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JVC Region Code Free Multi System DVD Player VCR Combo

This product is Discontinued.

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JVC Region Code Free Multi System DVD Player VCR Combo

JVC HR-XV1 Region Free dvd player with NTSC (USA standar) VHS player


  • Plays Pal and NTSC DVD's

  • Any region DVD: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...


  • Video CD (VCD)

  • Super Video CD (SVCD)

  • Audio CD

  • CD-R & CD-RW

  • JPEG Digital Still Files on CD-R/W


  • Kodak Picture CD

  • MP3 Discs

  • This dvd player plays almost anything your give it!!!

  • Easy to setup and easy to use design


  • Plays only NTSC VHS cassettes

  • Does not play Pal cassettes

  • Works with all normal USA standard NTSC TVs

  • No special TV required

  • auto tracking

  • Easy to setup and easy to use design

JVC Region Free DVD Player, NTSC VCR combo

This Code Free DVD player and NTSC VCR unit allows users to add both a Code Free DVD Player and a NTSC VCR  in the shelf space of one unit. Plus this unit works on your regular American TV!! No need for any video converter or multi-system TV!  You will be able to play your favorite region 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and all other DVDs  (Pal or NTSC) on a USA Standard (NTSC) TV.  Also NTSC VHS tapes can be played on the same machine as well.  Easy to connect using only one set of cables and easy to control with a remote control that conveniently operate both DVD Player and VCR.

This Region Free JVC DVD Player / VCR Combo is a quality multi-format DVD/VCR combo with some of the most advanced upgrades and features such as 32Mb built-in digital Pal to NTSC signal converter, allowing you to play PAL / SECAM / NTSC DVDs as well as Region 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, encoded DVD discs, and NTSC VHS tapes. (this unit will not play PAL tapes)

 JVC's Region Code Free DVD Player with the Tuner-Free VCR Combination Player is one very versatile and convenient component that integrates easily into any home entertainment system. If you have component video inputs in your system, you can take advantage of the DVD component video output for the best picture quality your system is capable of. If your television or home theater projector is compatible with a progressive scan signal, you can take advantage of the DVD progressive scan output to enjoy images that look as good as they did on the big screen.

There's even more to this versatile video machine than first meets the eye. In addition to DVD, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW, DVD PAL, DVD NTSC, DVD Region 0,1,2,3,4,5,6, you can also enjoy audio CDs, VCD, and CD-DA/R/RW discs. Even JPEG images (on CD-R) can be enjoyed with this amazing A/V wonder. You can record on the VCR during DVD playback, and even copy your DVD to the VCR (non-copyrighted material only). The shuttle search and variable slow options will help you find your favorite scenes in no time or slow down for a closer look. Check out cool scenes a frame at a time if you like and zoom in on details you may never notice otherwise. It all goes to show, JVC is as serious about entertainment as you are.

DivX XviD AVI and MPEG4 Compatible:
Enjoy high-quality movies that you've recorded from your PC. With Divx MPEG4 playback you are able to enjoy DivX encoded videos in the comfort of your living room. The DivX media format is an MPEG4-based video compression technology that enables you to save large files like movies, trailers and music videos on media like CD-R/RW, and DVD recordable discs

Don't forget, there's another side to this Region Free DVD Player. Its VCR section also provides outstanding audio thanks to the broad dynamic range of Hi-Fi VHS that delivers high fidelity sound for maximum impact from movie soundtracks and easy, high quality recording of your favorite shows. Quality components add up to quality output, so this VCR uses 4 heads to reduce crosstalk and improve EP playback picture. A/V inputs help keep your add on options open as well as simplifying the hookup of additional components. With Super-VHS Quasi Playback (SQPB) this VCR can play back a tape recorded in Super VHS, with regular VHS resolution. Another amazing feat performed by the multi-talented and region free DVD Player is its ability to record on the VCR while playing any region DVD. When JVC combined the forces of DVD and VHS, they did more than reduce the amount of room required, they added exponentially to the abilities of both.

The JVC  DVD/VCR combo gives you fantastic picture resolution and sound quality of DVD and the convenience of VHS tape all in one unit! It is fully compatible with any TV (even older models with just a cable/antenna input) — you'll see the DVD difference right away on your current set.

Whether you have a traditional or HD-capable TV, the player's selectable video output gives you the optimal picture quality from your DVD movies. This combo includes familiar, easy-to-use VCR features for playing your favorite vhs tapes.

Features of the DVD/VCR combo:

  • This unit works on your regular American TV!! No need for any video converter or multi-system TV!
  • Progressive Scan DVD player
  • Play any PAL or NTSC DVD from any country on your regular American TV. 
  • Note: VCR plays only NTSC tapes.
  • Space saving design
  • Play any video media including VHS, S-VHS, DVD, DVD-R, V-CD, Audio CD, MP-3 Audio, Audio CD-R Playback
  • Size: 16 7/8” x 11 1/2” x 3 3/4”

DVD Player Features:

  • Plays any PAL or NTSC dvd from any region on any American TV!
  • Code Free DVD player for any DVD movie encoded with region codes 0 thru 6
  • Plays RCE/REA encoded movies also!
  • Dolby Digital and DTS outputs
  • 96kHz Sampling Frequency, 24 bit Resolution Audio D/A Converter With 96kHz/24 bit Digital Output
  • 10 bit DA converter
  • Accurate Digital Servo For Precise Data Reading
  • Resume Function Lets You Stop The Movie And Resume Playback From Where You center Off
  • Condition Memory Recalls Set-up Conditions Such As Language, Subtitle, Aspect Ratio And Mode For Up To 15 Discs
  • S-Video Output
  • Analog Audio Output
  • Digital Coaxial Audio Out
  • Component Video Output

VCR Features:

  • Quick Drive System
  • Hi-Fi Stereo recording and playback
  • VCR plays only NTSC tapes.
  • NTSC recording and playback
  • Digital Auto Tracking
  • Automatic Head Cleaner
  • Fully automatic operation
  • NTSC playback speeds: SP-LP-EP
  • NTSC recording speeds: SP-EP
  • On Screen Display with 1 year programmable timer
  • 1 Year timer back up system
  • Rear AV Input and Output
  • Front AV input


  • Remote
  • Batteries for Remote
  • Instruction manual
  • Stereo AV cables
  • RF Cable

 Dimensions: 17" x 3.7" x 10" (WxHxD)

Code free / Region free:
This dvd player is modified to play all region discs. With this dvd player you can play your favorite movies from any country.

PAL playback on NTSC TV on DVD side:
This is a special feature available on very few DVD players. Most other region free players will play back all region discs but if the disc is Pal you will not be able to play it on a normal American (NTSC) TV. This dvd player will play any disc on an NTSC (American) TV. Unlike many DVD players with a built in converter, this DVD player will not stretch Pal widescreen DVD movies when playing on an NTSC TV. 

Yes, for the music lovers. You can record hours of music on one disc and play it in this dvd player. Hundreds of songs can fit on cd-rom in the MP3 format. You can now hook this up to your music system and listen to hours of music all from one disc.

  • Progressive Scan Output 
  • Timer-Link Recording 
  • Plays VHS Hi-Fi, DVD-Video, DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW, CD-DA, SVCD, VCD, CD-R/-RW, JPEG Digital Stills, DivX and XviD 
  • Component Video Output (DVD), Composite Video Input (VHS), Composite Output (VHS) 
  • Coaxial Digital Audio Output (DVD), Audio L/R Input (VHS), Audio L/R Output (DVD/VHS) 
  • Dolby Digital/DTS (DVD) 
  • A/V In (VHS) 
  • 108Hz/14-Bit Video DAC 
  • 196kHz/24-Bit Audio D/A Converter 
  • Standard Remote Included 
  • 1 Year/8 Event Programmable Timer (VCR) 
  • DVD-To-VCR Direct Recording (Not Possible With Copy-Protected DVD Content) 
  • SQPB (S-VHS Quasi Playback) 
  • VHS Hi-Fi Stereo 
  • Recording And Playback Speeds: SP/SLP (VHS) 
  • Recording Format (Video: NTSC, VHS) (Audio: Hi-Fi, VHS) 
  • DVD Variable Slow: +/-1/2, +/-1/4, +/-1/6, +/-1/7 (Forward Only) 
  • Shuttle Search: SP 5x, LP 9x, SLP 15x (VHS) 
  • FF/REW Speed: 180 +/- 30 Seconds (VHS) 
  • On-Screen Display With 3 Languages (English, Spanish, French) 
  • Power Requirements: AC 120V/60Hz 
  • Slim, Space-Saving Design 

To help you re-create the thrill and realism of today's movie soundtracks at home, this DVD/VCR combination deck provides a coaxial digital audio output for connecting to an external decoder component or an A/V receiver with Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 channel decoding for exhilarating multichannel digital audio that really brings the action to life. Even without an elaborate home theater system, you can still enjoy the thrilling sounds of any movie.