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Motorola V66 GSM World Phone

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Motorola V66 GSM


Motorola V66 GSM World Phone

The V66 mobile phone from Motorola is the ideal companion for you, nationally and internationally at all times, and with a feature that is future proof and second to none: It operates on ANY GSM network in the World. Use it on American GSM 1900 and the GSM 900/1800 networks in the Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, China and Australia,......

Instantly check the Web for the latest fashion news, send an animated communiqué to a colleague or compose your own ring tones - it's all done simply with the model V66i. Complete with voice activation, message center and calculator with currency converter, the model V66i is sure to strike-up conversations on any rendezvous - across town or continents.

  Package 1
  Motorola V66 unlocked
110-240 volts charger 
  USA and Euro Plug
  Package 2 Deluxe
  Motorola V66 unlocked
110-240 volts charger 
  USA and Euro Plug
Extra Battery
Belt Clip/Holster
Handsfree Headset
Car Charger
  Package 3 Deluxe + Data Kit
  Motorola V60i unlocked
110-240 volts charger 
  USA and Euro Plug
Extra Battery
Belt Clip/Holster
Handsfree Headset
Car Charger
 Desktop Charger
This dual desktop charger is a great solution for those who are in need of charging 2 batteries simultaneously. Charge your phone on one side while your extra battery is being charged on the other.
Data Cable Kit 
(allows you to use your phone with your computer to update organizer, to use phone as modem while traveling, to download ringers, and much more!!!
Data Software for Motorola Phones

  • SIM Unlocked
  • GSM Tri Band 900/1800/1900 Mhz
  • Amazingly small - open or closed, the V66 phone fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. It slips easily into the smallest of pockets, yet its incredible size and remarkable style mean you'll create an impact everywhere you use it. 
  • Voice Activated Phone
  • Large, high-contrast Optimax display - unique Motorola technology - offers clarity in various lighting conditions, making it easy to read. 
  • Display (LCD) 96 x 32 pixel + icons
  • Phone Book memory:
  • Number capacity (max. number of digits): 32 in phone; 20 in SIM
  • Name tag (max. character length): 16 in phone; 12 in SIM
  • Illuminated keypad and display
  • Display signal strength - continuous
  • Battery charge indicator - continuous
  • Low battery warning
  • Status review
  • Automatic language selection based on SIM
  • Multiple language choices: 16
  • Dedicated control keys: 7
  • Real Time Clock


  • VibraCall alert including vibrate then ring mode 
  • Selectable ringer tones
  • Selectable keypad tones
  • Short, extended and personalized menu list
  • Volume adjustment - earpiece/ringer
  • Auto redial (on system busy)
  • Clear last digits/all digits
  • Mute control
  • International access key sequence
  • User call rejection1
  • Smart Button operation


  • Phone - 100 storage locations
  • Last 10 numbers dialed
  • Last 10 numbers received (if using CLI)1
  • Erase last 10 numbers received and/or dialed
  • Notepad (last number entered) 
  • Post scripting
  • Turbo Dial TM keys (9 keys with 1 touch dial) from phone, SIM or fixed dialing memories
  • Alpha name storage (recall by name or location)
  • Memory pause
  • Memory auto load
  • Memory scroll
  • Memory capacity
  • Key answer only
  • Volume/side function buttons:
  • Upper and lower keys - adjust keypad, earpiece & ringer volume; scroll through memory entries and menu features
  • Smart Button - enters phone book memory
  • Calling line identification (present and restrict) 1
  • Call waiting and call hold 1
  • Master clear/reset
  • Speed dialing
  • Fixed dialing
  • User configurable Quick Access menu 
  • Electronic lock 
  • Automatic lock 
  • Display/change unlock code
  • Display call timers and/or charge meters: 

Programmable audible call timers:

  • Last call / total 
  • One time or repeatable (user defined)
  • Automatic timer display (while in call):
  • Charge (units/currency) or minutes
  • Advice of charge - show units/charges: 1
  • Show charge per call / show total charge / set charge limit / reset total charges / store charge rate

Call restriction levels:

  • Restrict keypad dialing / access / incoming calls
  • PIN entry / enable/disable / change / unblock - PIN 2 enter / change 
  • Display own phone number (from SIM card)
  • GSM phones require the purchase of a SIM card for startup. This card is provided by your service provider or can be purchased from us if you will be traveling overseas.

    GSM carriers in the USA include Voicestream, AT&T, & Cingular.  These carriers are great for using your phone in the USA. However if you will be going overseas with your phone, these carriers charge outrageous roaming charges. 

    So if you will be taking the phone overseas you will need to purchase a Sim Card from your destination country or you will need to purchase a Country specific sim card  from us before you leave. Please see below for more info.
  • Instruction manuals for these phones may not be in English. These phones are manufactured in Europe so they might have European language manuals. You can usually download an English manual from the manufacturer's websites.
  • NOTE: Our phones are unlocked so you can use them with any carrier. You may find this phone cheaper if it is locked but you will have to sign a service contract and will not be able to use the phone with any other carrier. This means that if you buy a phone from AT&T or VoiceStream, it will be locked and you will not be able to use it with a different service provider in Europe or any other country.

Looking for a GSM phone for use while traveling overseas?

For country Specific Sim Cards please click here

  • Country specific sim cards are available on our website so you can start using your phone the minute you get off the plane at your destination country. You can always purchase a SIM Card at the country which you are traveling to or moving to, however it may take a while to go to a shop. If you buy the SIM CARD before you go, you will not need to worry about doing that when you get there. Also our cards offer some of the best rates or domestic and international rates.