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Region-Free and Multi-System Electronics Blog

  • Multisystem Samsung UA-82MU8000 82-Inch 4K Smart TV

    multisystem samsung ua-82mu8000Samsung has become a very popular brand in the last 10 years. Their sleek and stylish TVs boast the latest technology and plenty of convenient features for all types of media. They're well-built, made to last, and deliver high-quality pictures for your viewing pleasure. Today, we're going to take a look at one of the biggest and baddest TVs Samsung makes - the massive UA-82MU8000. Be warned, this isn't just any TV.
    Impressive Size and Performance
    The Samsung UA-82MU8000 is a premium UHD Smart TV with a whopping 82-inch screen. Yes, 82 inches from corner to corner - that's nearly 7 feet! This enormous flat screen LED TV is designed for theater-like performance with 4K Ultra-HD resolution that's unlike anything you've seen before. When you watch a game on this TV, you feel like you're right there. Combined with a quality surround-sound system, there's nothing on the market in this price range that compares to this experience.
    With HDR1000, every detail is delivered with stunning clarity, in every scene. Samsung's Dynamic Crystal Color provides impressive hues and vibrant colors which change dynamically and ensure you're getting the richest, most color-correct picture possible. This TV also features Motion Rate 240, another excellent option for sports and fast moving action scenes to guarantee your picture is always smooth and never blurry. Furthermore, the contrast and clarity of this unit is definitely second to none thanks to cutting-edge UHD dimming technology. No matter what you're watching, it's going to be as clear, clean and crisp as possible...... and in a massive, 82-inch format!
    Multisystem Compatibility
    The Samsung UA-82MU8000 that we carry is a multisystem model not available in retail stores. It's been professionally modified to work with any voltage (from 110 to 240 volts), which means it can be used anywhere in the world. From North America to Europe, China to Japan, and even in a yacht or RV. There's no need for a voltage converter. It also features internal Pal/NTSC/Secam conversion which makes it compatible for use anywhere in the world. You'll never need a video converter or any messy cables for this TV. It can be used anywhere in the world without hassle, it's always ready to plug-and-play.
    Other Features
    Apart from the universal compatibility and truly giant screen, the multisystem UA-82MU8000 has all the bells and whistles you could ask for. It's Wi-fi ready and DLNA compatible so you can easily connect not only to your internet, but to other wireless devices on your home network. Want to share movies or your favorite music playlist from you laptop to the TV wirelessy? No problem. Watch videos from your phone on the big screen? It can do that too! In fact, you can even do the reverse with the unique TV to mobile feature which sends the TV media directly to your phone's screen. You can also control the TV with your smartphone or tablet, making it easy to manage all your media from anywhere in the home.
    Learn More, Get Yours Now
    This TV truly is something truly special. It's a top-of-the-line model that offers insane picture size with total clarity and all the best features for nearly any type of media imaginable. Learn more about the Multisystem Samsung UA-82MU8000 UHD Smart TV now and get yours today at the guaranteed lowest price.
    With over 35 years of experience in international electronics and appliances, there's no better place to shop than 220 Electronics. We have the expertise you need, the prices you want, and we ship anywhere in the world. Our massive inventory of electronics and appliances ensures you get the best selection, no matter what you're looking for. We hope you'll join our thousands of loyal and satisfied customers.

  • Multisystem LG Home Stereos

    multisystem lg home stereosThe word "multisystem" (also used as multi-system and MultiSystem) is used to describe electronics capable of functioning on multiple systems, such as those equipped for use with any voltage. Our selection of Multisystem Home Stereos and Boom-Boxes from LG work exactly like that - at any voltage - and can therefore be used anywhere in the world. With a multisystem stereo there's no need for a voltage converter or transformer - simply plug and play, anywhere in the world. Whether you're on a boat/RV using 220-volt electricity or living in a country with a 240-volt standard, you'll never have to worry. We think that's pretty cool, so we wanted to share some of our Multisystem LG Home Stereos with you. Just remember, these units are specially modified for global use and are not available with this feature from retail stores.
    LG XA16 Hi-Fi Audio System
    This is a compact package that's perfectly portable. It doesn't feature bluetooth, and we're okay with that. Why? Because it uses an iPod platform and has a portable device input to plug in your phone or tablet. It's not the most powerful stereo on earth by any means - but it sounds good and allows you to and listen to radio, cd, USB audio files, and your mp3 playlists. It also features a headphone jack. The LG XA16 works with any voltage, so you can take it anywhere. At $129, it's a steal! Get yours here.
    LG CM2760 160-Watt Micro Hi-Fi System
    If this thing isn't attractive to you, we're not sure what is. It features worldwide voltage (works with 110 to 240 volts), boasts 160-watts of audio power, is bluetooth-ready (it comes equipped with LG's Bluetooth App), has a AM/FM tuner, plays CDs, syncs with capable LG TVs, has USB 2.0 and Auxiliary inputs, and uses FLAC audio. You can even connect up to 3 devices simultaneously using the bluetooth connection. If you want a stereo that offers ease of use and flexibility, this is a must-have item. Learn more about the CM2760 today and get yours for only $179.
    LG CM4360 230-Watt Bluetooth Stereo
    With a 2-channel configuration and 2-way speaker design, this stereo packs a punch and sounds like it's delivering much more than 230 watts. With bluetooth streaming audio and the ability to control the unit via your smartphone, it delivers optimal convenience at any given moment. It will even sync wirelessly with your compatible LG TV. This model has a USB port for listening as well as recording, and a Stereo RCA input. Tired of gaps between songs? The DJ feature will automatically mix your music for you. What more can you ask for? Works with any voltage, from 110 to 240 volts. Get yours now for just $149 from 220 Electronics.
    220 Electronics is a leader in international electronics and appliances. With nearly 40 years of experience, we have the expertise you need and the low prices that you deserve. Visit our website to see all of our multisystem electronics and 220-volt appliances today. Our low-price guarantee will ensure you're getting the best deal anywhere, every time you buy.

  • Region-Free LG BP300 Blu-ray Player

    region free lg bp300One of our favorites - and also one of our best-selling players right now - is the LG BP300. This region-free model is a powerhouse of features and flexibility with an extremely agreeable price (under $150), making it an excellent choice for your home theater. Let's take a closer look at the BP300, it's options, and capabilities to give you a better idea of what you're getting for your money.
    Streaming Media and Wi-Fi
    The Region-Free LG BP300 has Wi-fi built in, giving you the ability to not only stream media from your favorite streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but to reach other devices on your home network using the DLNA feature. If you'd like to connect to your massive music playlist or movie archive from your laptop, the BP300 can do that - wirelessly. You can also quickly and easily share media libraries and file directories from any capable device in your home, including your tablet or smartphone.
    Full 1080p, Plus Up-scaling
    It's not 4k, but can you really tell the difference? Okay, of course you can tell a difference - but that doesn't mean 1080p doesn't offer an amazing picture. The BP300 has impressive picture quality, and it'll even improve the quality of your non-hd discs, such as your old DVDs. Just pop one in and LG's upscaling feature enhances and upgrades the resolution to near-perfect HD quality. It's a fantastic feature to have.
    Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD
    For the audiophiles, the BP300 gives you something to smile about. With Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD compatibility, you can be sure you're getting the best audio pushed to your surround-sound speakers. These multi-channel HD audio formats provide amazing clarity, depth, and intensity that put you right in the middle of all the action.
    Simplink allows you to easily connect to multiple devices from your Blu-ray player, controlling them all with one central remote. This allows you to easily and quickly choose between TV or surround-sound speakers, instant media playback (TV playback begins when connected device begins playback), and power-off/on features that turn your TV on automatically when a selected device is powered up. It's a great and highly convenient feature.
    Region-Free Playback
    The Region Free BP300 is not available in stores. Our units have been professionally modified for global disc playback and will play Blu-ray discs from any region (A, B, or C) and DVDs from any region (0-8). No matter where you are or where you buy your discs, they'll always play. This feature is ideal for movie collectors and anyone who watches or purchases movie titles from overseas.
    Worldwide Voltage
    This player - unlike the models sold in department stores - is professionally modified to work anywhere in the world. It works with any voltage from 110 to 240 volts, so it can be easily and safely used at any time, no matter where in the world you are. There's no need for a voltage converter, even if you take it overseas!
    The Region-Free LG BP300 Blu-ray Player has plenty of other features and capabilities. To learn more about this popular model - including all the technical specs - click here. You're getting a really nice value for your dollar with this one, and you'll be a happy camper if you pick one up. We're selling these at the guaranteed lowest price and we'll ship anywhere in the world. You can't ask for a better deal!

  • Video Converters for Pal, NTSC, and Secam

    video convertersAre you having problems using a foreign TV, Gaming Console, Projector, or Blue-ray Player because it's not compatible with your local video format? We have the answer. We carry a variety of video converters designed specifically for this situation which make it easy to use your home theater electronics in any country, or with devices from other parts of the world.
    What is a Video Converter?
    A video converter for Pal, NTSC, or Secam is a device that converts video signals or formats and allow you to safely and effectively connect devices that would otherwise be incompatible. Video converters can also convert composite RCA, coaxial, or component HD to Full 1080p HDMI output.
    Who Needs a Voltage Converter?
    A good example would be using a North American TV with your Satellite or Cable TV service in Europe. The TV from North America uses a NTSC video format which is not compatible with Europe's Pal format, requiring a video converter to be used together. Another example would be using a video projector from Europe in Canada - the European Pal video format is not compatible with Canada's NTSC format, and again the video converter is necessary for proper use. In both of these situations, the video converter effectively changes the signal and format to the correct type, making it easy to use foreign video devices together. There's also another situation where these video converters are useful and that's when you need to use an older device with a newer TV lacking the proper input. Video converters have inputs for coaxial, RCA, and component HD cables and HDMI outputs. This makes it a breeze to use your old Nintendo Entertainment System with your new TV, even if the TV has no RCA inputs. All you need to do is run your old device (in this case your Nintendo) into the converter with the old RCA cables, and then use the converter's HDMI output to run the HDMI cable to your TV. The video converter also will up-scale and resize the image to make the best quality and fit for your TV, giving you the best possible resolution in any given situation.
    Where Can I buy a Video Converter for Pal, NTSC or Secam?
    Voltage converters are extremely useful and often underrated. If you're looking for exceptional quality that won't break the bank, check out our inventory of video converters today. You'll never deal with incompatibility again, and you'll get the best picture quality possible when converting from Pal or Secam to NTSC. With over 35 years in business, we know what works. Shop with confidence and join out thousands of satisfied customers today.

  • Region-Free Mini Home Theaters

    region-free mini home theaterIf you want a simple home theater system that will play your music, provide better audio than your TV, and also plays DVDs from anywhere in the world, we have the perfect solution. Our selection of Region-Free Mini Home Theaters are perfect for the office, bedroom, or even your apartment. They don't cost a lot, they deliver significant power for their size, and they have flexible features for ease of use and compatibility with other devices.
    These mini home theater systems look and behave just like your typical dual-speaker stereo, but are also equipped with a region-free DVD Player. They can play DVD discs from any region, feature integrated Pal/NTSC/Secam conversion, and work with any voltage from 110 to 240 volts. The smaller size makes it much easier for students and travelers, plus they all come equipped with either bluetooth connectivity or input ports for mobile devices, allowing you to make the most of your music. Some models - such as the JVC MX-DN100 Mini Hi-Fi System - even feature USB and micro SD slots and are compatible with DivX and MP4 playback directly from your memory card. Features like these make it possible for people with an older, non-smart TV to have more control over their media without a large investment - and that's a good thing.
    At under $200, a region-free mini home theater with DVD player is excellent buy for yourself or as a gift. At 220 Electronics we guarantee the lowest prices and ship to almost any country in the world. With over 35 years of experience in international home electronics and appliances, we have thousands of loyal and satisfied customers. Buy with confidence and get the service and prices you deserve, nothing less.

  • Philips PD9000 Region Free Portable DVD Player

    philips pd9000 portable region free dvd playeOne of the most important things about traveling is having something to keep you busy during those long flights, bus rides, and rainy days when you're not out exploring. A book or two always comes in handy, but what about those times when you don't really feel like reading? There's always netflix and similar streaming services which can be used to watch a movie or the latest episode of your favorite series, but what if you don't have a good internet connection? A DVD Player would be great, but they take up too much space and aren't really convenient for traveling - not to mention that a DVD Player is basically useless when you're on the road. But what if you had a portable DVD Player with a built-in screen? Now we're getting somewhere! The PD9000 Portable DVD Player from Philips is exactly what you need to pass the time, no matter where you are.
    The Region-Free Philips PD9000 is an excellent investment in travel entertainment. This compact and versatile player features an agreeable 9-inch LCD screen and a battery that lasts up to 5 hours on a full charge. It comes with a headphone jack for easy listening, but also has built-in speakers if you don't feel like using headphones. The player is fully universal and will play DVD discs from any region of the world, plus it works with any voltage from 110 to 240 volts (you'll never need a voltage converter in a foreign country). It will also work with any TV since it has internal Pal/NTSC conversion. This means there's no need for a video converter when using this player with foreign TVs. And yes, you read that correctly - it can be plugged in directly to your TV, allowing you to watch your movies on a big screen. It's convenient in any situation, whether in a hotel, a dorm, your bedroom, or flying overseas at 30,000 feet. The unique flexibility of this player makes it worth it's price alone, especially due its small size and global capabilities.
    The PD9000 is a great device to have in your arsenal, but you should also know it's not limited to the playback of DVD discs. This powerful little mobile player also compatible with MP3 and JPEG files on CD, as well as CD-RW. You can view pictures, listen to your favorite tunes, and more. It's compatible with DVD-RW and DivX format too, which allows you to watch your favorite movies when you save them as a file to CD or burn them to a rewriteable DVD. We can't think of a better way to access hours of media entertainment when traveling, or an easier way to connect to any TV, anywhere in the world, than with a Region-Free Philips PD9000 Portable DVD Player. This unit includes a DC power adaptor for charging, a A/V cable for easily connecting to a TV, and even a car adaptor for charging dueing long road trips or while in your boat or RV.
    There's no better deal out there than this. Learn more and get your Region-Free Philips PD9000 Portable DVD Player today. At under $165, the value can't be beat. It also makes the perfect gift for any traveler, student, or cinema fan who's always on the go.

  • Step-Down Voltage Converters

    step down voltage convertersAs you may or may not know, the standards for electrical voltage vary from country to country and region to region. Depending where in the world you live, you may find anything from 110 volts to 240 volts being delivered to your home. Since electronics sold locally are always compatible with the local voltage, we never really notice (or need to notice) differences until we travel overseas, relocate, or work abroad. It's during those times of going abroad that the voltage differences play a part in our plans, and therefor we have to be prepared.
    In United States and the rest of North America (including Canada and Mexico), the standard voltage is 120 volts. All electronics and electrical devices - with the exception of some commercial equipment and machinery - are designed to work on the 120 volt electrical grid. If you're moving from North America to Europe for example, your electronics will not be compatible with the 220 volt standard electricity there. The higher voltage will not only damage your 110 volt devices, but using them can result in fire or electrical shock. There are two options in this situation. The first is leaving your electronics behind and purchasing new items when you arrive in your destination country. The second option is to take your electronics along with you and simply purchase a step-down voltage converter.
    What is a Step-down Voltage Converter?
    A step-down voltage converter is a rather simple device that plugs directly into a wall outlet and changes the voltage from 220 volts (or 240 volts) down to 120 volts. Since the electricity is being decreased, it's called a "step-down" converter because it literally steps the voltage downwards. The opposite converter - which could be used to power European electronics in North America - is called a step-up converter. Voltage converters are affordable, efficient, safe to use, and often more economical than purchasing new electronics and appliances. Not only do step-down voltage converters work for people traveling to foreign lands, but they're also popular among the locals of 220-volt countries who wish to purchase appliances and/or electronics which are only available from 120-volt countries.
    How Much Do Step-down Converters Cost, and Where Can I Buy One?
    Step-down voltage converters are relatively inexpensive. The price and availability generally depends on the size you'll need, and the size you'll need is dependent of the wattage required to run your electronics or appliances. Since a refrigerator uses significantly higher wattage than a LED TV, you'll need a step-down converter with a larger capacity for the refrigerator than you would for a TV. The general rule is to purchase a converter that is rated for 2 to 3 times the wattage of your device(s) to protect them during prolonged use or any electrical surges that might occur. Generally speaking, voltage converters are available in any voltage from 500-watts up to 25,000 watts. The prices vary accordingly, and you can shop a complete inventory of step-down converters here. If you're not sure which style or size you'll need, you can learn more about converters in our Voltage Converter Buying Guide.
    Step-down Voltage Converters can be purchased both locally and online, but it's important to choose a retailer who has a history of international electronics as they'll be more inclined to identify your specific needs. Once you have the proper type and size of step-up converter for your application, you'll be able to use your electronics safely and efficiently without the risk of damage or injury.

  • 220 Volt KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers

    220 volt kitchenaid artisan mixerOne of the most famous kitchen brands - KitchenAid - is now available anywhere in the world. Thanks to our 220-volt KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers and worldwide shipping, the power and reliability of KitchenAid can be yours. You can cook faster, bake better, and mix more thoroughly with the first-class quality that KitchenAid has long been known for. Best of all, you'll get the guaranteed lowest prices anywhere on KitchenAid Mixers and accessories.
    Why KitchenAid? Well, if you haven't already heard, KitchenAid is built to last a lifetime - and then some. Maybe even through the lifetime of your grandkids. The quality of these mixers is second-to-none, just as they've always been. With heavy-duty materials and stable designs, they're made to take a beating (literally). The high-quality motors and gears don't rust, waste away, or fall apart like many imitation brands. KitchenAid is one of - if not the only - manufacturers who designs bulletproof kitchen appliances. They're not literally bulletproof, so don't shoot at them... But they're as tough as can be and you're getting every penny's worth when you buy one.
    These mixers have been around a long time - you'll often see the much older models from the 1970s which are still in use today buy their original owners. The newest and greatest model is the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. They feature improved performance, the same solid build quality, and stylish colors that you can chose from to match your kitchen. What more can you ask for? How about a free Flex Edge Beater with your purchase, we can do that!
    It's not east to find 220 volt KitchenAid Artisan Mixers - most are designed for use in North America and will only function with 120-volt electricity. The 220-volt models sell quickly and are very hard to find. Learn more about our 220 Volt KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers and get yours today. We also stock a variety of KitchenAid attachments and accessories to go along with your new mixer. You can see those at the link as well. Your cooking, baking, grinding, mixing, and overall kitchen life is about to get much better. We're sure of it!

  • Coffee Makers for 220 Volts

    coffee maker for 220 voltsIf you're anything like we are, your morning routine just isn't the same without a good cup of coffee. A tasty, well-made cup of java goes a long way to get your day moving and keep your mind sharp. Our 220-volt coffee makers are designed for use specifically with 220 or 240 volt electricity, which makes them perfect for anyone relocating (or currently living) overseas in a country or region where 220-volt electricity is the standard.
    Can you purchase a coffee maker in a country that uses 220 volt electricity? Of course you can - but to get the guaranteed lowest prices on the brands you've grown to trust, is another story. If you're looking for a large selection of the top brand names and the latest models, your best bet is to purchase a 220-volt coffee maker from a reputable online retailer. By doing so, you'll find exactly what you want while eliminating the hassle of searching retail stores with limited selections.
    At 220-Electronics we carry over 30 different coffee makers, all designed for use with 220-volt electricity. From Oster, Black & Decker, Panasonic, Bosch, Braun, and Frigidaire - to Alpina and VonShef - our selection is quite good. We offer a variety of styles as well - from large capacity coffee makers to single and dual-cup units, including models with permanent washable filters. You can see all of our coffee makers for 220 volts here and find the one that's perfect for your needs. Best of all, it doesn't matter where you're located - we'll ship your order anywhere in the world.
    With over 35 years of experience in 220 volts electronics and thousands of satisfied customers from around the world, you can't go wrong by purchasing your new coffee maker from 220 Electronics. We have a massive inventory of products for international and/or 220-volt use including home electronics and appliances of all kinds. Visit our website today and shop the best brands in the world at the guaranteed lowest prices. You'll be glad you found us, and we'll be glad to have gained another loyal customer.

  • Samsung 55” 4K Multi-system Smart TV for $999

    samsung multisystem 4k smart tvThe UA-55KU6000 from Samsung is a multi-system Smart TV we're offering (for a limited time) at just $999. This excellent deal will get you 55-inches worth of 4K UHD resolution, built-in Wi-Fi, Samsung’s smart hub (to share media from devices or home network), and a variety of other useful features for the home theater experience you’ve been craving. The TV comes equipped with PurColor technology, 4K up-scaling, 3 HDMI ports, and smart features like Samsung Smart TV, apps, web browser, and more. If this sounds good to your ears, just wait because we have even more value to add.
    Our model (which has been professionally modified and is not available in department stores or electronic stores) is a multi-system TV. This TV is compatible for use anywhere in the world, with any voltage from 110 to 220 volts. Just flip a switch on the back and it’s ready to use with your local voltage, meaning there’s no need for a voltage transformer. If you take it overseas or plan to use it with 220 or 240 volt electricity, it's ready to go. It also features tuners for Pal/NTSC/Secam which eliminate the need for video converters. It’s totally compatible with cable boxes, satellite TV services, Blu-ray players, or gaming systems from anywhere in the world. This TV is truly universal. Combined with the 55-inch UHD screen and smart features, the Samsung UA-55KU6000 is a steal at under $1,000.
    If you’re new to 4K, let us explain. The Ultra-HD resolution of this TV (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) is 4 times the resolution of the 1080p Full HD standard that has dominated the market for the last 10 years. With 4K, you get to enjoy movies, sports and more in the highest resolution available. You’ll get richer colors, chiseled clarity, intense depth, and detailed contrast like you’ve never seen before. You'll enjoy a lifelike picture quality that was once only available in theaters, right in the comfort of your own home.
    This multi-system Samsung TV has more options and features then we can mention here, so take a look at it for yourself on our website. If you’re looking for the deal of the year on a 4K TV from a brand you can trust, now’s the time to buy. This model won’t let you down and offers an excellent bang for your buck.

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