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Motorola V180 Unlocked GSM World Phone

This GSM Phone is Discontinued

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Motorola V180 Unlocked GSM

Excellent Motorola Flip Color screen phone.

The sleek feature-forward model V180 offers mobile movers and shakers hip style without the hot price tag. Match your mood with unique ringtones tossed in the MotoMixer™, downloadable JAVA games, instant messaging and synchronization capabilities. Even use advanced messaging features to share schedules, images and animations with compatible devices. The V180 takes your style further than even you thought possible.


  Complete Package Includes
  Motorola V180 unlocked
110-240 volts charger 
  USA and Euro Plug
Motorola V180
Alert types - 16 Polyphonic Ringtones, 3 MP3 Ringtones & space for downloads 
MOTOMIXER™ (Remixable MIDI ringer software) 
MotoMixer(TM) makes your phone the ultimate in audio customisation. Download and remix ringtones to create unique polyphonic sounds. Forget the decks and hit the phone keypad. 
In-built Hands-free Speaker Phone 
Use your mobile phone like a landline speaker phone. No need for an optional accessory - With just the touch of a button bring others into your conversation with the in-built speaker phone . Great for meetings, second opinions or just showing off. 
MMS (Picture / photo + text + sound) 
Send and receive pictures, sounds and animations with your messages. MMS is as easy to use as sending a standard text message, but now you can really bring your messages to life. 
EMS 5.0 
Instant Messaging Support 
Tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900 
Standby Time - Battery - up to 600 hours 
The time a battery can power a phone in the standby mode, switched on and ready to make or receive a call, without being used for an actual call. The longer a phone is in standby mode, the less standby time remains in the battery. 
Battery - Talk time - up to 560 mins 
The total time a battery can power a phone for mobile calls. As the phone drains the battery during a call, the talk time left in the battery is diminished until the phone is turned off or the battery recharged. The longer the talk time the less frequently you will need to recharge. 
GPRS - (2U/4D) 
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) allows the user faster call set-up, higher data speed, and an “always on” connection. 
WAP - 2.0 / MIB 2.2 
Wireless application protocol (WAP) is the first global standard for Internet services over mobile phone networks. It is capable of displaying "mini websites", which look simple when compared with normal websites but which already provide a variety of powerful services, including banking, ticket purchase, news updates and more. See the WAP Demo for more information. 
Connectivity - Mini USB 
Get the best connection - Motorola phones have a variety of in-built connectors to connect you to a wide range of data accessories such as 'Mobile PhoneTools.' Choose the one that is best suited for your purpose. Bluetooth, Infrared or CE Bus (USB/Serial). 
Downloadable Memory - 1.8 MB 
Dimensions (H x W x D) - 86 x 45 x 25 mm 
Motorola V180 Unlocked Tri-Band GSM Cell Phone
  • GSM phones require the purchase of a SIM card for startup. This card is provided by your service provider or can be purchased from us if you will be traveling overseas.

    GSM carriers in the USA include Voicestream, AT&T, & Cingular.  These carriers are great for using your phone in the USA. However if you will be going overseas with your phone, these carriers charge outrageous roaming charges. 

    So if you will be taking the phone overseas you will need to purchase a Sim Card from your destination country or you will need to purchase a Country specific sim card from us before you leave. Please see below for more info.
  • Instruction manuals for these phones may not be in English. These phones are manufactured in Europe so they might have European language manuals. You can usually download an English manual from the manufacturer's websites.
  • NOTE: Our phones are unlocked so you can use them with any carrier. You may find this phone cheaper if it is locked but you will have to sign a service contract and will not be able to use the phone with any other carrier. This means that if you buy a phone from AT&T or VoiceStream, it will be locked and you will not be able to use it with a different service provider in Europe or any other country.

Looking for a GSM phone for use while traveling overseas?

>For country Specific Sim Cards please click here

  • Country specific sim cards are available on our website so you can start using your phone the minute you get off the plane at your destination country. You can always purchase a SIM Card at the country which you are traveling to or moving to, however it may take a while to go to a shop. If you buy the SIM CARD before you go, you will not need to worry about doing that when you get there. Also our cards offer some of the best rates or domestic and international rates.