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DP-5000 Multi-Region Copy Enhancer

  • Best copy enhancer and color corrector on the market today

  • Allows you to adjust color, brightness, and contrast

  • Works with all DVD recorders from Cable boxes, DVD players, VCRs, video cameras and other video sources


    There are fake DP-5000's in the market. The real

    DP-5000 has 3 inputs and 2 outputs. We have found some fake ones being sold by other
    websites that are nowhere near the real thing. It's easy to tell the difference, the real DP-5000 has multiple inputs and outputs and the fake one only has 1 in and 1 out. Don't buy the knock-off, save your money and buy our DP-5000 instead.

  • Record any DVD, VHS, and any other format to DVD or VHS

  • Features Tracking Control, 3 inputs, and 2 outputs, S-Video and RCA inputs and outputs

  • Latest software to override any type of copy guard signal!

  • Free S-video and RCA cables included

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DP-5000 Multi-Region Copy Enhancer

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DP-5000 Multi-Region Copy Enhancer Description:

Guaranteed to be 100% multi-region, code free, and region free

3 Separate Video and Audio inputs allow you to connect multiple items at once
S-Video and Composite/RCA inputs and outputs
2 Outputs including S-Video and Composite/RCA

This product eliminates all formats of copy-protection

  • Beats all other copy enhancers on the market!
  • Suitable for all items including DVD Recorders, VCRs, DVD Players, Digital Camcorders and more
  • Removes all copy guard signals!
  • Copy any DVD or VHS that you own, buy or rent!
  • Copy any DVD to DVD!
  • Copy DVD to mini-DV!
  • Copy any DVD to VHS!
  • Copy DVD to 8mm!
  • Copy any VHS to VHS!
  • Copy any VHS to DVD!
  • Basically copy anything to anything!!
  • Player and recorder are not included with this item.
  • Stabilizes video signals for crisp, bright copies - digital technology - nothing to set or adjust
  • Works for PAL or NTSC signals and on any voltage
  • Copy all your VHS tapes now with the best color without fading or color drops
  • Input signal level indicators
  • Works with all DVD recorders
  • Control Track is a synchronizing signal on the edge of the videotape which provides a reference for tracking control and tape speed. Control Tracks which are heavy dropouts or which are improperly recorded may cause tracking errors or picture jumps.
  • Advanced Features and Controls
  • PAL/NTSC/SECAM Compatible: Automatic PAL/NTSC/SECAM Switching
  • Auto or Custom Input Select
  • Enhanced Tracking Control
  • 110-240V 50-60Hz Worldwide universal Power Adapter
  • All-functions remote controller and easy signal source switching

This product is used to eliminate copy protection allowing you to record any source of media into a DVD recorder or a VHS recorder.  Guaranteed to work with all DVD recorders and all DVD discs. This DP-5000 is a must have for anyone with a DVD recorder. It will allow you to backup all your VHS and DVD movies onto a DVD-r, DVD+r, DVD-rw, and DVD+rw.

The DP-5000  is an advanced backup tool defined as "Copy Protection Remover & Eliminator" and also a "Copy Enhancer". The DP-5000 out-performs any other Eliminator type archiver. This is a Macro  remover (Analog) and a CGMS remover (Digital) with many additional built-in features. Its updated cutting edge technology make it compatible with all recent DVD recorders and DVD players introduced to the market during 2006. It is Guaranteed to work with all DVD recorders and all DVD disks!

The DP-5000 uses state-of-the-art technology for the widest possible range of compatibility.

  • The DP-5000 features Video and Audio Switching for simple, easy to understand cabling.
  • The full functionality of the SE can be operated from a Remote Control.
  • The DP-5000 comes with a Universal Power Adapter that will work with Worldwide Voltage standards.

The DP-5000 shares the traditional features given by the standard edition:

  • Preset Video Modes, Nominal, Brightened, and Enhanced Video Modes
  • Custom Video Settings for all video parameters, Brightness, Contrast, Color or Saturation and Hue
  • Memorized Settings that lock Custom Values, Mode Settings and Volume in non-volatile memory for each input

Beware of imitations, the DP5000 is the copy-protection descrambler that works with all the copy-protection formats. Many other products claim that they work but they do not! We have tested this product with Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, Philips, and Pioneer DVD recorders, and it has worked fine. We have tested it with the newest DVD movies and it has never failed. With blank DVD-R discs so cheap these days, this is a must have. The small microprocessor chip is in a black casing with composite video outputs. All you do is connect the output into the box, and out of the box into the recording device. It offers excellent picture quality. This product is solely intended for test purposes and for making "fair use" backup copies of movies that you own for your own personal use only.

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