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Pioneer HTZ-555DVD Region Free Home Theater System

This product is Discontinued.

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Pioneer HTZ-555DVD Region Free Home Theater System

Region Free Home Theater System Pioneer HTZ-555DVD

Multi Zone code free home theater system, pal ntsc secam
100-240 volts, 110 volts, 220 volts, 240 volts.


Pioneer HTZ-555DVD Home Theatre System is powerful for its size and delivers clear, quality sounds easy to set up and use, and it plays back all the most up-to-date formats, including DivX, the latest video compression technology.



Key Features:

  • RMS 600W
  • DTS / Dolby Digital / Dolby Pro Logic II
  • Front Surround Mode
  • MCACC (W/set-up Microphone)
  • DivX playback
  • MP3, WMA, MPEG-4 AAC playback
  • JPEG Photo Viewer
  • Sound Retriever
  • Photo + Music Mix
  • GigaByte Music (DVD data disc playback)
  • USB terminal
  • Progressive Scan (PAL/NTSC)
  • 2 tallboy speakers, 2 satellite speakers, center speaker and subwoofer
  • Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System (MCACC)
    MCACC makes it little more than a one-touch operation to create an ideal surround sound listening environment. Just place the supplied microphone at your listening position and push the MCACC setup button on the remote control. The system detects speakers and measures the sound field, and then automatically compensates for uneven speaker distance. Frequency response and sound pressure levels. You enjoy a smoother, more even sound field thanks to electronically equalized speaker distance, timbre and sound pressure levels, for even greater satisfaction.
  • 3-spot Front Surround
    Pioneer's unique 3-spot Front Surround delivers the power and realism of surround sound without the need to place speakers behind your listening position. Innovative design and engineering lets you place the surround speakers neatly on top of the front speakers, then the Pioneer-developed front surround system with ''Direct-Diffuse'' technology reflects the surround sound from the walls and ceiling to envelope you in a realistic sound fields.
  • Sound Retriever
    MP3/WMA/MPEG-4 AAC compressed music files are a great way to get more music onto a CD-ROM or portable digital audio player, but compressing sound files compromises the audio quality, even though you may not have noticed it. Pioneer's new Sound Retriever is the answer. Advanced DSP techniques allow Sound Retriever to synthesize and restore the parts of music deleted in the compression process. The result is CD quality sound with all the power and life brought back to your favourite music.
    There is a new way to share your digital photos with friends. It's Pioneer's PHOTO + MUSIC MIX. Now you can enjoy JPEG slide shows on your home theatre system along with a musical accompaniment. All you do is to copy your JPEG photos and the music you want to a USB memory device. Then you simply plug it into the handy front panel USB connector for a whole new style of multimedia entertainment.
  • GigaByte Music (DVD Data Disc Playback)
    Now you can enjoy all the music on your PC in your living room thanks to Pioneer's GigaByte Music System. Simply burn your music collection to DVD data discs for easy, instant playback on your Pioneer home theatre system. Now theres no need for troublesome swapping of CDs because your Pioneer system becomes a jukebox with over 1,000 songs available.
  • ''Down-firing'' Subwoofer
    The ''Down-firing'' design of the new subwoofer disperses lower bass frequencies more efficiently, resulting in more powerful sound. With this innovative design, the new subwoofer is able to deliver rich, deep bass at higher volumes but without the distortion that normally occurs at such levels. All this provides for intense home entertainment enjoyment filled with thrilling and powerful DVD effects.