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Good for use in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and almost any other country except Norh America.
Will Not work in the USA



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To meet the demand for information and entertainment features on mobile handsets, Siemens has launched theA 25, the company's first "consumer class" WAP phone with an integrated WAP 1.1 browser. It is a dual band GSM 900 and 1800 for roaming within the GSM network, and has triple rate vocoders for superior speech quality.

Designed to appeal to the increasingly sophisticated age sector of 16 - 30, the stylish handset includes exciting new entertainment features such as "Picture Messaging" and "Calling Faces".

Picture Messaging allows the user to send fun and emotive images instead or in addition to text messages via SMS. Calling Faces adds further emotional value to every call by allowing you to add amusing and personal face icons to important names in your address book. When your mobile phone rings, the screen will flash with your chosen face.

Weighing 110 grams, the C25i, available in various colours, has a standby time of up to 180 hours and a talk time of up to 300 minutes. With features such as stopwatch, currency converter, silent alert, clock with date and time stamp and calculator, the C25i is set to raise the standard of mobile phones for the growing demands of the private users.

Additional entertainment features include games and a ring tone melody composer.

Users are able to personalise their C35i by selecting the menu level, the menu format and through programming own user profiles to meet their individual needs. For example the menu level can be set to "fast" if simple tasks such as making and receiving calls is all that is required.

Alternatively, more sophisticated users may choose the "complete" setting to use all the phone's features. Furthermore menu items can be enlarged to just one line on the display, aiding and simplifying the display for those with poor eyesight.

Key Features:

  • Built-in data and fax modem
  • Date and time in display
  • Alarm function
  • Currency converter
  • Calculator
  • Stopwatch
  • SMS (Short Message Service)
  • Intelligent Typing (T9)
  • Picture Messaging
  • Date and time stamp for missed calls
  • Menu animations
  • User profiles
  • Call wait / call hold
  • Conference call
  • Call forward
  • Display call timer and cost
  • Keypad lock
  • Melody composer
  • Silent Alert (vibration)
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI)
  • Calling Faces
  • Calling Symbols
  • Call filter

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