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Audiovox D8000XP 8" Portable Region Free DVD Player

This item is Discontinued, Please see our full selection of Region Free Portable DVD Players

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Audiovox D8000XP 8" Portable Region Free DVD Player

Audiovox 8" Portable DVD Player and Media Player

With USB input and Memory card reader:
Play Video files and pictures downloaded from your computer on a USB flash or Memory card. A great tool to watch movies from downloaded from your computer.

Portable 8"  Region Free Portable dvd player
Code Free, Multi Zone, Region Free, Zone Free, PAL/NTSC Portable dvd player

Comes with 2 Headphones

The Audiovox 8000XP players more than just DVD movies. It plays dvd movies from any region 0-8 without a problem. But that's not all. It also plays CDs, CD-R/RW, MP3s, and Picture CDs.


USB input allows you to plug in a USB flash drive, MP3 Player, or a IPOD to the portable dvd player and play video's and MP3's.


It has 2 great speakers on the front so you can hear everything load and clear. THe lithium polymer rechargable battery provides up to four hours of power-cord-free enterntainment and it can be charged in the car or in the home. It comes included with a car charger, as well as a 110-240 volts home charger that can be used anywhere in the world.


The D8000XP can be used anywhere -- car, train, plane, RV -- as long as the battery is charged. If you want to use it in the car or at home, the proper home and A/V cables are provided in the box. There's even a remote control for the ultimate convenience.


Not only do you get the pleasure of mobile music and movies, but the D8000XP provides you with a few digital 'extras'. It can be used as a digital photo frame by inserting your memory card, and also has a alarm incase you fall asleep in plane or train.

Excellent Value in a Region free Portable dvd player. Perfect for kids or adults; Great in the Home, Car, Plane, Train, and anywhere else!

Works anywhere in the world


Package 1:

   Audiovox Portable 8" Screen dvd player
(modified for Region Free)
110-220 volts charger
Cables for TV (Audio and Video)
Car Charger
Free toll free tech support
Lifetime All region Guarantee


Package 2:

  Everything in package 1 plus:

Package includes Carrying Case

  Package includes headphones

OPTIONAL 8-11 Hour Battery


8-11 Hour Lithium Ion Universal Battery pack. Can attach to most Portable DVD players for long life playback. 110-220 Volts with 2 year warranty

Code Free, Region Free, Multi Zone, Multi region

 Play any region dvd, Pal or NTSC, on any TV or on Screen, anywhere in the world!!



  • Plays any region Pal or NTSC movie On Screen!

  • Play any region Pal or NTSC on any TV!

  • Plays Regions 1,2,3,4,5,6,0 and all other Region discs

  • Plays PAL & NTSC DVD Discs

  • 8" 16:9 TFT Widescreen Monitor

Code Free, Region Free, Multi Zone, Multi region



Code Free, Region Free, Multi Zone, Multi region

  • Plays Regions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 0 and all other Region discs
  • Plays PAL & NTSC DVD Discs

    The Audiovox D8000XP is an 8" Portable DVD Player with Built-in iPod Video Docking Capability. This 8" DVD player features a 16:9 aspect ratio, stereo speakers, along with a built-in 3-way card reader and USB Port. It also comes with a credit card size, wireless remote control, rechargeable battery, 2 headphone jacks, and a car adapter. The Audiovox D8000IP is made for superior image and sound performance, so you can enjoy all your favorite video to the fullest.

    Clean and Crisp DVD Playback

    The 10 bit video A/D converter performs video signal processing at a fast rate for enhanced DVD picture quality with 500 lines of resolution.


    High-Resolution TFT 8" LCD Screen

    The 8" wide (16:9) screen LCD display reproduces a crisp (420 x 220), bright view of your DVD movies.


    Plays Multiple Formats

    Compatible formats include: DVD-Video, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, CD, CD-R/W, MP3, and Picture CD.


    Digital Audio Converter

    If you're looking for a portable DVD player with exquisite audio playback, this player will do the job. It features a 24 bit digital-to-analog converter capable of processing digital audio at 96 KHz.


    UP TO 4 Hours of Playback

    You have the ability to play your favorite DVDs for up to 4 hours on a single battery charge.


    Dual Headphone Jack

    This player offers dual headphone output jacks, which enables two people to listen to music or movie soundtracks simultaneously with separate headphones.


    Home Theater Friendly

    Use the A/V output to connect the DVD player to your home theater receiver and enjoy your favorite DVDs or CDs. Also you can connect this player to your TV.


    Parental Control

    For parents who want full control of media content played back through player, the menu features a parental control and rating (1-8) system adjustment.

    Built-In Stereo Speakers

    Stereo speakers contained discretely within the player allow for watching a DVD without headphones. You can even playback a CD through the built-in speakers. Having built-in speakers enables greater flexibility to watch DVDs.


    Audiovox 8" Slim Line Portable Black DVD Player


    • 16:9 Aspect Ratio

    • Plays DVD, CD, MP3, CDR, CDRW and Picture CD

    • Rechargeable Battery

    • Built-In Stereo Speakers

    • "Credit Card" Size Remote

    • Complete Cabling

    • Car Power Adapter

    • Modified for Region and Code Free to play movies from anywhee in the world

    • 8" Digital TFT Active Matrix Wide Screen 16:9 LCD

    • Swivel Screen

    • Dual Headphone Jacks enables two people to listen to music or movie soundtracks simultaneously with separate headphones that are included.

    • For playback of any region DVD movie from regions 1-6

    • Plays DVD-Video, Audio CD, MP3 and Kodak Picture CD on CD-R/CD-RW discs

    • Plays any region PAL and NTSC movies on its own screen plus you can output the signal to any TV.

    • This unit has a built-in video converter so you can even play PAL movies on an NTSC TV or NTSC movies on a PAL TV!

    • AV IN lets you use the screen to view your camcorder, game system or any other item!

    • AV Out lets you watch the DVD player on an external PAL or NTSC TV!

    • 3X Zoom Screen Selector

    • Still Picture Display

    • Auto Switching Field/Frame still

    • Frame Advance (Forward and Reverse)

    • Advanced Surround

    • 27MHz/10-bit Video D/A Converter performs video signal processing at a fast rate for enhanced DVD picture quality

    • 4

    -hour rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
    • Slim size credit card remote Control

    • Twin Laser pickup

    • Chapter preview

    • Hi-speed smooth Motion scan

    • On-Screen Menu Icons

    • Built-in Stereo Speakers

    • Built-in recharge function

    • More than 500 lines horizontal resolution

    • 60dB Video S/N

    • 4Hz-44KHz frequency response

    • 97dB Dynamic range CD

    • AC/DC Power Operation

    • 2 Headphone jacks

    • Digital Audio Out

    • Video Output

    • Audio Output

    • 2 Internal Speakers

    • Full featured IR Remote Control

    • Multi angle LCD Screen

    • Parental Lock

    • Multi Audio

    • Stream Choice

    • Multi Subtitle

    • Subtitle On/Off

    • Fast Forward/Backward Play (x2, x4, x8)

    • Parental Rating

    • OSD/Language Selection

    • GUI menu operation

    • A/V output/input

    • TFT Display Mode (16:9, 4:3 Switchable)

    • Dimensions: 5 x 10 x 8 inches

    Comes complete with:

    • Stereo AV Cables to connect to tv

    • Car power supply

    • Remote

    • AC/DC Power Adapter- 100 to 240 Volts AC  50-60 Hz

    Approximate Weight:

    • Shipping: 6 lbs

    Warranty and Support:
    1 year parts, 90 days labor, and lifetime all region warranty.