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Panasonic SC-HT875 Multi-System Home Theater With HDMI

  • FULL HD 1080P ouput via HDMI

  • Wireless Rear Speakers

  • 1250 Watts extremely powerful speakers

  • Excellent center channel and subwoofer

  • IPOD Docking station built internally

  • Multi Voltage 110-240 can be used anywhere in the world

  • Play both Pal and NTSC DVDs

  • Plays NTSC DVDs on any TV, Plays Pal DVDs on Pal TVs.

  • Playback of Pal DVDs on a NTSC (USA standard) TV

  • Code Free for playback of all PAL/NTSC Region 1-6 DVD movies including RCE DVDs

  • Multi region (Play any dvd from any region guaranteed)

  • Digital Progressive Scan DVD Player

  • Multi voltage, Multi System, and Multi region

  • 6-channel digital amplifier with total 400 watts RMSDTS / Dolby Digital / Pro-Logic Decoding

Regular Price: $516.35

Now only: $449.00


Panasonic SC-HT875 Multi-System Home Theater With HDMI

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Panasonic SC-HT875 Region Free Home Theater With HDMI

Region Free Playback Guaranteed for Life!
Region Free Playback Guaranteed for Life!

Unlike software or firmware solutions our region free hardware modifications are guaranteed to play Blu-Ray Discs and DVD's from any region for the life of your player!

Panasonic SC-HT875 Region Free Home Theater With HDMI Description:

Region Free home theater system will play Pal, Secam and NTSC dvd movies from anywhere in the world.

Important Note: This player does not have a built in converter! This means that you will be able to play Pal discs on a Pal TV, and NTSC Discs on a NTSC TV. If you have a multi system TV that supports Pal and NTSC then you will be able to play both Pal and NTSC discs on your TV. In order to play a Pal dvd on a NTSC tv, you will need a external Video Converter.
This dvd player will not play a PAL (European) movies on a NTSC (United States) TV. To do this you will also need to buy a video converter.

With 4 floor standing speakers, Rear Speakers wireless, DVD/SA-CD/CD playback with Progressive Scan Output with HD 1080p HDMI ultra High Definition output, Digital Cinema Sound, CD-R/RW, MP3, JPEG Playback and S-Master Digital Amplifier, the DAV-D875 is the ultimate entertainment package with all the quality you've come to expect from Panasonic. Additional features include cordless rear spekaers speakers, HDMI 1080p connection, IPOD Dock, Digital Cinema Auto Calibration, Movie and Music Mode, multiple speaker formation to give you the ultimate in home movie entertainment.

Code free / Region free:
This dvd player is modified to play all region discs. With this dvd player you can play your favorite movies from any country. Modified for all regions, including RCE & REA discs. All our players come with a lifetime all region guarantee that allows you to play any region disc from anywhere in the world including regions 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and any other region.


PAL and NTSC Playback:
The dvd player will playback Pal DVD's on a Pal TV and NTSC DVD's on an NTSC TV. To play back Pal DVD's on an NTSC TV you will need to buy a video converter also available on our website; or you can buy one of your dvd players with a built in converter.

The new SC-PT875 is a fantastic looking home theatre system, which is designed to seamlessly match with your flat panel TV. With HDMI connection you can easily connect to a flat panel TV and enjoy the benefits of true HD quality and with 1080p Up-conversion you'll get the best picture quality from a standard DVD. Much improved is Panasonic's Viera Link. When you connect the SC-PT875 home theatre system to a Panasonic Viera TV you can now use the TV's remote control to work the home theatre system. The menu control for the SC-PT875 will appear on the Viera TV, this means you can now put the home theatre system away in a cabinet or even have the system in another room from the TV and yet you will still be able to control it from the Viera's remote control.
The SC-PT875 comes with many more useful features, such as a USB port which allows you to easily connect an MP3 player and with 1250W RMS you will never be short of power. Plus you will not need to run speaker wires from the PT875 receiver to the rear speakers, because the SC-PT875 comes with the FX67 wireless rear speaker system. The SC-PT875 now comes with Whisper-mode Surround, meaning even at low volume levels you will still be able to enjoy true 5.1ch surround. The SC-PT875 now comes with an in-built integrated docking station.
Simply slot your iPod into the docking station and you will be able to listen to music or video through the SC-PT875. The docking station will also charge your iPod and if you connect via Viera Link you'll be able to control the iPod using the Viera remote control and on-screen menus will appear on the Viera TV for total ease of use. The new Kelton subwoofer outputs deep thunderous bass sounds, while the new bamboo speaker diaphragms on the centre speakers gives clearer top end. To top off your home theatre listening experience the SC-PT875 comes with auto speaker setup. Simply place the microphone where you will be sitting and the SC-PT875 sends out test signals and will then automatically set the speaker levels so you will get the best home theatre listening experience.
For those who prefer a clutter-free surround sound setup, having wireless rear speakers does away with unsightly cables between the DVD receiver and these boomboxes. Aesthetics aside, it also helps to simplify installation, and is particularly handy for bridging open aisles and rooms without false ceilings. In this case, surround effects are transmitted over-the-air via Wi-Fi-like radio frequency. This has a favorable line-of-sight-independent advantage for uninterrupted playback even with occasional obstructions, though interference is still possible due to its highly congested 2.4GHz bandwidth.
Apple iPod playback and connectivity. Unlike most of its competitors, the multimedia player dock is integrated right into the main deck, concealed under a flap when not in use. So you'll have one less piece of component to fiddle with and set up, while enjoying the luxury of streaming videos from your iPod onto the big screen. Users with huge song compilations should also appreciate the SC-PT875's seamless navigation, carried out easily through playlists reproduced on TV and selectable using its bundled remote controller.

Non-Mac supporters may be more interested in its new Kelton subwoofer and bamboo diaphragm center speaker. According to its documentations, the sleek tower woofer is loaded with an internal 160mm driver and a side-firing 250mm equivalent, designed to deliver robust and responsive bass. The exotic bamboo material, on the other hand, is supposed to dish out cleaner and crisped dialog. If you're still not convinced, perhaps its generous 1,250W audio output and an auto surround sound calibration system are reassuring enough for credible large room performance.

Panasonic SC-HT875 Region Free Home Theater With HDMI Specifications:

Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Key Features

  • 1250 W RMS Total
  • 5.1ch Dolby Digital Pro Logic II
  • Wireless Rear Speaker System Included (FX67)
  • Integrated iPod Docking Station
  • USB Port
  • Auto Dolby Pro Logic II/Super Surround Switching
  • Whisper -mode Surround
  • 1 HDMI Terminal
  • Kelton Subwoofer
  • 1 Component Video out
  • 1 Video Out
  • 1 Audio Input for AUX
  • 1080p Up-conversion
  • Mpeg4, MP3 Playback, WMA, JPEG, DviX
  • Bamboo Diaphram Centre Speaker
  • DVD-RW+R.+RW video playback
  • Auto Speaker Setup
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