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Pioneer Elite DV-58AV DVD Player

This product is Discontinued.

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Pioneer Elite DV-58AV
Modified to be Region Free, Code Free, Zone Free and Multi Regional.


Pioneer Elite is Pioneer's Highest Line of DVD players. They are known to be the best DVD players on Earth! This player is a real Value at $349 and is worth Every Penny. Every part used to build this player is First class. The power supply, the drive, the boards, the chipset, and every Diode and transistor used in this player is of superb quality. Only the finest parts are used to put together the Pioneer ELITE 58AV. This player is a mark of excellence. It reads almost every format of disc imaginable. Best of all it comes with a 2 Year Parts and Labor warranty which is the best warranty ever offered on a DVD player.

You’ve never seen or heard a DVD player like this before. Designed to provide state-of-the-art DVD audio and video, the Elite® DVD player provides a full range of connections in the most stunning new ways. Created especially for those who have accumulated large libraries of all their favorite movies in DVD format, Elite DVD players offer unbridled pleasure for true film fanatics.

Emotions are deeper. Action more intense. Movies more thrilling. Welcome to the world of the Pioneer Elite DV-48AV. Built to the highest industry standards, there has never been another DVD player that provides both the sights and sounds of this one, in such an incredibly brilliant new way.

Discover a DVD player built with HDMI® 1.2a, allowing for SACD streams to be passed to a compatible AV receiver for optimum decoding and a USB port for portable music players. Designed for upscaling DVD’s standard 480p resolution to an astonishing 1080p resolution, the Pioneer Elite DV-48AV provides you with an entire universe of connections to assure a miraculous visual experience no matter what you watch. But that’s not all you’ll discover. This amazing machine can also play a range of high-resolution audio DVD discs, decode SACD and provide extraordinary audio capability. All of which make the Pioneer Elite DV-48AV the ultimate DVD player for both film fanatics and audiophiles.

  • Play any region DVD movie from anywhere in the world on any TV

  • This player is modified using the ULTRA ICOS DIAMOND Class modification backed by our Lifetime Region free Modification Guarantee.

  • Play any normal DVD movie from anywhere in the world and upconverts to HD quality for your TV via HDMI

  • Region Free Playback of any DVD from anywhere in the world

  • Play region 0,1,2,3,4,5,,7,8 and any other region dvd movie guaranteed!!!

  • Plays all formats of video broadcast from anywhere in the world including Pal, Secam and NTSC, on any TV.

  • This player has all the outputs for older TVs and new ones. Works with simple Yellow/Red/White composite cables for older TVs, as well has component and HDMI cables for the really new TVs and everything in between.

  • Full 1080p upconversion via hdmi. Also supports 480i/480p/720p/1080i and 1080P

  • This player is modified with a 128 mb Pal/NTSC/Secam Video Converter. This guarantees perfect playback of any DVD movie from anywhere in the world on any TV. 

  • 110-220 volts auto switching power supply can be used with any tv in the world

  • DVD Audio, SACD compatibility

  • 5.1 analog output and coacial/optical audio output to easily connect to a Home Theater Audio System.



  • This player plays almost any disc you will put in it.

  • Dual-Layer DVD-R**/DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW***/DVD+R/DVD+RW Compatible

  • SVCD/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW Compatible

Currently our best 128 MB Pal<->NTSC converting player for the Price. 
Has all the features, and the Pioneer Elite badge of quality at a reduced price.

The Pioneer Elite 58AV is modified for region free / code free and will allow you to play any region disc, including new RCE and REA discs. Watch movies from all zones 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8 or any other zone with the region free Pioneer Elite 58AV dvd player. This code free dvd player can play both PAL and NTSC discs enabling you to watch both USA and European discs on one machine. It also has a 128MB built in Pal to NTSC converter allowing for Perefect Pal to NTSC conversion.

This player upconverts to the highest resolution of any tv, including the newest 1080p Full HD resolution. Normal DVD movies will be outputted via HDMI to any HDTV at 1080p resolution.

This unit will play any DVD movie or Video Disc, from anywhere in the World on a Standard TV in the USA. Works with all old and new TVs including Plasma, LCD, DLP, HDTVs, Projectors and all other TVs.

  • Pioneer Elite DV-58AV Region and Code Free Disc Player

  • Plays Regions 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Region discs

  • Hardware Chip Modification

  • Plays REA and RCE Discs

  • 128 MB built in Pal to NTSC converter, is the best converter abailable in a DVD player Today!!

  • Multi-Format Playback DVD Player with CD, DVD Audio, SACD, MP3, WMA, WMV, JPEG, DivX Ultra

  • HDMI out with upconversion up to 1080p including 1080i, 720p, and 480p easily connect with any old or new tv

  • DVD-Audio and SACD Playback Capability

  • PureCinema Hardware Progressive Scan


Performance Features

  • 12-bit / 108 MHz Video DAC

  • 24-bit / 192 KHz Audio DAC

  • PureCinema Progressive Scan for Natural Film-like Video Images

  • Digital Direct Pixel Drive Up Converts DVD-Video for Display on High-Definition Screens (up to 1080p or 720p) Through the HDMI Output.

  • DVD-Audio and SACD Playback Capability

  • Double Layer Chassis


  • DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, SACD, MP3, WMA, WMV, CD-R/RW, DivX Ultra, JPEG


  • HDMI Output - Single Wire Connection Providing Digital Video and Audio Signals, Including: DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, Dolby® Digital, DTS® Digital Surround, and More.

  • 1 Component Video Output

  • 1 S-Video Output

  • 1 Composite Video Output

  • 5.1 Analog Audio Outputs

  • 1 Optical Digital Output

  • 1 Coaxial Digital Output

  • 1 USB Input

Warranty Information:

  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 
    2 years parts and labor

Approximate Weight:

  • Unit: 7.4 lbs.

  • Shipping: 12.4 lbs.