


    Audio/Visual Quality

    When it comes to digital content streaming, there is typically some loss in terms of quality. This is based upon the service used, the amount one pays, and internet connection quality. While you certainly can stream HD content, it is less reliable than what one will receive from a Blu-ray disc. This is even more true when it comes to 4K content, as it requires phenomenal download speeds to acquire beautiful, seamless 4K video over the internet. Physical media, on the other hand, is capable of pulling off incredible visuals with little effort; the advent of 4K and 3D movies has proven that, as they are limited almost entirely to Blu-ray discs outside of few exceptions.

    Streaming is notoriously harsh when it comes to audio quality. Even dedicated music-streaming services such as Spotify struggle with this problem, and while some services have found ways to get around some limitations, the general rule is this: digital audio quality is lower than that of physical, and streaming audio quality is lower than that seen on, say, a CD or vinyl. A part of this is the 'bitrate' of an audio track, or the amount of data stored in a single second of its file. The higher this number is, the better audio quality one will receive; in most digital audio files, the bitrate is 256 kbps (kilobits per second), while Dolby TrueHD has a maximum possible bitrate of 18 mbps (megabytes per second). While most audio tracks will never reach that lofty of a goal, the audio bitrate from Blu-ray discs has the potential to be a whopping seventy times higher than that seen through most streaming services.


    Building a Collection

    Collectors will also never fully move to digital content, much less that seen on streaming services. Companies often sell 'collector's editions', which might include special boxes, bonus merchandise for fans, special features, or other unique bonuses that are pertinent to fans. These are quite popular, particularly for television shows and films with dedicated fan-bases. As an example, the "Middle-Earth Collector's Edition" contains 30 Blu-ray discs which contain the entire Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, dozens of hours of bonus content, extended, and cut scenes. This collection also contains digital downloads of each film, a unique box which presents the discs in the form of books, an art book containing sketches and concept art for the film, and more. While pricey, this is a must-have for fans of The Lord of the Rings and as such will continue to sell; streaming might be convenient, but it will never replace the sorts of bonuses seen in this example.



    Finally, it is crucial to note what is perhaps the largest advantage of physical media over streaming services: not everything is available through streaming. There is a massive amount of content in the world which has not, and likely never will, be present on a major streaming platform. Even worse, the shows that you enjoy today might be removed at any time! On their website, Netflix writes:

    "Netflix licenses TV shows and movies from studios and content providers around the world, and those licenses can expire if we don't renew them."

    Netflix asserts that they check to see if the rights are still available, analyze a show's popularity and cost, then discern any seasonal or localized factors which might be relevant. These explain how Netflix, among other streaming services, lose content that you might be a fan of. Popular content is not safe from this either, as their removal of Doctor Who in 2018 will show that even significant shows might end up nonrenewable. This is where Blu-rays and DVDs can come into play; fans of TV shows and movies will always want to have a permanent way through which to watch their favorites, and streaming is an unreliable means through which to do so. When using a streaming service, you naturally do not *own* that video; even purchased digital versions of films have this issue. What would happen if you lost hundreds of dollars worth of films due to Vudu going out of business? This is an extreme example, of course, but serves to illustrate the shortfalls of digital content. Plus, Blu-rays typically contain digital copies of their content in question- this is normally free and serves as an additional bonus to purchasing a physical copy.


    Physical Media Will Never Die

    Digital media downloads and content streaming are obviously not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, and they do serve as wonderful supplemental forms of entertainment. Having a wealth of content at your fingertips, ready to stream at any time, is a uniquely contemporary idea and will continue to grow in coming years. Physical media will never be left behind, despite this new technology. Collectors and fans will always want to purchase their favorite films and shows, whether it be for the unique bonuses, security, consistency, or quality found only in physical media. I, for one, am excited to see what the future holds for physical media.

    Shop for region free Blu-ray and DVD players today, and recall just how amazing it can be to own your own movies and television shows!

    -The 220 Electronics Team

  • Region Free Samsung UBD-M8500 4K Blu-ray Player

    region free samsung ubd-m8500Samsung is one of our favorite brands lately. They've done some impressive work in several areas of home electronics and their Blu-ray Players are right on par with the top brand names in home theater components. Their constant innovation and cutting-edge features make Samsung a real leader in our book, and that's why we wanted to share one of their products with you today - kind of...
    Today we've decided to take a quick look at the UBD-M8500, but we have to warn you that this isn't just any Blu-ray player. Our Samsung UBD-M8500 is region-free, and it's not available in department stores. Yes, you read that correctly. While the manufacturer's version is probably available at your favorite electronics outlet, it won't come equipped with the awesome capabilities that ours has. Thanks to some professional modifications, our UBP-M8500 is Region-Free, which means it works anywhere in the world, with any voltage, on any TV. Furthermore, it will play Blu-ray and DVD discs from any region in the world. There's no need for voltage converters and no need to worry about Pal/NTSC compatibility. It's a true plug-and-play universal unit ideal for travelers, anyone living overseas, or anyone with a collection of movie titles purchased from abroad.
    No matter where you reside or what discs you're playing, the powerful and flexible UBD-M8500 is ready. This alone makes it an excellent buy, but there's a bunch of cool factory features that you should also take a look at, including:

    • • Automatic DVD Region Switching
    • • One-button Blu-ray Region Switching
    • • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
    • • Built-in WiFi
    • • Internal Pal/NTSC Conversion
    • • Streaming Media
    • • DLNA Compatibility
    • • CD Audio to MP3 Ripping
    • • HEVC for 4K Streaming
    • • Dolby and DTS-HD Support
    • • Ethernet Port
    • • Upgradeable Firmware
    • • .... and more!

    The Region Free Samsung UBD-M8500 is a great machine that can immensely improve your home theater experience. From sharing with multiple devices on your home network to 1000's of hours of streaming media from your favorite services, this Blu-ray Player does it all. You'll enjoy 4K Ultra-HD resolution on your 4K TV, plus the UND-M8500 will up-scale your non-4k discs to the highest resolution possible for the ultimate picture performance. It's jam-packed with the latest technology, but it's also an excellent performer featuring quick load times, fast picture processing and an easy to use interface.
    Learn more about the Region Free UBD-M8500 today and get your own before they sell out. Remember, these specially modified units are not available in stores. As specialists in Region-Free and Multisystem electronics with over 35 years of experience, you can buy from us with confidence and join our thousands of happy and loyal customers from around the globe.

  • 220 Electronics Holiday Specials for 2019

    220 electronics holiday saleIt's that time of year again where the snow is falling, tempuratures have dropped, and all the various holidays are being celebrated. We have time off from work, gatherings with friends and family, and plenty of delicious foods to eat. Also, there's shopping! Whether you love it or hate it, the holiday season is a time of giving and there are plenty of options to chose from when purchasing special gifts. It's also the best time of year for shopping because the prices are low, products are abundant, and there are special offers available that you won't find during any other season.
    At 220 Electronics, we specialize in electronics and appliances for overseas and global use. This means our devices are either designed for use with any voltage, or for specifics overseas voltage of 220 or 240 volts. We carry multisystem TVs that can be used anywhere in the world, and region free Blu-ray Players that will play any disc from anywhere in the world on almost any TV. We have 220 volt washers and dryers from the top brand names, and a massive assortment of small kitchen appliances for 220 volts. We also have an excellent selection of major appliances for 220 volt use which are perfect for anyone living in a 220-volt country where the selection is limited - simply shop in our online store!
    One of the great things about shopping with us is that we have over 35 years of experience selling electronics and appliances for overseas use. We have thousands of satisfied, loyal customers and a massive inventory of products. Because of our large number of sales, we're able to offer the guaranteed lowest prices and ship to nearly every country in the world. Are you living in Asia for the next 5 years and looking for a nice, full-size 6 burner oven? You might not be able to find what you're looking for in the local retail stores, but you can buy if from us and we'll ship it directly to your door. There's no hassle and no need to spend hours or days searching for overpriced products from inferior brands. Shop with us once, and be done. Best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
    There's still plenty of time to shop at and receive your orders before the holidays. And if you're not shopping for gifts but simply looking for the years best prices, now is the time to buy. You'll save huge on a wide variety of products but you'll need to act fast as these prices are only valid for a short time longer. What are you waiting for? Check out all of our holiday specials today, and start saving now. We thank you for reading - and wherever you're from, we wish you a very happy holiday season.
    - The 220 Electronics Team

  • Voltage Converters for Russia

    voltage converters for russiaRussia is an amazing and very under-rated place to visit. Whether you're there to live, travel abroad, or stay for an extended period, it's important that you know some of the basics of living in Russia. One of the most important things to understand - especially for North American native who plan to stay in Russia - is that Russia uses 220 volt electricity. Russian electronics and appliances are designed specially for 220-volt use.
    If you were to bring along electronics from North America during your visit to Russia, those electronics wouldn't be compatible. In fact, your devices will be quickly damaged by the higher voltage which is almost double of the 120 volts used in North America. To prevent your devices from breaking, burning, melting, or causing dangerous electrical shock, you'll need to have a voltage converter for Russia.
    What is a Voltage Converter for Russia?
    A voltage converter for Russia is a simple and safe device that coverts/transforms the voltage down from 220 volts to 120 volts, allowing you to safely and efectively use your North American electronics (or electronics from any other 120-volt country). All you do is plug the converter into a wall outlet, and then plug your devices directly into the converter. It's simple, safe, and it doesn't cost a lot of money.
    What Type of Voltage Converter do I Need?
    There are many types and sizes of voltage converters for Russia. Some are simple and used for small devices from 100 to 500 watts, while others are available for electronics and appliances up to 10,000 watts. The size and style of converter you'll need depends on the application and how many watts your electronics and appliances use. There are also converters with built-in voltage regulators which are best used for computers and expensive, sensitive electronics. Voltage converters with regulators prevent issues in areas with unstable electricity, frequent power outages, and powerful weather systems that can often knock out power or cause unsafe surges in voltage. To be sure you're getting the exact style and size of voltage converter that you need, visit our voltage converter buying guide today.
    Where Can I Buy a Voltage Converter for Russia?
    Voltage converters can be purchased from a variety of retailers and online stores, but not all products are the same. Additionally, not all retailers understand the details and technical aspects of proper voltage converter use. Your best bet is to make your purchase from a professional electronics store or someone who specializes in electronics and appliances for overseas use. At 220 Electronics, we carry a huge inventory of voltage converters for any application you can imagine. Whether you need to power a TV or all the appliances in your home, we have affordable and effective products that will get the job done. Furthermore, we have converters with a 5-year warranty. No matter what you need, we can help and our experienced staff is always ready to help with any questions you may have.
    With over 35 years of experience in international electronics, we're leaders in our industry. We guarantee the lowest prices anywhere and offer an amazing selection of the top brand names. Join our thousands of satisfied customers today and shop online with confidence, only at 220 Electronics.

  • Multisystem Samsung UA-82MU8000 82-Inch 4K Smart TV

    multisystem samsung ua-82mu8000Samsung has become a very popular brand in the last 10 years. Their sleek and stylish TVs boast the latest technology and plenty of convenient features for all types of media. They're well-built, made to last, and deliver high-quality pictures for your viewing pleasure. Today, we're going to take a look at one of the biggest and baddest TVs Samsung makes - the massive UA-82MU8000. Be warned, this isn't just any TV.
    Impressive Size and Performance
    The Samsung UA-82MU8000 is a premium UHD Smart TV with a whopping 82-inch screen. Yes, 82 inches from corner to corner - that's nearly 7 feet! This enormous flat screen LED TV is designed for theater-like performance with 4K Ultra-HD resolution that's unlike anything you've seen before. When you watch a game on this TV, you feel like you're right there. Combined with a quality surround-sound system, there's nothing on the market in this price range that compares to this experience.
    With HDR1000, every detail is delivered with stunning clarity, in every scene. Samsung's Dynamic Crystal Color provides impressive hues and vibrant colors which change dynamically and ensure you're getting the richest, most color-correct picture possible. This TV also features Motion Rate 240, another excellent option for sports and fast moving action scenes to guarantee your picture is always smooth and never blurry. Furthermore, the contrast and clarity of this unit is definitely second to none thanks to cutting-edge UHD dimming technology. No matter what you're watching, it's going to be as clear, clean and crisp as possible...... and in a massive, 82-inch format!
    Multisystem Compatibility
    The Samsung UA-82MU8000 that we carry is a multisystem model not available in retail stores. It's been professionally modified to work with any voltage (from 110 to 240 volts), which means it can be used anywhere in the world. From North America to Europe, China to Japan, and even in a yacht or RV. There's no need for a voltage converter. It also features internal Pal/NTSC/Secam conversion which makes it compatible for use anywhere in the world. You'll never need a video converter or any messy cables for this TV. It can be used anywhere in the world without hassle, it's always ready to plug-and-play.
    Other Features
    Apart from the universal compatibility and truly giant screen, the multisystem UA-82MU8000 has all the bells and whistles you could ask for. It's Wi-fi ready and DLNA compatible so you can easily connect not only to your internet, but to other wireless devices on your home network. Want to share movies or your favorite music playlist from you laptop to the TV wirelessy? No problem. Watch videos from your phone on the big screen? It can do that too! In fact, you can even do the reverse with the unique TV to mobile feature which sends the TV media directly to your phone's screen. You can also control the TV with your smartphone or tablet, making it easy to manage all your media from anywhere in the home.
    Learn More, Get Yours Now
    This TV truly is something truly special. It's a top-of-the-line model that offers insane picture size with total clarity and all the best features for nearly any type of media imaginable. Learn more about the Multisystem Samsung UA-82MU8000 UHD Smart TV now and get yours today at the guaranteed lowest price.
    With over 35 years of experience in international electronics and appliances, there's no better place to shop than 220 Electronics. We have the expertise you need, the prices you want, and we ship anywhere in the world. Our massive inventory of electronics and appliances ensures you get the best selection, no matter what you're looking for. We hope you'll join our thousands of loyal and satisfied customers.

  • Multisystem LG Home Stereos

    multisystem lg home stereosThe word "multisystem" (also used as multi-system and MultiSystem) is used to describe electronics capable of functioning on multiple systems, such as those equipped for use with any voltage. Our selection of Multisystem Home Stereos and Boom-Boxes from LG work exactly like that - at any voltage - and can therefore be used anywhere in the world. With a multisystem stereo there's no need for a voltage converter or transformer - simply plug and play, anywhere in the world. Whether you're on a boat/RV using 220-volt electricity or living in a country with a 240-volt standard, you'll never have to worry. We think that's pretty cool, so we wanted to share some of our Multisystem LG Home Stereos with you. Just remember, these units are specially modified for global use and are not available with this feature from retail stores.
    LG XA16 Hi-Fi Audio System
    This is a compact package that's perfectly portable. It doesn't feature bluetooth, and we're okay with that. Why? Because it uses an iPod platform and has a portable device input to plug in your phone or tablet. It's not the most powerful stereo on earth by any means - but it sounds good and allows you to and listen to radio, cd, USB audio files, and your mp3 playlists. It also features a headphone jack. The LG XA16 works with any voltage, so you can take it anywhere. At $129, it's a steal! Get yours here.
    LG CM2760 160-Watt Micro Hi-Fi System
    If this thing isn't attractive to you, we're not sure what is. It features worldwide voltage (works with 110 to 240 volts), boasts 160-watts of audio power, is bluetooth-ready (it comes equipped with LG's Bluetooth App), has a AM/FM tuner, plays CDs, syncs with capable LG TVs, has USB 2.0 and Auxiliary inputs, and uses FLAC audio. You can even connect up to 3 devices simultaneously using the bluetooth connection. If you want a stereo that offers ease of use and flexibility, this is a must-have item. Learn more about the CM2760 today and get yours for only $179.
    LG CM4360 230-Watt Bluetooth Stereo
    With a 2-channel configuration and 2-way speaker design, this stereo packs a punch and sounds like it's delivering much more than 230 watts. With bluetooth streaming audio and the ability to control the unit via your smartphone, it delivers optimal convenience at any given moment. It will even sync wirelessly with your compatible LG TV. This model has a USB port for listening as well as recording, and a Stereo RCA input. Tired of gaps between songs? The DJ feature will automatically mix your music for you. What more can you ask for? Works with any voltage, from 110 to 240 volts. Get yours now for just $149 from 220 Electronics.
    220 Electronics is a leader in international electronics and appliances. With nearly 40 years of experience, we have the expertise you need and the low prices that you deserve. Visit our website to see all of our multisystem electronics and 220-volt appliances today. Our low-price guarantee will ensure you're getting the best deal anywhere, every time you buy.

  • Region-Free LG BP300 Blu-ray Player

    region free lg bp300One of our favorites - and also one of our best-selling players right now - is the LG BP300. This region-free model is a powerhouse of features and flexibility with an extremely agreeable price (under $150), making it an excellent choice for your home theater. Let's take a closer look at the BP300, it's options, and capabilities to give you a better idea of what you're getting for your money.
    Streaming Media and Wi-Fi
    The Region-Free LG BP300 has Wi-fi built in, giving you the ability to not only stream media from your favorite streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but to reach other devices on your home network using the DLNA feature. If you'd like to connect to your massive music playlist or movie archive from your laptop, the BP300 can do that - wirelessly. You can also quickly and easily share media libraries and file directories from any capable device in your home, including your tablet or smartphone.
    Full 1080p, Plus Up-scaling
    It's not 4k, but can you really tell the difference? Okay, of course you can tell a difference - but that doesn't mean 1080p doesn't offer an amazing picture. The BP300 has impressive picture quality, and it'll even improve the quality of your non-hd discs, such as your old DVDs. Just pop one in and LG's upscaling feature enhances and upgrades the resolution to near-perfect HD quality. It's a fantastic feature to have.
    Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD
    For the audiophiles, the BP300 gives you something to smile about. With Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD compatibility, you can be sure you're getting the best audio pushed to your surround-sound speakers. These multi-channel HD audio formats provide amazing clarity, depth, and intensity that put you right in the middle of all the action.
    Simplink allows you to easily connect to multiple devices from your Blu-ray player, controlling them all with one central remote. This allows you to easily and quickly choose between TV or surround-sound speakers, instant media playback (TV playback begins when connected device begins playback), and power-off/on features that turn your TV on automatically when a selected device is powered up. It's a great and highly convenient feature.
    Region-Free Playback
    The Region Free BP300 is not available in stores. Our units have been professionally modified for global disc playback and will play Blu-ray discs from any region (A, B, or C) and DVDs from any region (0-8). No matter where you are or where you buy your discs, they'll always play. This feature is ideal for movie collectors and anyone who watches or purchases movie titles from overseas.
    Worldwide Voltage
    This player - unlike the models sold in department stores - is professionally modified to work anywhere in the world. It works with any voltage from 110 to 240 volts, so it can be easily and safely used at any time, no matter where in the world you are. There's no need for a voltage converter, even if you take it overseas!
    The Region-Free LG BP300 Blu-ray Player has plenty of other features and capabilities. To learn more about this popular model - including all the technical specs - click here. You're getting a really nice value for your dollar with this one, and you'll be a happy camper if you pick one up. We're selling these at the guaranteed lowest price and we'll ship anywhere in the world. You can't ask for a better deal!

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