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EF Elba BO-AE62A Built in Oven for 220/240 Volts

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  • 56 Liter Capacity

  • Multi-Functioning Oven

  • 6 Modes (including Rotisserie)

  • "A" Energy Rated

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Triple Glazed Glass Door

  • Automatic Shut-Off Safety Switch

This product is 220 volts / 240 volts for use overseas outside North America. These items will not work in North America with 110 volts.

Regular Price: $750.00

Now only: $599.00

Fisher and Paykal

EF Elba BO-AE62A Built in Oven for 220/240 Volts


EF Elba BO-AE62A 220 Volt Built in Oven

The BO-AE62A multi-function oven by EF Elba is a high-quality unit that's sure to meet the needs of your cooking and baking work. Manufactured from glass & stainless steel, it features a triple glazed glass door and has 6 different cooking functions including a unique rotisserie option. With an A energy rating and a automatic safety switch to prevent overheating, this model is a great choice for any kitchen.

Choose from top & bottom heating (with or without fan), top heating only, grill (with or without fan), and rotisserie settings to achieve the perfect cooking or baking conditions for making anything you can imagine. Designed specifically for use with 220/240 volts and 50hz. For more information about the BO-AE62A oven, see the product specifications below.

EF Elba Built in Oven BO-AE62A 56 Liter size 220 volts 240 volts 50 hz Specifications

  • Oven is Multi functioning
  • Glass Door:Triple Glazed
  • Safety Switch Off Automatic
  • 6 Functions
    Top & Bottom Heating
    Top & Bottom Heating with Fan
    Top Heating
    Grill with Fan
    Grill with Turnspit - Rotisserie
  • 56 Liter Capacity
  • Energy Rating - A
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Dimension: W594 x H594 x D543 mm
  • Built-In-Dimension: W558 x H585 x D595 mm
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