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Toshiba 32HV10 32" Multi System LCD TV 110 220 240 volts pal ntsc

Why buy your Multisystem TV from 220 Electronics?

  • FREE 6 Foot HDMI Cable & FREE Plug Adapters
  • Optional Screen Cleaner for only 3.99 (Orig. Value 19.99)
  • In Business Since 1979 and A+ Rated by the BBB
  • Toll Free Technical Support 877-578-0587
  • 110% Low Price Guarantee!

  • $36 Shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. No hiden handling charges

  • 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 1080i, 720p, 1080p Video Signal INPUT

  • World-Wide NTSC/PAL BG/PAL I/Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners

  • 110-240 Volts for world wide use

  • 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio for superb quality Picture

  • Meta Brain Pro Engine, Newly designed for the best picture quality, vivid, smooth, brilliant image, with crystal clear clarity

  • Slim LCD panel, can be wall mounted or used on Provided table stand

  • Intelligent backlight control

  • HDMI inputs and analog inputs to connect all your HD and non HD devices

  • PC input via VGA

THIS IS AN LCD TV. The newer technology is LED which is Slimmer, offers better picture quality, and lasts longer than a normal LCD TV.
Please consider the Sharp Aquas 32" LED TV below instead.
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Toshiba 32HV10 32" Multi System LCD TV

Additional Images

  • Toshiba 32HV10 32" Multi System LCD TV


Toshiba 32HV10 Multi System LCD TV; PAL, NTSC and Secam 110 - 240 Volts:

Toshiba's new 32HV10 panel offers a amazing 50,000:1 contrast ratio and has HDMI input and Analog inputs allowing you to connect HD and Normal devices making you totally equipped for present and future HD needs. The Toshiba 32HV10e Multi system lcd tv is an excellent Multi system TV for the price. Excellent build in design quality, outstanding 50,000:1 Contrast ratio, and extra slim and light weight design puts this LCD ahead of any other in it's class in the same price range. Of course this model will work anywhere in the world and has Pal/NTSC/Secam support and 110-240 volts so you can use it in the USA or take it abroad.

  • 32-inch Multi-System LCD TV
  • 10-Bit Video Processing
  • Intelligent Backlight Control
  • 3D Management
  • HDMI and Analog inputs
  • HD Ready
  • Power Meta Brain
  • AutoView
  • Auto Signal Booster
  • Widescreen 16 X 9 Format
Multi-System TV - PAL, NTSC and Secam Formats
Multi-System TV - PAL, NTSC and Secam

This multisystem TV is compatible with PAL, NTSC and Secam video formats. You can use this television anywhere in the world with ANY type of video device!

Worlwide Voltage from 110 Volts to 240 Volts!
Worldwide Voltage - 110v, 120v, 220v, 230v and 240 volt!

Global Dual Voltage on this Multi-system TV means it can be used anywhere. Multi-voltage TV's can be used in any country with voltage from 110 volts to 240 volts!

Multisystem lCD Flat Panel Technology
Space-Saving LCD Flat Panel Technology

Multi-System LCD TV's offer stunning video performance and a great value. Enjoy High Definition video in a space-saving flat panel design with this multisystem TV.

Toshiba 32HV10 Multi System LCD TV Description:

Meta Brain Pro:

True to Toshiba's effort in continually producing high picture quality, now the latest Power Meta Brain engine not only houses the technologies which perfectly answer the 5 core visual aspects of display goals: Real, Clean, Clear, Smooth and Original but also encompasses the 10-Bit Video Processing technology to create 1 billion colors and smoother gradation.

10Bit Processing

10-Bit Video Processing maintains the 10-bit quality of input data quality during video processing which produces over 1 billion colours, resulting in more natural picture creation.

10Bit Processing

10-Bit Video Processing and panel (right) provides richer, more natural colours.

Intelligent Backlight Control

Precise adjustment of the backlight behind the pixel array is necessary to obtain optimum picture quality. The Intelligent Backlight Control does this automatically, using a sophisticated histogram analysis of the brightness and location of dark portions in each scene. Deeper blacks in dark scenes are reproduced by reducing the intensity of the backlight, resulting in greatly improved contrast.

3D Colour Management

This advanced technology allows you to adjust hue, saturation and colour brightness for each of the six basic colours separately. You can perfectly adjust skin colour or grass colour, for example, without affecting the other colours.

3D Colour Management

3D Colour Management

3D Colour Management (right photos) lets you achieve the best possible colour balance.

Toshiba 32HV10 Multi System LCD TV; PAL, NTSC and Secam 110 - 240 Volts Specifications:

Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • World-Wide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System
  • World-Wide NTSC/PAL BG/PAL I/Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners
  • World-wide Dual Voltage 110-240 volts 50-60 hertz
  • 32-inch Multi-System LCD TV
  • Built-in NTSC/PAL BG/PAL I/Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners enables you to plug your cable TV line right into the TV and start watching.
  • Widescreen 16 X 9 Format
  • 50,000:1 contrast ratio provides incredible images whether you're watching dark or bright scenes!
  • Power Meta Brain
  • WXGA Panel 1366x768
  • HD Ready (1080p/1080i/720p)
  • 10-Bit Video Processing
  • Auto Signal Booster
  • AutoView
  • Intelligent Backlight Control
  • 3D Colour Management
  • Dimensions with Stand (WxHxD) 786 x 568 x 221 mm
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio 50,000 : 1
  • Brightness (cd/m2) 420
  • Resolution (H x V) 1366 x 768
  • Viewing Angle (Degrees) 178
  • Panel Response Speed (ms) 20
  • Visual

    • Video Engine Meta Brain Pro
    • Video processing 8 Bit
    • Comb Filter 2D Y/C (PAL & NTSC)
    • Real Digital Picture


    • Stereo System NICAM B/G, I, D/K, & German Stereo B/G, D/K
    • Speakers Main (4 x 12cm) x 2
    • Audio Output 5W X 2


    • Multilingual OSD English / French / Russian / Thai / Malay / Vietnamese / Arabic/ Persian
    • Hotel Mode** O


    • Antenna Input 1
    • EXT 1 Composite Video + RCA Audio
    • EXT 2 Composite Video + Component + RCA Audio
    • EXT 3 HDMI


    • Receiving System PAL I/ BG/ DK, SECAM BG/ DK, NTSC M/ BG 4.43
    • Colour System PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3.58 / 4.43
    • Video Signal 480i/480p (60Hz), 576i/576p (50Hz), 720p (50/60Hz), 1080i (50/60Hz), 1080p (50/60Hz) through HDMI


    • Automatic Voltage Regulator 110-240V 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption (W) 85
    • Dimension (W x H x D) mm without Stand: 784 x 510 x 76 mm
    • Dimension (W x H x D) mm with Stand: 784 x 518 x 160 mm
    • Weight (Net) kg without Stand: 7.7 KG
    • Weight (Net) kg with Stand: 8.0 KG
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